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Subject: Chronology of scenarios rss

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Seth Owen
United States
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Test of Arms
Chronological List of Scenarios

Date, scenario No., Description, war and general OB

14 Nov 47, 11, The Recapture of Uri, Indo-Pakistani Wars,Pakistan: Inf. Co (+), India: 2 x Inf. Co. (+), Tk Plt, AC Plt

20 May 48,7,The Battle of Degania A,Arab-Israeli Wars, Israel: Inf. Bn. (TF), Syria: Inf. Bn (+)

5 Jul 50,3,Death of Task Force Smith, Korean War,US: Inf. Bn TF (-), FA bty, NK: Tk Bn

26 Sep 50,4,To Reach Osan,Korean War,US: Inf. Bn TF (-), FA bty, NK: Tk Co.

31 Mar 54,18,Struggle for Eliane 2,Indo-Chinese Wars, France: 2 x Inf. Co., Tk Plt, Med. bty, Vietminh: Inf. Co. (+), FA bty

31 Oct 56,8,Battle of Abu Ageila,Arab-Israeli Wars, Israel: Tk Bn TF, 2 x F-86 FB, Egypt: Mot. Inf Bn (+), Inf. Bn. (-), 2 x Lt bty

10 Sep 65,12, Advance on Amritsar ,Indo-Pakistan Wars,Pakistan: Tk Bn (+), India: Inf. Tm (+), 1 FA bty, Gnat FB

20 Nov 66,19,Ambush on Highway 1,Indochinese Wars, US: Arm Cav Trp, 2 x AH-1, 2 x F-100 FB, VC: Inf. Bn (+)

7 Jun 67,9,Defense of Bir Gifgfa,Arab-Israeli Wars,Israel: 2 x Tk Co., Egypt: Tk Bn. (-)

7 Feb 68,20,Defense of Lang Vei,Indochinese Wars , US: 2 x Inf. Co.. Med. bty, NVA: Inf. Bn. TF (-), FA bty, Med. bty

21 Nov 71,13,Boyra Incident,Indo-Pakistani Wars, Pakistan: Tk Co., India: Tk. Co.

7 Oct. 73,10,Battle of Hushniye,Arab-Israeli Wars,Israel: Tk Bde remnants (Co.-), variable Tk plt, 2 x med bty,Syria: Tk Bde (+), 3 x FA bty

29 Sep 76,5,Road Under Jebel Sannen,Lebanese Wars, PLO: Inf. Co. (+), FA bty, Syria: Mech. Co., Tk Cpo., FA bty

9 Jul 77,1, Assault on Mustali,Ogaden War,WSLF: Inf. Co., Ethiopia: Mech. Co.

22 Jul 77,14,Hellfire Pass Revisited,Libya v. Egypt, Libya: Tk Co.,Egypt: Tk Co., Mech Co., FA bty, MiG-23

1 Mar 80,25,Kunar Valley Campaign,Afghanistan,USSR: 2 x Tk Co., 1 Mech Co., 3 x FA bty, Afghan: 1 Inf. Bn

14 Oct 80,21,Iraqi Assault on Abadan,Iran-Iraq War, Iran: 2 x Inf. Co., 2 x Inf. Plt, 3 AH-1, Iraq: 1 Tk TF, 3 x FA bty

22 Mar 82,22,Operation Undeniable Victory, Iran-Iraq War,Iran: 2 x Tk. Co., (+), 2 x Inf. Co., 3 x FA bty,Iraq: Tk. Co., Mech Co (+)

11 Jun 82,6,Test of Arms,Lebanese Wars, Israel: Tk Co., 1 med bty,Syria: 2 x Tk co.

17 May 82,25,Savang Highway,Afghanistan, USSR: 2 x Tk Co., Mech Co., 2 Mi-24E, Afghan: 1 Inf. Bn

29 May 82,28,Battle of Goose Green,Falklands War,Argentina: 2 x Inf. Co. (+), 3 Pucara FB, 1 FA bty,UK: 1 Para Bn (-)

25 Oct 82,29,Rescue at Grenada,Grenada, Cuba: 1 Eng., Co. (+),US: 2 Rngr Co.

7 Aug 83,27,Hurried Revenge,Contra War, Honduras/Contra 1 Inf. Co., 1 Inf. Co. (+) 4 x CH-47, Nicaragua: 2 x Inf. Co.

20 Mar 85,23, Road to Basra,Iran-Iraq War, Iran: 1 Mech Tm (+), 3 Inf. Co. . 2 x FA bty, Iraq: 1 Tk Co., 1 Mech Co., 2 x FA bty

25 Aug 85,26, Relief of Khost, Afghanistan, USSR: 1 Tk Co., 2 Inf. Co., 3 x FA bty, Mi-24E, Su-25 FB, Afghan: 1 Inf. Bn, 2 MRL fires

19 Mar 87,15, Battle of Bir Koba Pass,Libya v. Chad, Chad: 1 Toyota Co., Libya: 1 Tk. Co. (+)

22 Mar 87, 16, Fall of Wadi Doum,Libya v. Chad, Chad: 2 x Toyota Co., Libya: 1 Tk Co. (+)

21 Aug 87, 17, Surprise at Aozou,Libya v. Chad, Chad: 2 x Toyota Co., Libya: 2 x Tk Co.

13 Sep 87,2, Bridgehead at the Lomba River Angolan Civil War, UNITA: 1 Mech Bn. 3 x med bty. Angola: 1 Mech Bn., 2 x lt. bty

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than qall
United States
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Thank you very much for posting the list, I've been looking for it everywhere, as I lost my own copy.
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