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Yehuda Berlinger
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The game consists of a deck of cards with cards numbered 0 through 9, and some special cards: 1/2, and Ghost.

The instructions detail a basic and advanced game.

In the basic game, all of the cards are dealt out. Each player places 3 cards face down in front of them, 3 cards face up on top of those, 3 cards in hand, and the rest his personal deck.

The player with the lowest card starts (don't know what happens on a tie, but I would assume the youngest player). Starting player places his lowest card in the center. If he has more than one of the same face value, he may play all of them.

He then draws back up to three cards in hand. After every play, a player draws back up to three cards in hand.

The player to the left plays a card (or cards of the same value) higher than the card on top of the center pile. If he cannot, he takes the pile and places it to his side, and the next player starts with any card (or cards).

Special cards:

- 0 can be played on any whole number.

- 5 indicates that the following card must be lower than 5, instead of higher.

- 1/2 raises the card to a 1/2, e.g. on a 4, the value of the top card is now 4 and a 1/2. I'm not usre what happens when you play a 1/2 on a 5.

- Ghost passes the turn to the next player.

When you have no more cards in your draw pile, you play until your hand is emptied. If you have no more cards in your hand, you play cards face up in front of you.

If you have no face up cards, you blindly play cards from your face down cards. If you played an illegal card, you take the whole pile into your hand instead of placing it at your side and continue to play, now from your hand until it empties (placing cards you get at the side again), and then your other face down cards.

When someone is out of cards, the game is over.

You get one point for each card you've taken plus each card in your hand, and points are bad.

The advanced game is the same as the basic game, except that the 8 and 1/2 cards may be played together, and the 8 "sticks" to a 1/2 card on the stack and raises the total of the stack to 8 1/2.

The game is very quick and very random, but changes as the game goes. Sometimes you have a hand of cards to choose from, sometimes you are playing blind. Also, going out doesn't mean victory (IIRC).

The game will appeal to people who like Uno and other sorts of games like that.
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