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Subject: Getting thrown in the deep end and coming out victorious rss

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Well I been watchin' while you been coughin, I've been drinking life while you've been nauseous, and so I drink to health while you kill yourself and I got just one thing that I can offer... Go on and save yourself and take it out on me
Somehow Bianca and I had completely skipped over Settlers Of Catan in our boardgaming journey. It was probably because we introduced ourselves to the hobby. Nobody introduced us through gateway games so we discovered things on our own. Most of our initial gaming was 2-player so something like Catan was off the radar. At any rate, we had only played it once prior to yesterday, and neither of us had a great impression. It was probably due to playing online which would seem to rob you of the human interaction that makes a game like Settlers fun.

So after 2 new games I thought I would suggest something that Dave K's wife Becky was familiar with and enjoyed. I suggested Settlers and Dave and Becky suggested we take it further and jump to Cities and Knights. Bianca and I are up for learning almost anything and trying it once, so I figured I'd give it a try. Dave and Becky explained the rules and we were off.

I think I placed my city and settlement in terrible places. Either that, or I have horrendous luck. Either way, the result was me not getting any cards for the first 6 turns of the game. I was bumming. To add injury to insult, the Barbarians attacked early and I lost my Settlement. This was really devastating and I immediately decided to accept the loss and just focus on trying to learn the game better.

I rebounded and started building roads in the hopes that I could build an extra city to increase my odds of getting cards. This began working, but I got hit with a Robber on 2 consecutive turns. The real problem with that was the denial of resources that turn when I had good building plans. Again, I was a bit behind.

During the time that I was dragging, everyone fought amongst themselves. Nobody took any cards from me with the Robber and I was totally ignored with Spy cards. This was good. I was mounting a comeback. Maybe I couldn't win, but I could finish 3rd which was better than 4th.

As the game wore on, the dice came my way. I was getting several resources per turn and I was building roads all over the place. I took the Longest Road award from Becky and never gave it back. She tried, but I held it and continued to build road after road.

Dave was amassing a lot of points because of his Defender of Catan cards. He was pumping out knights like crazy and had them leveled up well. This gave him 4 victory points and it looked like it was going to give him the win. But I was mounting my comeback and I had him right where I wanted him.

On Dave's turn, the scores were Dave 11, Steve 11, Bianca 10, and Becky 9. Dave took his turn and built one last Settlement going up to 12 points. He felt pretty good about his chances.

On my turn, I played an Alchemist to give me lots of wheat. I traded the wheat and upgraded one of my cities to a settlement bringing me to 12 points. I played the Merchant and got the last Victory Point I needed to complete my comeback. I had won. I'm not sure how. I think I got quite lucky when it counted, but I'm not complaining.

It was a great introduction to the world of Settlers. I'm really looking forward to playing again.
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