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Subject: An old session report rss

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Stuart Hill
United Kingdom
county down
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I'd created this a while ago, but forgot to post:

Fury of Dracula: Session July 2007

The Cast:
Count Dracula Stuart (me)
Mina Harker Brian
Van Helsing
Dr Seward - Stephen
Lord Coldalming - Peter

Having surveyed the hunters starting positions (Mina in Scotland and the others scattered throughout Mainland Europe) I decided the to begin my quest in Plymouth. I hoped Mina would move south then I would attack at night, hopefully before she had a chance to arm herself with anything too dangerous.

From Plymouth I embarked into the English Channel on a boat bound for Galway (via the Atlantic) thinking I could wait for night to arrive and then head back to visit Mina. However time moved painfully slow while at sea.

While Guinness is supposedly rather good in Galway, only one drink can quench my thirst. I decided to return to my usual therefore and left a vampire in the city. As I found this quaint city rather amusing I decided to remain here (hide) while the fools scurried around Europe in vain. I took this opportunity to reintroduce wolves into Ireland (if only I had also brought some snakes). My agents intercepted communications between the hunters and it looked as if another, by now heavily armed, hunter would be heading towards Ireland (actually I was listening to the hunters table talk). Mina, my pray, was moving via sea towards Southern Europe, possibly stopping in Spain or moving onto the Mediterranean. As I wanted to ensure any combat would be at a time and place of my choosing I decided to double back into the Atlantic and head for mainland Europe. My ship moved into the Bay of Biscay (I had suffered enough through Sea voyages and decided to keep the trip short). I disembarked in Santander and amused myself by leaving another vampire. Fortunately Mina disembarked in Lisbon, the fools actually seem to want her to meet me again. Mina I will teach you the meaning of forever.

I moved to Lisbon arriving at night, however Mina was no longer confident of the outcome of this encounter and fled to Alicante via train. Now they have finally realised it is I, Count Dracula, who is the hunter. Energised by the chase I summoned all my strength and moved through Madrid, leaving a plague in my wake, and arrived in Alicante (Played the unearthly swiftness card). During this time my vampire in Galway had matured (2 points to the Count). Perhaps Mina now realised her true destiny and only put up the pretence of a fight before being successfully bitten (2 more points for the Count surely victory would soon be mine).

Due to fortuitous weather Dr Seward arrived in Alicante. While I could have avoided this combat (I had a card which would have moved him to an adjacent city) I decided to go for the combat after all the previous encounter was highly successful. I am now only two bites from victory.

My overconfidence was my weakness. The hunters had by now acquired a nun as an ally who caused me damage when I attempted to bite. Also the variety of weapons at this hunters disposal, including a rifle, seemed to make it impossible for me to even wound the hunter, even though the combat was taking place at night.

My quest ended in Alicante.

Overall view of the game:
Combat, even at night, seems to favour the hunters.
Allies also seem more of a benefit to the hunters than Dracula.

While Im not sure if the game is any better than the original I found it enjoyable (I have also played the game previously as a hunter).

I think when initially playing the original we found it hard for the hunters to win, however once we had got used to the system games ended up being very close. With the new edition initial games seem to favour the hunters. I hope further plays of the new edition will also see the outcome being less predictable.

I rate the game a 7 (See my game rating system below), but hope this will increase if further experience of the game improve the Counts chances.

10 The Holy Grail of games (still waiting to give a game this score)
8-9 Very good game.
6-7 Good game. Would happily play whenever its brought to the table.
4-5 Reasonable game. Would play and enjoy occasionally if it is brought to the table or suitable to play with certain opponents.
2-3 Poor game, but has one or two good points, such as good quality components which can be salvaged for other games (making it worth a couple of quid from a charity shop, but not much more) or I get the feeling theres a reasonable game hidden in there somewhere if only I could be bothered to look/ invent house rules.
1 Somebodys had a laugh at my expense. I cant think of anything good to say about this one (only one game has achieved this, if achieved is the right word, but its also the only game I have ever thrown in the bin and I cant remember its name. I had received it amongst a bundle of games from ebay. It was a Power Rangers type game)

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