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Before us busy fathers go into a monthly gaming regime of shorter games we thought we would have a bit of christmas cheer, pizza and beer and play our gaming groups favorite. Warrior Knights. This game has all the elements

Tactics-where to place strongholds, who to attack, travel overseas, garrison cities, attack other players, etc
Auction-secret bidding on mercenaries
Voting-attend assembly and negotiate and vote on motions ranging from more money to impacts on troops
Build-build up your armies, cities, financial might
Fight-attack or siege cities, attack other players, capture their strongholds
Randomness-Combat die rolls and fate cards. So what! We love it and think it fits into the theme of the game perfectly

we have a house rule of having random turns during movement phases (a la Blood Royale) and this adds a different element to your plans

The game players

Gavin, Nick (our resident rules lawyer and classic line providor), Jeff and myself.

The game

There were 13 cities on the game board so the winner had to get 7. This game flowed pretty well with the only major incident early on of Nick rolling a one when attacking a city at 1:1 and then having his whole army decimated. we love when this happens to Nick! Fortnuately this was very early in the game and he was able to build them back and get a couple of cities. However, he was down to no money for one round. Jeff, myself and Gavin got to three cities after a few rounds.

Jeff went to get lots of money by accepting a governor ship and he not being at any assembly had no impact to his plan. With the money he bought more troops and built up a very powerful army. Gavin also had a powerful army but was shorter on funds than Jeff, whereas I was not that strong and needed money. So where Jeff, Nick and Gavin garrisoned their cities I kept mine free of garrisons to get more income.

My plan was to launch a stronghold attack on Gavin as he had three cities and this would give me 6 and in a strong position. Being short of cash I captured a city and razed it to receive 4 times the annual income. This meant there were 12 cities on the board so still 7 to win. At the same time Jeff captured Lenz a very strategic andhigh income city. He razed it for 240 crowns and that meant only 11 cities on the board therefore 6 cities to win. It was time to make my move.

At the next assembly Jeff, Gavin and I announced we would not attend the assembly and then stated our intentions. Jeff and I were to attack Gavin's stronghold to win the game. Gavin correctly stated he would defend his stronghold. This made it more difficult for Jeff and I to win. As per the rules I had the first shot. I decided to attack as Jeff had many more troops then me and it was my only way to win. 5 or 6 to win and I rolled 2. Jeff sieged the stronghold which meant he only needed to roll 1-3 on his next turn.

Gavin attacked Jeff to try and breakoff the siege but was unsuccessful. I attacked Jeff to do the same but unsuccessful. Nick tried to take one of Gavin's cities which would have meant if Jeff won the stronghold he would only have 5 cities and the game would go on-again unsuccessful. Jeff successfully rolled and won.

Throughly enjoyable 3.5 hour session mixed with food drinks, chat and laughs

Jeff 10, Gavin, 10, Neil 10, Nick 8

Line of the night
Nick attacks Neil successfully and instead of ransoming troops he says "I will give you back your troops if you forget this attack ever happened"
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