Pierre Paquet
Québec Province
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Switzerland is one of our favorite two players map. This Winsome map wasn't made at first for 2 players game but after some tries on it it worked very well. Even if the map is larger than usual for 2 players map, there is many mountains hex that give less room to build a big network. So we used the rules for this map combining them with the 2 players turn order rule from the Austria map.

Martin began the game in connecting Basel and Chaud de Fonds through a purple urbanization at Biel. Pierre had to take the first build action to build to deny Martin urbanizing in the powerful Zurich region. On turn 2 Pierre took the locomotive action but Martin saw that Pierre was up for some nice shippings so he took the first build action to deny Pierre in connecting the purple city of Biel. On turn 3 Martin took the loco action expecting big deliveries but as in the precedent turn Pierre took the first build action so Martin couldn't connect Solothorn. So Martin was forced to make 2 deliveries of 2 income each so he wouldn't back up on the income track. If someone ever tells me that the first build action is not useful when playing Age of Steam, I'll invite him in one of our games. Pierre had the initiative on turn 4 and 5 and he took the urbanization action twice so Martin wouldn't urbanize Solothorn to complete his network. So Pierre urbanized around the Zug area to give him some nice loops. This was a hard blow to Martin's game but when playing against him a game is never won until the final score is set. At the end of the game Pierre again was able to choose the urbanization action and put a new city on Biel and was able to connect it through Berne.

Again we had a high tension game. Each turn is critical and it's important to take a look at the other player possible move. Switzerland is definitly one of the best map for 2 players in our group. Very nice discovery that we made.

Final score:
Pierre: 112
Martin: 96

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