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Subject: ChipChuck Reviews: Carcassonne rss

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Chip Crawford
United States
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Designer: Klaus-Jürgen Wrede
Year: 2000
Players: 2 to 5
Ages: 8 +


Covers the overall look and feel of the game (graphics, box art, board art, pawns, etc.) Scored 1-5

Box art is good. It has the hand painted look that fits the theme. Rule sheet is colorful with easy layout and illustrated examples. The pawns are known as “Meeples”. They are little wooden people shapes painted to a color. There is no board, but the tiles reflect the same painted look. The presentation just fits all around, a strong 4

Rates how easy to understand the rules are, and how those rules apply to gameplay. Scored 1-5

Rules are fairly simple to understand. The rule book does well to explain, but does not over do it. This is probably one reason the game is so popular. Expansions add to the rules, but are not required for a great game. A solid 5 on rules.

Covers the amount of time needed to play based on a standard knowledge of the rules. Scored 1-5

Time is related to the number of players and expansions used. BGG states an hour and I tend to agree. We play over lunch at the office with 3 people and no issues. 5 stars here.

Rates how the game mechanics work to create an enjoyable experience. Scored 1-5

The mechanics are oddly addictive. I find myself wanting to play another round as soon as the game is over. Rules are simple, take a tile, place it where it fits, choose to farm, thieve a road, or station a knight in a city. We usually end up in wars of numbers over control of farms and cities, but it’s all in good fun. Nothing like letting an opponent build a massive farm field only to usurp that with greater numbers. Gameplay is certainly a 5.

Represents an average of Presentation, Rules, Time, & Gameplay. Shown 1-5

Carcassonne is a wonderful game for people to get into. It’s simple and fun, and is “different” from the everyday board game. There is a reason it is ranked highly, as it should be. 5 Stars!
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Joe Kundlak
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I agree.

Many say Carcassone is booooooring or too childish. I think not.

It is exactly the game it aims to be. Easy to learn, yet more colourful when you start tacticizing against your opponents. And at the same time very well made with good solid components.

Expansions make it yet better (though I did not yet buy them ).

All you need is a bag for all the components to carry wherever you go. No boxes, (hopefuly) no rules.
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toof fou
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This game surprised me a lot !

I'm a caylus, puerto rico, agricola (and so on) player (generaly abstract games).
I first tried carcassonne a few months ago and tell my self "wow what a boring game, only random tiles, bla bla bla". (rated 4 on BGG)

Now i'm playing a lot on BSW, talking about this with all my friends. (now rated 10 on BGG !!! ) )

It is a brilliant game, with lot of fun and very replayable.
Very tactical and subtle.

I LOVE this game so much ! Always in my bag

The thing that is wonderful with carcassonne is that you can play with any expansion according to your daily mood

I usually prefere it with inns and cathedrals and the builders and merchants: it is the way carcassonne is ment to be to my mind.

Cheers and have fun !
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