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Subject: Flit vs Terrah: a guide for the birds rss

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The following is a guide reposted from the Sessions section:

It is meant as a guide to help out the Flit in a tough matchup against Terrah.

Hope it helps out those having trouble.

photocurio wrote:
The Flit rarely seemed to be able to use their retrieve icons to very good effect.

Flit's retrieve ability affects a vital strategic maxim:

The faster you cycle through your deck, the more bombs you have accessible to you.

The more bombs you have accessible, the easier it is to bomb your opponent and win the fight.

The problem is, the more bombs expended to win fights early, the more likely it is to later run out of ammo and lose the war.

So the trick is: balance.

Find the right balance that gains a dragon for each precious bomb.

Without wasting several bombs on just one dragon -- that's overkill.

Now to control the rate of accessible bombs, you need to cycle through your deck.

And here's where retrieve can pose a problem:

The more you retrieve, the slower your deck-cycling.

And the slower your deck-cycling, the less bombs you have access to.

Less bombs = tougher battles.

So always be aware of the price you pay for that cool ability whenever you weigh that option.

Ideally, you want to draw at least two cards per turn for a decent cycle rate.

Each time retrieve makes you draw only one card instead of two, make sure the retrieved card is worth it.

Some good cards to retrieve:

● The retrievable booster.

● The three 4-value characters. (the Big Three)

With five 3-value boosters to combine with, the Big Three gives Flit considerable 7-strength firepower.

Terrah's answer to the Big Three are: five characters over 4-value and a 3-value booster & support.

But in addition, Terrah also has two fire shields to counter one of the Big Three.

And Earthtremor can discard a Big Three's booster and allow Terrah to counter with his many 4-value characters.

Then there's Provoke Earthquake that allows Terrah to outright discard one of the Big Three.

All that might make it hopeless for Flit to fight.

Not so.

What Terrah has in numbers; Flit makes up for in staying-power.

And that staying-power comes from: retrieve.

Each time you retrieve a Big Three, you have in effect, increased the numbers from Three, to Four, to Five, or even Six...

Simply because your opponent has to use new cards every time to counter the same old cards you've put in play.

When Terrah counters with shields or Earthtremor, it merely stalls for time. Just retrieve the Big Three and continue the attack as usual.

Make your opponent acquire a healthy respect for your Big Three.

Make him/her want to:

Retreat from those Three.

Expend Impenetrable Fog to prevent one of those Three from being retrieved.

Expend the powerful Provoke Earthquake to discard one of those Three.

Expend two shields on one of those Three and reduce a big chunk of his fire defenses.

Expend more than one big character on each of those Three.

In a nutshell, use retrieve to make your opponent expend as many bombs as necessary to deal with your Big Three.

Every time an extra bomb is spent on a Big Three that retrieves, your own bombs will have less counters to deal with later on.

Keep in mind you have other bombs yourself.

Because those are bombs that Terrah must also counter.

So limit Terrah's available bombs by forcing its play with your Big Three.

If Terrah does not want to be forced, and retreats from your Big Three; that's three dragons gained to trade for time later.

In which case, punish your opponent by going for two dragons with your Big Three. That would quickly make retreat distasteful for Terrah.

Remember, there are only two cards that can stop you from retrieving your Big Three and attacking over and over again: Impenetrable Fog & Provoke Earthquake.

● Impenetrable Fog can prevent you from retrieving, but has no firepower. Terrah would need to spend extra cards on top of this good support card.

● Provoke Earthquake can discard one of your Big Three, but is needed elsewhere to counter one of your biggest bombs.

As shown, you may need to retrieve the Big Three quite a bit.

So watch your deck-cycling.

The Big Three can slow it down. You must weigh your options wisely if you want to retrieve other cards.

Remember, the Big Three is only powerful so long as the ammunition of boosters hold out.

So make sure your boosters are coming along nicely.

This is where Karl Frank's above advice comes in handy: always be aware of your character-to-booster ratio.

Try not to have too many of one or the other.

If you have:

● Too many characters due to over-retrieving -- Play Beguile Holy Dragon to discard three and gain a dragon. (greatly benefits cycling rate)

● Too many boosters -- Play your boosters in pairs.

Don't save Commence Mega Launch just to get rid of boosters. That card slows down cycling rate.

Get rid of it by starting a battle, as it negates the no-booster restriction.

Use the ability to retrieve & to pair boosters to control your character-to-booster ratio.

photocurio wrote:
And the few times I was able to put together big combinations of boosters, the Terrah countered with shields or Provoke Earthquake.

Try to look at the big picture.

● On the strategic scale: the shields are a big chunk of Terrah's defensive arsenal to fire. Make sure to exploit the increased vulnerability his loss of shields grants you.

● On a tactical scale: without his Provoke Earthquake to keep your Flitterflutter in check, you can destroy his support bombs with impunity.

photocurio wrote:
The Terrah had all sort of advantages, including strong support cards

Flit has two big bombs to counter Terrah's supports:

● One that ignores all supports.

● Another that ignores all special texts.

And they're both retrievable.

● Flit also has a booster that allows you to retreat for free -- Terrah's big bomb gains no dragon.

● Flit also has a leadership card that grants only one dragon for a six-card fight -- bluff Terrah into wasting many bombs for one mere dragon.

Those are good defensive options.

And it's vital to use them all, precisely because Terrah has so many bombs.

photocurio wrote:
cards that ignored my icons (i.e. retrieve)

Note that of Terrah's two ignore cards:

One doesn't affect your characters except the mutant.

And both cant touch your two biggest bombs: Flitterflutter & Tittertweet.

But Impenetrable Fog still threatens your Big Three.

So try to mitigate its effects by keeping track of Terrah's massive 7-value character.

With that card gone, you can protect the Big Three from Impenetrable Fog by attacking with 7-power before Terrah plays a support with printed values.

Impenetrable Fog lacks printed values, so other cards has to be played on top of his character in order to match a 7-power attack.

photocurio wrote:
ways to immediately attract a dragon by discarding

Flit also has ways to immediately attract a dragon by discarding.

photocurio wrote:
and most devastating of all, the leadership card that discards all cards from the Flit's combat area (Provoke Earthquake).

Since it is hard for the Flit to pile up many cards in the combat area, this was very effective.

If Terrah has already played Provoke Earthquake, make him pay dearly by unleashing Flitterflutter against his supports effectively.

photocurio wrote:
But I definitely need to find an anti-Terrah strategy to get back at my tormentor. I am open to suggestions.

● Remember to save Tittertweet to counter one of Terrah's biggest bombs: Kabu Kat.

● Play Trillilling to counter a Corono Cos & Earthblast combo.

● Play Bashdin right away and force two discards from Terrah.

● Flitterflutter & Earthwater can be a powerful combo for you once Terrah's two boosters & 7-value character is gone. This scenario would force a Provoke Earthquake response.

Note: do not kill your hand by saving up for too many combos & counters. Good hand management is vital. Sometimes you have to use a card you're saving -- do so. Aside from Tittertweet vs Kabu Kat, don't be handcuffed by other cards.


And the best tip for this matchup...

Don't underestimate:

● Distract Holy Dragon

● Launch Sloth Gas

● Executing Distract Holy Dragon is a little tricky. You need to be in a scenario where Terrah can be denied that extra dragon.

Use the Big Three or your two biggest bombs to pressure Terrah into ramping the fight to six cards. Then retrieve your bombs and play Distract Holy Dragon to net Terrah just one dragon for all his expenditures.

It's important to make Terrah ramp up the fight, instead of Flit.

Because you want Terrah to expend more bombs than you did, before you pull the plug with Distract Holy Dragon.

Terrah can retreat from your bombs, but can't retreat from all of them; so once he commits to a fight: set him up with Distract Holy Dragon.

Setting him up like that, will uncover a new level of metagaming; where you try to genuinely go for a six-card win then fallback on Distract Holy Dragon if Terrah has the required bombs to counter you with.

After a few such setups, Terrah would be wary of your attempts to push for -- or bluff towards -- six cards.

Should you manage to gain two dragons from one fight, that advantage would usually be enough to win you the war.

So it's not a bad idea to aim for two dragons now and then.

Specially if you have Distract Holy Dragon to fallback on if things go bad.

● Executing Launch Sloth Gas is a little easier. Combine it with your shielded character to render Seismic Drill toothless. (or any enemy bomb)

Note: you can also use this booster to setup a big six-card fight that rewards Terrah only one dragon.

As usual, try to get your opponent to spend as many big cards as possible without having to give up too much yourself.

Both two cards should ideally deny Terrah one dragon each.

The rest of the strategy beforehand barely allows Flit to stand up to Terrah's awesome arsenal of bombs.

It's these two cards that will tip the war in your favor.

By denying two dragons, you effectively cutdown Terrah's arsenal by however many bombs you manage to dupe him into overspending.

It's by exploiting every edge granted by your deck this way, that allows Flit to bring its win rate to around 50% vs Terrah.

Just enough to compete.

And for both players to have decent chances at winning.

Happy gaming.

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