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Subject: 3 newbies catch on fast, and working together! rss

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tim Tim TIm TIM TIMMY!!
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So I have 3 fresh Volunteers, one of which is a gamer and here for the summer. 1 likes games, the other isn't that much into games. So for Volunteer Game Night I pull out Politico. Sandy actually won the first game, but it was a learning turn. I won the 2nd one, my friend here for the summer won the third one but he had no clue that he won it, just played cards and we informed him that he won.

That was last night and they got the rules and they all liked the game. We went on to play LNOE , but that is a different story. So I have always said Friday is fun day for the Volunteers and start off with some games. I choose Politico again since it is a nice quick game and they already knew the rules and Derrick really wanted to win one. The first game was a warm up match and it was a lot of fun, we where pretty close for the whole game between us all. I explained you really want to keep the cards that let you steal other peoples tokens, but did they listen, no. So I had saved my Hired Hands ( steal lots of farmers ) and my Master The Craft card ( steal merchants ) and it was perfect timing of the turn rotation and I went first and stole a bunch of guys for the win, I will almost say easy win.
Game 2 was a lot of fun also, but it played out way differently. They decided to all pick on me a little and they all where tied for the lead at around 8 or 9 tokens ( you need 13 to win, one from 4 different fractions or 4 different color tokens ). I was sitting back around 4 to 6 for a while. But I had really good cards to steal others tokens and felt good about the game. I am going 2nd to last this turn and one guy has 6 farmers, yes count them, 6. The only thing I had going for me was I had the most guild out of everyone ( at 3), I was saying the whole game you have to have the guild, they are the most powerful and they will win the game for you. Sp they all go and all get really close to winning. I have 6 tokens of my own and am way behind everyone else. I get 2 actions this turn and I take a Guild member as my first action and tell everyone how important the Guild is. Then I count my guys saying I only have 7 how can I be losing so badly arrrh and I can't believe they are all doing so well. They all have big shit eating grins on their faces since they all think they are going to win in the next turn. I then say for my last actioan I will play hired hands and steal 6 farmers for the win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I of course do my victory dance as I talk about them never seeing it coming and they where all so close but yet so far far away and that is 2 in row shake

I was going to make them start to work, but felt bad enough to offer up one more game so they could try and win one, well one of them might win one.

They all decide it is kill Me first, then worry about who wins. Which made for a great game also. I was lucky enough to get cards to basically mess with them all. I had no chance of winning, I thought , since they where all really ganging up on me, they where not letting me have more then 5 tokens ever. Which was fun because what happened next they never thought about. Sure it was mess with Hendal, but no one wanted the other guy to win, so they all became pretty cut throat between themselves, and 2 would always be scheming against the 3rd person. It was a lot of fun, but made for a longer game. I totally screwed up and had a Clerical Contract to steal a clergy member from Derrick and then spaced it off and did not use it. This gave Derrick his first win, which was great, and they where happy I lost. I was happy I played the wrong card since I wasn't going to win, they might as well start working. I think if I wanted a real long game I would have been able to get them fighting amongst themselves and had a chance in a longer game?

Politico is a really fun game and I recommend trying to get this one and finding our for yourself.

Game On'
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