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Turn order was:
p1 (me) - played the base game a few times and 1910 once. Didin't win any of those games, so I didn't expect to win this neither despite putting my very efforts
p2 - played the base game before, but never Switzerland
p3 - game owner and AFAIK, played this at least several times.

Rules were explained rather quickly since we all at the very least already knew how to play the base game. The things I didn't fully understand at first were how exactly tunneling works and how many cards were needed exactly, and how the destination card with pointing in all four directions meant. Sooner or later, they all became fully clear.

Game hilights
Use this map for reference to help visualize the locations of the board.

-overall, things were trickier for me since I was looking at the board upside down. Whenever I looked at my destination tickets, I would just turn them upside down because it was easier that way
-nice that quite a handful of these cities/names were familiar, on account of playing Thurn Und Taxis over and over again
-p3 was very helpful in helping me tunnel. I actually avoided tunneling at the beginning just because I wasn't sure how it worked. P3 gave me tips like it would be better to play on a color instead, or use the locamotive here instead, or "mix and match 3 more green + locamotives to claim that tunnel route". Still NOT sure what the exact rules are, just a decent idea. If I DO play this game again, I'll have to refresh myself on this aspect.

Game Summary
-from the get-go, we all claimed routes coming from Zurich. P2 and p3 got Zurich to Zug, but I was able to build through from Zurich to Olten to connect one of my city-to-city Dtick.
-p2 and p3 eventually made their way down to Geneve. One of them actually managed to get through the 6 train route
-p2 and p3 also made their way south, to the Lugano, Bellinzona, and Locarno area.
-I stretched out as far as Brusio into Italy, Valuz into Osterreich, Kreuzlingen taking the red route into Deuschland, and Delemont into France
-p3 did NOT make his way into Osterreich
-p2 had overall good luck in tunneling. Only a few extra cards were required
-p3 had the worst luck. On a couple occassions, he had "cave-ins" (i think that's how the game describes it). Even when we did build, he had to cough up extra cards on multiple occassions
-for me, tunneling wasn't too bad, but things got uglier when locamotive cards weren't really showing up.

-I had the Lugano Destination ticket (Dtick). I thought it meant I had to cross the border into all 4 neighboring countries, but yet, I had too much pride to ask, so just assumed if the worst happened, I would only lose 2 points.

-on the flipside, that mix-up wasn't all for nothing. It earned me my 14 pts for the Dtick from France to some one of the other 3 countries. In this case, Osterreich yielded the highest bonus

-one of my city-to-city Dticks was Winterthur to some northwestern part of the map near France
-Another had me connecting Interlaken with something else. This one was quite a doozy since p2 was poised to end the game. As I scrambled to find 4 purple train tickets, I realized my huge hand of train cards allowed me to detour Luzern to Bern, and Bern to Interlaken after picking a couple of train cards.
-I had another Dtick, but can't remember what it was

-p2 and p3 both went CRAZY with the Dtick. P2 moreso p3. P2 turned down a Dtick even though he had a good shot at finishing it.
-Regardless, as we drew Dticks, we were all hoping and praying the ones that involve crossing into neighboring countries as opposed to city-to-city Dticks

End Score "x --> y" means score before counting Dticks (x) and score after counting Dticks and LR (y)
p1: 47 --> 93 (including LR bonus)
p2: 53 --> 123 (missed one Dtick)
p1: 52 --> 122

If I gotten the Lugano one, I would've broken 100 pts, which to date is my standard for any of the TtR games so far. However, If I went down to Lugano, things would've been vastly different seeing how p2 and p3 also built down there. Still, seeing how some folks scored less than 70 pts on this expansion, I still patted myself on my back, especially since the tunneling confused (and still does confuse) me blush

Game did play quickly. With smaller map vs the USA map, only 3p, and smaller reserve of trains, go figure
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