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(This is an article that I already published on the WSAS homepage. But I think it is needed here also)

I recently received a request about how I play WSAS and what tactics I use to succeed in it.

The reason why this came up was because some players felt that there are too much of a chance involved in the game. To quote: “Suddenly you have a full hand of cards that you are unable to defend yourself with”.

Well, I agree that there is some form of chance involved, but I don’t find that so strange. As I see it, all games which depend on cards or the roll of dice are married to both luck and chance.
In general, the tactical part is playing the cards that chance has given you. Enough about that.

I have not yet faced two opponents that have dealt with their tactics in the same way. Often players are influenced by other games on the market and try to play WSAS in the same way. After a few hands they usually notice that they have no defensive cards left, or that they totally have missed all combination opportunities.

So, here are a few hints I find important and that usually results in me being the last man standing. (Yeah, I’s starting to smell!)gulp

1. When attacking....
Save 1 or 2 Combat cards with the Manoeuvre symbol until it’s time for you to defend yourself. This simple action prevents a lot of hits.

2. Save your Combinations and play them as you last Action.
Use the rest of your Combat cards to drain of any defence that your opponent shows. Then, smash him with a fat Combination. Preferably a Triple or a Quadruple.

3. Repeat the cuts or strikes.
If your hand contains cuts/ strike of the same type, hit your opponent with them. Even if they have low values. Your biggest chance of scoring a hit is by attacking your opponent with the same kind of cut/ strike over and over again during the same round. Played together, they are worth more than if you concentrate on heavier cuts or combinations. By doing this, you drain your opponent of both specific defence cards and Manoeuvre.

4. Keep track of the number of Event and Achievement Cards.
The importance of planning ahead is the name of the game of survival in WSAS. There, I’ve said it again. If I have a hand with a total of more than 4 event and achievement cards, I use my next attacking round to get rid of them. Event Cards are useful but while defending they are useless. Use your actions to discard cards. Usually you will get better ones. And one thing that is very valuable, especially to players having Knights with low Endurance; use the Grande Pass. Drop your whole hand in favour of a new one.

5. Never mind the Fatigue Points and your loss of them.
I have met players that let the Fatigue points control every move they have made. In 90% of all cases, I have won against them. My advice is: Focus on making everything as expensive as possible for your opponent instead. It costs throwing the heavier and more skilful cut, but it will pay off in the end.

6. When you have received 4 hits…. Play smart!
Now is the time to concentrate on your defence. Play cuts and strikes your Knight can perform free of charge. Collect cards and save up to huge triple- or quadruple Combinations. And most important... do not feel obligated to use all actions that you’re Knights Endurance allows you.

Well, that’s about it. If you aren’t using some of these points already, I suggest you try a few of them out and see if you’ll notice any difference.

Feel free sending me a report of your progress and also if you have any hints of your own.

Cheers //

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