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Subject: 2 players game rss

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Eric lafrance
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I play a lot of two players games (because that game is very long and is difficult to have 3 or 4 players with that kind of game. Also is VERY hard to wait one week before an other game session. WARNING: VERY ADDICTIVE GAME. AT YOU'RE OWN RISK!!!!!!. Now i prefer to play at two players. I'm all the time in the game, no down time, a turn is relativly fast, and when you have 7 civilizations your brain is at full use!!!!!) and the best game is the last one with some houses rules:

- Take 2 sets of counters by players (if you not do that, the game is very static).

- Start at age 1.

- Not card against the other players until the end of the first age.

- If you play a wild card -1gp per other action of the same type already play by you this turn. (ex: you take 2 regular civilise and 1 wild card (civilise) = -2 gp) (ex: you take 2 regular civilise and two wild card (civilise)= -5gp (1=2gp + 2=3gp).

- At the start i do a draft. roll a die. the highest go first. Put at random 3 cards face up. The first players take one or the top of the face down card. if he take a face up card, put an other, and the other player have the same option and so on. If the two players take in order the face down card, put 3 others face up cards. Continu until each player have 7 cards. After that each player can drop as many cards as he want and take the same number in the face down pile. After that, each player play a card for the starter of the first turn. Maybe you find is too powerful, but that egal for each player and permit a very good start for everyone. Because at age 1 is VERY DIFFICULT to start and one player can take a very good lead.

- We play each turn like this: For each action the starting player says how many (0,1 or 2) regular action he will take of that particular action. After that the other player do the same. And after, the first player decide if he take 0, 1 or 2 wild card action of that type, follow by the second player. With that rule the game is a little bit longer, but that's give us A LOT of new strategy.

n.b. The English is not my first language. Apologize me for the mistakes!

n.b.2 Harry that game is one of the better that i have (over 300). Thank you for a so great game. My girl friend is not agree with me, because i play every week night and is impossible for me to sleep before 2 more hours after i finish a game session, because i'm just thinking about my next move. Also, we appreciate all the support you give to us with you're answers, erratas and articles.
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Harry Rowland
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Re:2 players game (#71709),

Thanks for your kind words Eric and no worries about the articles and stuff, it gives me something to fill in the days. It's also interesting discussing the details of the game with everyone because it has crystalised some thoughts I have been having about design philosophy that I will do up as an article one day hopefully soon.

As to your ideas about the 2 player game they sound very interesting and I would keen to see how they work out in practice after it has been tried out a few times.

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