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Subject: Runebound – More Interactive Rules rss

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Roel van Tiel
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Hi, have recently bought RuneBound Second Edition and while I really like the game's atmosphere and components, I find the interaction a bit lacking. So I deviced some house rules. You might want to try them out.

Any feedback on them is welcome!!!

Runebound – Interactive Rules

Varies: if 1-3 players: cooperative play. if 4 – 9 players: team play.

1 player: take 2 cards. pick one character. repeat 2 times for a total of 3 characters.
2 players: take 2 cards each, each one picks one character. one player repeats process.
3 players: take 2 cards each, each pick one character.
During character taking process, players can show and discuss characters if they like.

Team play
If 4 – 6 players: divide players in two teams (A&B) and seat players like this: ABAB(AB). If 7-9 players: divide players in three teams (ABC) and seat players like this: ABCABCA(BC). Then follow character taking process as described above for each group.

Before taking a starting position, remove the following cards from play:
- Item: Ghost Armor
- Item: Crystal of Tival
- Ally: Prince Gardun
- Ally: Lord Loren
- Green Adventure card: Lair of Cursed Spiders
- Yellow Adventure card: A matter of Honor.

Starting positions
Take one plastic figure to represent the group and put it in the following city. Determine starting team as normal, this team is team 1.
Cooperative: Tamaril
Team play, two teams: 1. Schreiborg. 2. EagleValley
Team play, three teams: 1. Schreiborg. 2. EagleValley 3. Tamaril.

Do other setup as normal.

During a players turn, the player rolls for movement and decides where to go with his whole group as normal. If the group possesses any magic items or cards that involve movement, only the player possessing this item can use it, but they affect the whole group, not just the player. If the player chooses to move less as he’s allowed to, he can remove fatigue from his own player or from his team members as normal.

If a group ends up on a marketplace, the player who’s turn it is can do a normal market-place step. He can also choose to use group money to buy items for himself and/or heal other players in his team. He can only sell off his own magic items.

If a group ends up on an adventure place, a monster is taken as normal. The character takes any pre-battle tests on his own character. When starting to fight, the character can elect to attack with a distance-attack. If he declines, the player in his group seated to his left can choose to attack with a distance attack. If this player also declines, the last player can attack if he wants. If this player also declines, the monster attacks on the active player, who has to defend. Repeat this process for hand-to-hand and magic phase. Note: the restriction that a character can only attack in one phase is still valid!!!

If a character wins, the group gains the xp-counter and any money that is given out. The character gains glory points equal to xp won (just note it on a piece of paper) and any items (or the card) that the monster provides as bonus. Any monster card that you can use to affect movement can be used only one time, after which the monster is discarded.

If a character loses, he dies and is removed from the game. Also, the team seating to his left (if any) receives the most expensive item (if any) of this player, followed by the other team (if any) that takes the second most expensive item (if any), which they can give to any player in their group. The group loses half the money, rounded up. Discard any upgrades, all magic items and gathered adventure cards of this player.

The player keeps his glory point total and can take his normal turn, moving around, visiting cities and picking fights as normal. Also, he regains his quest for glory as soon as any player in his group (including himself) buys an Ally to replace his position. This ally is now considered the new player character. Note: no team can buy allies to take the total number of players in their team above three!

If a group does not end up on a marketplace, but on a spot where another group is, a challenge is fought between the active player and one character in the opposing group. If the attacked group cannot choose, the player may choose his opponent himself.
Other characters cannot participate in this fight in any way. Both contestants fight a normal fight and can use magic items as normal.

The winner may take any magic item of the losing champion. If he has none, the winner is compensated by taking all the group money of the losing group, adding it to his own group treasury.

The losing team is put in any city they choose to re-appear. At the start of the losing champion’s turn, remove all health and fatigue damage he still has left. His group cannot move away from this city in any way until he is recovered (they’re all waiting for him to get out of bed), but they might try to cure him sooner than this! They can buy/sell items in this city if they want, but do not add any market cards to the marketplace for ‘entering the city’.

Group xp counters can be spent by the active player to buy an upgrade, using the following rates:
- first upgrade: 3 xp
- second upgrade: 4 xp
- third upgrade: 5 xp
- etc.
If playing cooperative, every player in the team gains this upgrade. If playing with teams, only the player currently active gains this upgrade.

If a player buys himself a health, he can never again choose a green adventure, nor choose to attack a green monster if his team is fighting one.

Follow other play rules as normal.

End-condition is the same. As soon as the end-conditions are met, the player with the highest glory-point total on the winning team wins. Everybody else (including other players in his team) loses.

Ring of Protection: can also be used on rolls of team-members.
Bracers of Shadow: only give +2 to your own fleeing/sneaking/hiding test.
"Cardinal Koth" change: he can take a number of fatigue damage to give himself
a +2 bonus on his attack test for each damage taken.

Adventure cards:
Berserker Eng: if test succeeds, ent does no damage for full first round of combat.
"Heroes sought" change: first group with 5 or more xp in total.
"Vingolen" the test is OPTIONAL.
"Brother against brother" change: do not test whether allies go away. Only test if you want to hire new ones.
"Danger in the future" you can show the red card to your team-members.
"Dragonlord Fromax" change: Magic: each time Fromax does damage during his magic phase, he deals this damage also to your team-member on your left.

Have fun, and let me know what you think!
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