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Joseph Cardarelli
United States
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This game of Pirate's Cove was played by Kyle, Brian, Casey and myself, Joseph. All 12 rounds will be commented upon so as to give anyone who hasnt played it a good idea of whats going on. Just for a little backround on the game...

Pirate's Cove is played over 12 rounds, each simulating 1 month. Each round, a Treasure Card is flipped over at 5 of the 7 Islands depicting and amount of VP's/Chests/Gold/Tavern Cards. ( i.e a card might have 2 VP's, 2 Chests, 5 Gold and no Tavern Cards). The players all secretly turn pointer hand on the "Captains wheel" in their hand to the picture/number of the Island they want to go to. All playes simultaniously show their selections and go to the respective Island. If alone, the player takes the Treasure Card and whatever the cards depicts (VP's or Gold etc). If their are 2 or more ships at the same Island the Battle occurs. Each player chooses which section they want to attck on thier opponents ship (Hull, Sails, Crew or Cannon) and rolls a D6, 5 or 6 is a hit. The loser sails to Pirate's Cove (the 7th Island) and take either 2 Tavern Cards or 1 Tavern Card and 2 Gold. Ships can be upgraded, but only at the respective Island (i.e you can only upgrade you Hull at Hull Island). Treasure Island (Island #6) is where you can "bury" Chests for VP's at a ratio of 1/1. Gold can also be burried at a ration of 3/1. Person with most VP's at the end of the game...Wins!

ROUND 1: The Pirate (a ship that moves around the board in sequentional order battling anybody who goes to the same island as him) is the Cacafuego, which doesnt actually do battle, but give VP's on a D6 roll, split among everyone at the same island as it. Both Brian and I chose to go to Tavern Island and took the Cacafuego for 1 whole VP each (on a roll of 2). We then battled and I took out his Sails while I just barely got away with only 1 rung on my Crew. Casey and Kyle battled at Cannon Island, with Kyle winning, but wanting for for Cannons.
ROUND 2: New Pirate is BFlying Dutchman at Hull Island. With my Crew down so low, my obvious choice was Crew a-sailing there did I go. Kyle and Casey battled again at Sail Island, with Kyle easily won, with Casey not retreating for some reason. Brian went to Cannon Island.
ROUND 3: I went to Treasure Island for 10 VP's with a nice drop off off Chests. No other Battles occured, although Brian went to Tavern Island and bought a Tavern Card and got Captain Flints Parrot, allowing him to carry any amount of Treasure, instead of being limited by the strenth of his hull.
ROUND 4: I take out Flying Dutchman at Cannon Island, getting very frustrated at his +2 regeneration per Round of Combat. Brian and Casey battled at Tavern Island and Brian fled, for lack of Sails
ROUND 5: New Pirate is Blackbeard. Went to Hull Island to upgrade my damged Hull, plus it offered the most gold and I was carrying my max amount of Chests (only 3!). Brian and Casey had Conflict at Sail Isalnd, and Brian fled again. Kyle turned in 10 Chests at Treasure Island.
ROUND 6: Went to Hull Island again at completely upgraded my Hull. No other conflits this round.
ROUND 7: Went to Treasure Island for Chests, and maxed myself out at 12 Chests. No other conflicts this turn.
ROUND 8: Went to treasure Island to drop off Chests and had to Battle Casey. I attacked his Hull, so he had to dump treasure, and he attacked my Crew, so I rolled less dice.I eventually pulled through and sent him running, but was sorely needing Crew. Kyle defeating Blackbeard at Hull Island with a Smoke Screen Tavern Card (You can only be hit on a rolls of 6).
ROUND 9: Went to Cannon Island for 9 Gold. No other conflict this turn.
ROUND 10: Went to Crew Island to Upgrade my Crew. No conflicts this round...although there would have been if not for Casey playing "A Fond Farewell" Tavern Card (Each player choose the Island he/she wants to go to in sequentional order).
ROUND 11: I defeating Ann Bonny and Mary Reed at Crew Island, taking 3 hits to all sections of my ship in the process. No further conflicts this round.
ROUND 12: New Pirate is Captain Hook at Treasure Island.Brian, Casey and myself all went to Treasure Island and defeated Hook (splitting 3 VP's 3 ways!). Then with some diplomecy on my part , I got Brian to attack Casey and Casey to attack Brian, while I attacked Brian (whose was strong in all sections, while Casey was weak in Hull). I dropped off 4 Chests at Treasure Island and pulled in the lead 1 VP in front of Kyle.

I had a blast again playing this game...and its the first time 1 won!!! Looking forward to next play, although we have more games to play before then. Hoped this helped.
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