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Mike Bourgeois
British Columbia
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Well this colony ship was in a vat of deep doodoo it seems... a huge destructor ship parked off the port bow and our drive is shot to hell and back. The destructor is just swarming with those hulking multi-armed repair robots that seem to take no time at all to get you going lickety split.

Into our suits we crept and then jetting our way over to the raggedy hulk we split into two seperate forces. Each had a few crew to watch at doors and a few marines to zap that which needed zapping. I (the captain) also ensured that we had both demo and electro techs with each party hanging way back to make sure we had easy passage. With us being on such a tight time line we went in guns thundering.

The first two rounds were uneventful with our techs discovering that both the electro and computer lock doors wee inactive on levels 1 and 4. We ran into a variety of domestic robots that were quite happy to deactivate themselves for us when asked nicely. At the start of the third round one of the marines Pvt Louie wandered off and dispatched the first guard robot. He was slightly blackened from a near miss but his shot drilled the guard robot right through the opticals and left it a slack heap.

The next few rounds found us dispatching several slaver-bots and another guard bot. Our demo tech took out one door on the third level in a blaze of C47. He grinned because as it came down on the floor he had managed to squish a flower bot that was tending to some of the greenery. We were drawing near to the computer center and tension was growning. We discovered after taking that first door down that we had left the other demo charges outside the ship attacked to the hull. A volunteer group made it for a few doors and then realized that electro doors were indeed active on this floor. Electro-Tech Mathers was rather grumpy because everytime he started setting up a counter field on the door a robot would blunder through. Fortunately we managed to destroy them after only a few stray shots and one blaster bolt from a guard-bot that blew Marine Corporal Diaz off her feet and into the Captains arms. Her armour was shredded clear through and the chiselled six pack of her abs showed amidst the smoking ruin. She smiled prettily at captain and stooped over to retrieve her blaster... "Shoulda dodged instead of weaving I guess".
Time was winding well down (round 12) and we had breached the final electro-shielded door and stepped into the control room. Two slaver robots and a repair bot were moving idly about the room... their programming not apparently set to receive guests. As the first footfall of one of our crewmen hit the floor a blaring klaxon started and a high pitched gabble started sounding on the com system... our com program translating machine code "Intruders in the Computer Room... all units attend and destroy" We had no choice but to fight. We were magnificent and it took only 6 shots to destroy the three bots and leave their smoking remains on the floor. Another blaze of weapons fire and a moment to reload was enough to destroy the computer... systems shutting down as it happened. A repair bot falling through a compu locked door with a heavy floor rattling thud. Our ship was safe and we could begin repairs... another day in the line of duty.
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