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Ludvig Bowallius
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Me, Jonathan, Johannes and Max met at Max place as we would take a battle of Risk. However, I had not played Risk before with this trio and so they explained that they had some weird rules for it. For instance, you could only start with 4 units in each territory you held, which was some idiotic thing from the computergame, and you could ONLY move seven units in your reinforcement phase. Furthermore, they had some rule that you were not able to TALK about your alliances or threaten anyone at the table, you had to be smart and give subtle "hints" such as saying that one player is too strong and move all your armies away from the bottleneck leading to that player.

Now I am an more oldfashioned gamer who like verbal triads around the table so I thought their tone was a bit boring. But this is what happened: Max immediately went for Africa and I managed a beautiful invasion on Europe, controling it all. Jonathan claimed Australia and almost all of Asia, but Johannes made futile attempts on S.America and where a long way from N.America.

In the following turn however, Max eradicated my borders leaving me with pathetically little troops and Jonathan soon also moved into Europe from Africa and Asia. In one round after that as I tried to get cards I made three invasions where I did not kill a single unit!

Then I got tired of dying in Europe and went for a last blaze of glory, gunning for the leader and make my mark on this game instead of losing. I traded in cards for a decent force and instead of using it to reclaim Europe (which I had tried the last four rounds) I started a massinvasion into Asia, taking four territories easily (my luck started to kick in the second I turned psycotic!).

Jonathans main force moved towards N.America and into it, and all the way I followed his areas where he left a single force, killing them and sealing him in as I left one force inbetween and thus he had left an easy route for me into N.America.

Europe was a "no mans land" but Johannes started sneaking into N.America, but invading VERY slow. Here I stopped making things miserable for Jonathan and I had been a pain on Max borders for many rounds (my revenge for him stealing my european borders in 2nd round) and as Jonathan now only had ONE single troop in the middle of N.America (because of me and that he tried to remove Johannes therefrom) but had moved troops into Europe to battle max for the remains. Johannes had so far been spared from my attacks due to his bad gaming temper but now I made a mad dash to the border of S.America! My troops were utterly destroyed but Johannes grip on the continent were severely loosened and he werer very unhappy with me for playing illogicalydevil.

Now everything was almost reseted to starting value (I was still very last though) but Johannes was now trapped in S.America (I got new troops at the border) but despite my mad dash I took all of N.America after the crazy attack! That did not last long though as Johannes managed to move troops from Europe and taking my border. I got him out of there, but Johannes now had to leave so he would not miss his hometrain, making him neutral. Jonathan decided that we would take turns controlling Johannes forces (not attacking, just placing troops) which I thought was a bad idea but that was what happened and resulted in Jonathan making it impossible for me to take a northern part of N.America and in the following round jonathan eliminated me completely from Asia.

Now the game closed in, and I wanted to finish it in my own way. I had bullied both Johannes and Jonathan, and the one who had eliminated me from the game was actually Max who in the very first round had STOLEN Europe from me. I invaded Max in Europe, but as I did so I went from N.America AND moved through his forces in Africa meaning he did not control a continent. He would be massacred by Jonathan in the following round so we called the game naming Jonathan the victor.

Altough I hate gamers who do not play for winning, it can sometimes be fun when personal vendettas come up in a gaming group making it "personal". In this game I tried making everything personal, and it was even more fun doing it since this gaming group had a very subtle way of dealing with verbal triads around the game board (Max said that I had been the funniest thing about the game). Altough fun, I do not think I will play Risk anytime soon, since I prefer Risk 2210, mostly due to its timelimit.
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