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Subject: Solo Rules rss

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Leo Ruby
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Here is the way that I play solo. The rules are the same except:

-You have three "lives" (I use the spare player figures.) Each time you lose all your health, you lose one live. When you lose all three, you lose the game.
-At the end of your turn, roll the die and move your roll plus 2 zombies. You must move the closest zombies first.
-No cards are used.
-You must stay on the helipad for one more turn once you have landed on it.
-Reaching the helipad is the only way to win.

I find this game quite tense and exciting.
Someone else had a variant where you could trade in 2 zombies for a bullet.
I found this fun but it takes away quite a lot of the anticipation and worry as you are trying to get that one extra bullet if you can just kill some zombies and get new ones.

Have fun.zombiesauron
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Hi. I tried out your solo rules but, finding some potential exploitations, decided to add a few rules and I quite liked it.

The main rule I added is that you may draw a tile only if the tile you are currently on has an open road. The tile you draw must be played next to your current tile. The tile is drawn at the start of each turn, as usual. This way, you have to move around and explore in order to get to the helipad. This rule resulted in me running into a few zombie-infested dead-ends, and the sense of exploration made it kind-of exciting!

To go along with this rule are the following:
1) For setup, take 10 tiles and shuffle the helipad into these. Place the shuffled 11 tiles at the bottom of the pile.
2) If you draw a tile that you are unable to place, put it on the bottom of the pile and draw again. If you draw the helipad, but cannot place it, shuffle the helipad back into the remaining pile.

For Rule 1, the number's kind of arbitrary. It could be bigger or smaller; I'm not sure what would be best. Rule 2 does allow some exploitation, as a player could potentially run the pile dry if they're in the right place. It's unlikely, though, I think. Perhaps it would be better if, on drawing an unplacable tile, the turn ends after placing it on the bottom of the pile.

Ah, sorry, that's getting too much into my own variation now.

The reason I felt that change needed to be made was that I couldn't shake the feeling that the best way to win your variant would be to sit on Town Square the whole game and just build the city out away from you until getting the helipad.

I liked the three "lives" idea, and used Green, Yellow then Red for lives representing healthy, caution and danger :)

The game went well, but I felt like I was missing out by neglecting the cards. Having no weapons made it kind of pointless to risk going into buildings, and every turn was the same. I'm thinking of doing something like playing the top card of the deck at the start of every turn and seeing what happens, maybe tying it to a die roll. Oh, and I'd take the weapons out and make it so that, when you enter a building, you can search for the weapon by rolling a die. Maybe. I dunno.

Anyway, thanks for posting this. It inspired me to try the game.
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