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Subject: Baseline review rss

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Sean Shaw
United States
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This was posted more as a baseline review for the rest of my reviews, than anything else. Reviewing the tried and true game of Risk. This is for the PRE-2008 version and from the view of a more general viewer than a hard core game board geek wargamer. I know there are many that would not agree with my views here on it, but this is more in my measurements of what I would like in games. Note that I'm not a huge fan of cardboard, nor cardboard excess generally, and from what I gather, where I like more Ameritrash and simple games, many on BGG like more complex rules and player friendly (aka-non player elimination games) type rules.

With that.


Materials = 10
Rules Presentation = 8
Gameplay = 10
Personal Tilt = 8
Replayability = 9
Usefulness = 8

Final Score = 8.8

Materials = The materials for Risk are up to the usual standards of the Risk games of the past, to perhaps exceed the Risk games of the past. The Dice are 3 red, and 2 white, made for high impact, with imprinted dots so even if the paint wears off, the dice are still useable. The plastic figures for each army, are made of plastic, and won't break when dropped, or disentegrate when immersed in water. They typically don't melt in sunlight that I've observed. The board is made of nice board, and has nice artwork that enables the game to be played. The game also comes with plastic storage cases to store the plastic figures.

Of even better note, the figures now come with soldiers, cavalry, and artillery, instead of just numbers indicating how many armies you have. This gives the game a better feel for the wargame it is, and shows that more time and effort were made into the materials of the game.

It scores a definate 10

Rules Presentation - The rules are easy to understand, even for the novice. They are clear cut, yet brief. A beginner could be up and running this game within minutes, and battling their way to world domination. However, the rules also can occasionally bring up a few questions from the novice as there are some portions that may be unclear. They also present several options that raise the raiting on this, but also lower it because they don't offer ways to combine the options (without common sense of course) or explain fully how some of those optional rules are implemented. (A prime example would be capital risk, where it discusses cards, but doesn't completely cover to someone who's never played, what the cards exactly are doing, and other related questions to the cards and capitals).

Another detraction is the lack of artwork in the rules, and the rules are rather bland in appearance, being only black, red, and white.

In this area the game rates an 8.

Gameplay - The game is simple to run, and flows quickly. Combat is quick, simple, and easy. Moving armies is quick. It flows quickly, runs swiftly, and basically we have no complaints about the actual gameplay.

It scores a 10.

Personal Tilt - I think it's a great wargame, but it's not the ultimate wargame that I would prefer. I would rate a game, such as Axis and Allies above Risk, and hence, for my own personal tastes, it scores well, but not a great game.

It ranks an 8 in this area.

Replayability - Simple, and yet different each time. In this area Risk excels, since different strategies and rules can hit it for innumerable playes. If one enjoys basic wargames, then this is one they probably won't get bored by.

Usefulness - This is an easy game to set up, and just start playing on any gameday where we want to. It's fun for the whole family, for the whole group of friends, and easy to explain and understand. Very useful.

It scores an 8.

Total score is an 8.8
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