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Subject: Under Construction adventure: NARRAN'S TREASURE rss

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You've returned to Lord Narran's castle only to find it in an uproar. Lord Narran gives you the bad news.
"While you were out, Teraptus breached my castle and stole the treasure chests containing the magical items I normally loan you. Fortunately, only someone holding my special seal can open it, for now. I fear that once Terraptus discovers how the magic works, he will use these chests for his own purposes, as well the artifacts inside. Hurry after the villains, and return with your chest. Since I cannot give you aid now, I give you my seal so that when you find a chest you can use the contents to prevail and make your escape."

Object: Find the magical chests (one for each hero) and carry them off the board by indicated exits.
Starting Treasure: none. Give Narran's Seal to a hero.
Number of Players: 1-5.
Time Limit:
Map: any

1. For each hero playing, hide one chest on the map behind your screen. It will contain the two treasure cards for that hero and have a guardian as follows:
Warrior > Wondrous Plate Mail and Magic Sword > guarded by Manscorpion;
Dwarf> Gauntlets of Ogre Power and Magic Battle-Axe > guarded by Troll;
Wizard> Wand of Lightning and Potion of Invulnerability > guarded by Fire Elemental;
Elf> Magic Bow and Scroll of Spells > guarded by Gargoyle(s);
Thief> Magic Dagger and (Ring of Spell Storing, Boots of Speed, Potion of Invisibility OR Ring of Protection?) > guarded by Evil Wizard?

2. If there are 3 or more heroes playing then you must hide one treasure chest in the sealed carriage; if there are only 2 heroes then this is optional. Place the carriage behind your screen until the heroes can see it, as follows:
Cavern: Hall of Slime;
Castle: Courtyard;
City: Stable or outdoors;
Valley: not on woods space.

3. Place the Giant (sleeping) somewhere on you map so that he's unlikely to be woken up by normal combat unless the heroes try to pass him.

4. Depending on the number of heroes and difficulty, decide what minor monsters, traps, and treasure chests are on your map. Likewise, determine if areas of your map are out of play (bridge out, shops boarded up, cave-in), or if you need a secret door in your castle. Then pick a good time limit.

5. When the heroes discover Narran's chests, place the guardians so that a lone hero can attempt to reach the chest. There could either be a path to it, or a space next to the chest for the hero to get past the monster by a Feat of Dexterity or flying. If you normally allow figures to occupy the same space as a chest then keep the guardian off it. For example, a Dwarf by himself cannot defeat the Troll without the Gauntlets of Ogre Power, which are in the chest. If he can't get past the Troll to the chest, he will lose the game.

6. Show the players the allowed Start areas and exits.

Special Rules:
1. The DM must tell the heroes whether a treasure chest they find is normal or one of Narran's magical chests.

2. The magical treasure chests can only be opened by the hero carrying Narran's Seal. They cannot opened by force or the Knock Spell. If Dispel Magic or the equivalent is cast, the result is only that the Seal won't work.

3. The chests are heavy (empty or not). Any hero carrying one finds movement Speed is halved.

4. Heroes may invent feats to move the chests (e.g. tying a rope around it, then casting Levitate and pulling it at normal movement Speed; or taking a Potion of Strength to carry one at normal move or two at half-speed).

5. The carriage has an Armor Class of 8 and 2 Hit Points. Arrows do not damage it. The horses cannot be attacked.

6. Heroes cannot see into the carriage. When hit once, flip it to the damaged side and place a treasure chest on it; they can now see it, but can't reach it. If the carriage is destroyed, place the chest on the ground.

7. The horses can be controlled by a hero who rolls a successful Feat of Dexterity.

8. Once controlled, the horses will remain under hero control for the rest of the adventure. The carriage moves last after the heroes. The horses can pull the carriage at a movement rate of 3 spaces as long as there is an adjacent hero to guide them (before or after it moves). If the carriage leaves the board it (and the chest) is out of play; this counts as success for recovering any chest inside.

Explain rules 1-3 to the players. After they discover the carriage, explain rule #5. If they succeed on contolling the horses, explain rule #8.

Note: I felt this adventure first had to work with just one hero player. Whether any lone hero you pick can win remains to be seen. Can the Dwarf win against the Troll? Should his guardian have been the Giant, instead? Is the Fire Elemental too tough for the Wizard? Can the Thief beat Teraptus? (One of Teraptus's spells can destroy a treasure, so should the Thief's treasures be random?). Obviously it would be easier to defeat the guardians when there are more players. The trade-off would be increased time (but I left the time limit for you to determine). If you find the dragon comes out too early, substitute by having the Giant wake up and take a Potion of No-Doze which protects him from further Sleep.

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