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Subject: Freaky Zombie Kings rss

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Mark Ogilvie
United States
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Author's note: I tried to write these variant rules to fit in with the vanilla game as much as possible. That said, I feel this variant would work best if the only winning condition for the human players is making it to the center of the Helipad/Cabin/whatever, and ignoring the 25 kill rule. I also recommend that the player with the most zombies place the Helipad/Cabin/whatever, and not the player in last place which is the standard rule. I feel this fixes the flaw where a player can more or less do nothing the entire game, place the Helipad, and sprint there with fresh life and bullets. This also still maintains the competitiveness in slaughtering zombies, and gives the players the choice of risking permanent death to get an edge in placing the Helipad to their advantage. This may make for a longer game (whether that's a good thing or a bad thing I leave to you), but it should also be a lot more entertaining.

Also, the rules don't specify what precisely to use as Freaky Zombie King pawns. I'll leave this to the players' discretion. Personally, I've been using some WH40k zombie models, but you should just use whatever's available. Thanks for reading.

Freaky Zombie King Rules
The rules will refer to zombies or zombie dogs as just “zombies.” When referring to just the Zombie King player's pawn, it will specifically say “Zombie King.”

Freaky Zombie King Setup
After a player has died, at the beginning of the player's next turn, he will respawn at the center square of the nearest named location that is not the Cabin, and replace his Shotgun Guy pawn with a Freaky Zombie King pawn of the corresponding color. The player now must follow an altered set of movement and combat rules. Zombies may no longer attack the player (and vice-versa), and Zombie Kings may not attack each other. The player may no longer win the game via the normal win conditions. Together, the Zombie King players must stop the surviving Humans from winning by killing them and converting them into zombies. The Zombie King player who kills the last surviving Human (either with a Zombie King or with a zombie that the player moved to the Human's square) is the winner of the game.

Each Zombie King player is allowed 3 heart tokens and three event cards. All other tokens are removed, and the player may never pick up additional tokens from the game board or gain tokens through other means (even with the use of an event card). If a Zombie King player picks up an event card dealing with heart or bullet tokens, the player may still play the card, substituting zombies for tokens.

Turn Sequence Overview
During a turn, you must perform the following steps in exact order:
1.Draw a tile from the map deck pile.
2.Attach the map tile to any legal space on the current map.
3.Combat any Humans on your current space.
4.Draw back up to 3 event cards, if you have less than 3.
5.Roll a six-sided die, the result is your zombie summon roll (see Zombie Summon Rules).
6.Roll a six-sided die, the result is your total movement roll.
7.Move (see Freaky Zombie King Movement Rules).
8.You may discard one event card from your hand.
After deciding to discard an event card or not, the turn is over and play proceeds clockwise around the table.

Freaky Zombie King Combat Rules
-Any time you begin your turn on the same space as a Human player or land on a space with a Human player, or when a Human player lands on your space, combat takes place.
-Combat is resolved by both players rolling a six-sided die in turn. The Human player rolls first. A 4, 5, or 6 is required by either player to wound the other.
-If the Human player's roll is unsuccessful (lower than a 4), they may add enough bullet tokens to raise it to the target number at a 1 to 1 ratio.
-If the Human player does not have enough bullet tokens to raise their roll or they choose not to, they must discard a full heart token.
-After the Human player's combat turn has finished, the Zombie King player rolls a six-sided die. You also require a 4, 5, or 6 to wound the Human.
-As the Zombie King is not allowed bullet tokens, if the roll fails, you must sacrifice a heart token.
-The combating players take turns rolling the die until one player runs out of heart tokens.
-If the Human player runs out of heart tokens, their piece is removed from the board and they must begin their next turn as a Freaky Zombie King.
-If you run out of heart tokens as a Freaky Zombie King, your piece is removed from the board and you must begin your next turn in the center square of the nearest named location (excluding the Cabin). If you died in a named location, you must respawn in the next-closest named location.
-If, when you respawn as a Zombie King on a square occupied by zombies, those zombies are immediately added to your pool. If the square is occupied by a human, combat occurs. If the square is occupied by another Zombie King, you must respawn on an adjacent square.

Zombie Summon Rules
-Before you may move, you must roll for zombie summoning. This allows you to draw zombies from your kill pool and place them on the board, on the same tile as your Zombie King.
-The number of zombies you may summon is determined by rolling a six-sided die. The number on the die corresponds with the number of zombies that may be summoned You may summon less zombies than the amount on the die if you desire.
-If you run out of room on the tile for more zombies, they may not be placed on other tiles. The excess zombies will simply not be summoned.
-If played with other expansions, then you may decide which kinds of zombies to place on each square.
-If your pool runs out of zombies, you may no longer summon any zombies.

Freaky Zombie King Movement Rules
-Total movement amount is determined by rolling one six-sided die.
-You must divide the amount on the die between your Zombie King and the other zombies. For instance, if you roll a 6, you may move your Zombie King 6 spaces, or you may move your Zombie King 3 spaces and then move 3 separate zombies, etc. You may move no zombies if you wish.
-You may never move diagonally.
-Any Human player encountered by your Zombie King during movement must be fought before movement continues.
-Zombie Kings, just as with other pieces, may only enter buildings through entrances/exits or doors.
-Zombie Kings may not enter the Cabin tile, but you may still move zombies onto that tile.
-Zombie Kings may not share space with zombies or other Zombie Kings, but may pass through them while moving.
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