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Subject: Shores Of Hell! rss

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jesper rathsach
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I finally got to play the second scenario yesterday, and made some more ammo/marine observations..

It was a two marine game, and they were pretty tough. One had +6 wounds and the other had +1 armor in their ability arsenal. I also played with the rule that each weapon comes with an ammo counter.

With this setup they set out.. Maybe they were unlucky, maybe not, but they went straight towards the large central area. I managed to allready get 2 frags before they cleared the dark alley just south of start. When they entered the large area (cafeteria) all hell broke loose literally. That area has soooo many spawn points that I could literally swamp the marines. I only used 1 spawn card pr. round, and still I managed to keep them occupied until I fragged them to death. They didn't stand a chance! Ammo was plentiful, but still I managed to drain them dry, while they bravely fought.
What I was thinking.. Can the monsters pass the green sludge without taking damage? If not, then the Hell Knights will be 2 wounds down when reaching the central area. My tactic was to keep the marines occupied with Hell Knights while several Arch Viles shot them covered by an army of trites, zombies and imps..
They managed to get somehow clear, but with 0 ammo and 3 wounds left each, they wandered back to find some ammo, and 2 demons quickly dispatch of 3 measly hitpoints and get me the last frag..

This scenario is just ridiculously hard for more than 1 marine, even with ekstra ammo. Maybe they were unlucky, and I was lucky, but I didn't break a sweat kicking their asses utterly.

If the following scenario's get even harder, well then there's definately a balancing issue. I don't even think ekstra ammo will solve it. It'll help, but at least scen. 2 needs more health pickups! There's enough for 1 marine, but 2 and 3?? They'll be eaaaasy frags for the invader..
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Christian Richnow
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rotten to the core nurture the plague
Re:Shores Of Hell!
TheBlaznee (#74802),

several points to adress here for me:

1. what do you mean with "only" using one spawn card per round, that is actually the max. you can use, you may be entiteled to draw one card per marine, but regardless of how many marines there are you can always only use one spawn card

2. i just looked at the map of "shores of hell" and to me it does not seem that there are so many spawn points as you seem to have found
there are no doors, thus free LOS into the adjacent aisles, when one places his marine at a good position, say the square right underneath the medkit, from that position you can secure the corridor to the right, the one top right and roughly 80% of the top left one and you can see partly into the southern corridor
thus, the invader has two spawning locations (exact number of squares don't matter, since it's mostly the direction where the creatures come from that matters) namely the norterhen right corner of same corridor, and parts of the southern corridor
as with area 2 he can only spawn smaller invaders since the larger ones can't pass the obstacle or shoot past it
it might get a bit difficult when the marines try to get down to area 5, but you allways have the option of spreading out a bit, or going into guard modus, when opened up let them come, even invaders do take damage when moving into green goo not counting armour (as stated by the rules, it says figures, not marines only) and try to shoot them to pieces, if they havent tried to explore at least a bit of the board and picked up some weapons, well their problem, on the other side, the marines could simply use the bfg from area 4 (tactic, marine#1 opens door, everything is put on the table, marine #2 that should be somewhere near the newly opened door takes an aimed attack and blows away all those nasties waiting for them, the chance of a miss with a bfg is suchly greatly reduced)

3.after reading the posts here it kinda strikes me why most of the people complain about too many spawn points, too many invaders too little ammo, apparently they indeed try to clear out a bottomless pit, i mean in most cases a marine can simply outrun all invaders, sure there's not allways a free escape route, but shooting it out is choosing the loosers side for free
one can mostly ignore zombies if they are in your rear, they'e too slow and can only attack in close assault, sure it is not that calming knowing that they are still there, but i'd rather let one or two go than kill them all and wasting time and ammo
speaking of ammo, use your fist, trites can be stomped at all the time, a single zombie or imp can be killed easely by two marines or with luck by even only one (more of a chance with imps here), when you got the chainsaw, use it, jump right into the middle of the zombies and go for it more often than not it'll tear them appart or at least wound them enoughto get finished off by the next marine

...and if it all were too simple where would all the fun of retrying be, eager to give it another go, using different tactics.
i think that is part of the game, it is a bit harder for the marines side, but that is what imo makes up the replay value - actually that reminds me of space hulk, me and a friend of mine played one of the first scenarios several times, with him refining his tactics up to a point where he finally got to win the game...

enough said,

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