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Subject: “A Short Hop” AAR rss

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Dale Holmstrom
United States
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I would not normally write up an AAR for playing a scenario solitaire, but I had some time to give Day of Heroes a spin and wanted to share my thoughts.
The Americans are tasked with taking and holding squares K8, K9, L8, L9, N8, N9 (crash sites). They receive 2 VPS for each square they hold by the end of turn 7. Somalis gain VPs by eliminating US units.
The Rangers place 1 squad with the hero and an M60 on road square B16. LT. Smith with the same in square D17. The Medic and two squads kitted with M203’s in building C17. Sgt. Brown and 2 squads with SAW’s in C16 and D16. Delta teams are placed in the four square block complex of C11.
The plan is to have the Hero and the M60 toting squad haul balls up the Halwadig road and link up with Delta in order to Flank and clear the eight square block of F9. The rest of the Rangers are tasked with clearing the eight square block of F12 and establishing assault and fire at VP locations.
The Somalis position both 5-1-6 ldrs with elite squads armed with an RPG or the RPD in the rubble squares of N8 and N9. The two other elite squads are given RPG’s and placed on or close to the VP squares. These units are intended to be fresh for the last stand at the VP squares.
A 5-0-6 Leader and 3 squads in G12 and other 5-0-6 with Khat-drugged militia toting an RPG, plus another militia squad in I9. Other Militia squads are placed in F8, F9, and G11. These units, like the mobs, are intended to slow and harass the Americans .
Turn 1:
Somali block generation results in a 1-3-4 squad in Square B7 and an additional mob by J16. Rangers move the hero and his M60-toting squad to hex B11 for future road coverage. The Somali mob disperses in B7. With all the Somalis around, two delta teams hunker down in D11, failing to spot or fire at anything during the turn. The majority of the Rangers move north along the E column road. LT Smith stays back to cover the #16 row road. The mob grows larger at the block at j16, spilling over into J15. Another mob moves towards the Rangers from block B7. The Somalis hold tight in their positions. Finally, an aggressive Delta team crosses the E column road, ignores intense fire, and melees with the 5-0-6 and three squads in G12. Delta takes them out, but is eliminated in turn. Ouch! Four VP’s to the Somalis.
Turn 2
Americans retain the initiative. Roadblock J16 produces a unit and leader. Sgt. Brown’s squad rushes north and melees successfully with Somalis in G11. The majority of the Rangers move towards the center of board. The mobs grow and four of them move towards the Americans. The Little Bird helicopter flies in to try and break up the Somalis holding building I12, but only manages to break the leader. It takes the Blackhawk with the sniper to kill the leader and reduce the squad. A Somali squad in C9 inneffectively fires at the Delta teams, so the Hero and Ranger squad move adjacent to it and assault fire. They miss their targets! The two Delta teams in D11 spot two Somali squads in F9, but by combining their firepower only reduce one unit.
Turn 3
The Roadblocks produce another mob. American’ keep the initiative. The Hero and Ranger squad enter melee and destroy the Somali in C9. Delta spots the two Somalis in F9 and finally blows them away. Lt. Smith with his m60 squad move to the upper level of building in G12. Somali mobs move north on road J. The Little bird moves to square f7 to prevent Somali flanking movement. The Blackhawk flies to l16 so the sniper team can rope down and get to the upper level of I15. One mob disperses due to Somali fire thru.
Turn 4
The American’s still have the initiative. The Roadblock in J16 generates leader and squad. The Little Bird unleashes all it has at an RPG squad tooling down the row 7 road but only gets a casualties result. Lt. Smith and Sgt. Brown spot and direct fire on I9 wounding the leader, eliminate 1 squad, and reduce the another. The Wounded leader and remnants retreat towards one of the VP locations. The Somali mob on road J spawns another mob, creating problems for rangers in block F12. The Blackhawk hovers, spots newly the created leader and squad, and mgs them---reducing and shaking the leader. The Sniper team lands and moves into l15 but shakes from fire from K14. A Ranger squad in H12 decide to fire into a mob that is covering for Somali half squad and eliminate it in order to give the rangers across the street some breathing room. The mob disperses and the Somalis gain another VP. Rangers now dash across the J street, ignoring the fire from a Somali half squad in J13 and eliminate the squad in K14 during melee. Delta moves forward to begin clearing out Somalis in block F9. The rest of the Somalis begin to slowly move back to the VP locations.
Turn 5
Somalis have the initiative and both roadblocks create mobs. The Sniper team and ranger squad assault move to take overwatch positions in buildings K15 and L15 buildings. The Somalis continue to try and retreat squads to VP locations and use mobs to slow the Americans, but one mob disperses, and two start heading away from the fight. Sgt. Brown and Lt. Smith both spot Somalis in buildings and the M60’s reduce both units. The hero and rangers move on down E road and come adjacent to a VP square. The Helicopters fly out of RPG range in order to direct and/or spot Somali units in VP locations for the next turn. The Somali leader with the RPD directs fire at the Blackhawk, but does no damage. Delta finally clear the 8 square block of F9 and positions in order to assault VP locations in the future.
Turn 6
Somalis keep initiative. Two mobs are created, but are ineffectual due to confusion. The Somalis miss a point blank shot at the hero squad. The hero and the Rangers retaliate and kill the wounded leader and his remaining troops in K8. The Sniper team and Helicopters now in overwatch positions fail to spot any of the Somalis holding tight in the VP locations. A Delta teams dashes across road to melee a Somali team in K9 and narrowly misses an devastating close up melee. The Somalis pour down fire in adjacent squares and shake Delta.
Turn 7
Somalis retain the initiative. Delta rallies, ready to meet the Somali counterattack. Road Blocks generate a 0-3-4 armed with RPG. The Somalis fire on Delta and once again shake it, but the Rangers all rush and successfully melee with the remaining Somali units in two of the VP locations. The remaining Rangers reinforce the four VP squares. The Somalis attempt to fire and melee back, but are ineffectual. US wins 8 VPs to 5.
As others have said, DOH plays very differently than previous LnL games. The randomness of the mob generation, combined with the need to use caution with the US units makes for an exciting scenario. The Somali mobs got some bad breaks in the final two turns, allowing the Americans to move up fairly fast to the VP locations.
As far as the Americans go, I think an initial scoot of two mg squads with a leader to square K14, followed by landing the sniper team and getting them in the upper level of L15 would be a sound tactic for it allows the American to spot and fir on 4 of the VP locations/can interdict units retreating.
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