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Subject: A Dirty Filthy Money Victory rss

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This is the report of a 4-player 2-power game of Mayfair Cosmic with the More Cosmic expansion. The initial power combos and turn order was:

1. Phantom-Mirror (very powerful in challenges)
2. Machine-Grief (the Machine with any card drawing power is
typically too powerful, but we decided to see what would happen)
3. Filth-Vulch (this was me!)
4. Assessor-Dragon ($$$$$ and more $$$$$)

Round 1:

SET-UP NOTE: In my system, I had the secret moon that secures you victory if you control it and 4 other moons.

• The Phantom captured a moon which brought in a new random moon
from the box at the start of each of his turns

• The Machine made 4 or 5 challenges but only gained 1 base
and eventually he had to stop because he ran out of
money to pay the Assessor

• The Assessor quickly realized that because everyone was using all of
their lucre to get in the cone, the Dragon was not generating any

• As the Filth, I made a couple of successful challenges against the
Assessor, and my allies were forced to land on other planets in
his system.

• At the end of the first round every player had 2 or 3 outside bases;
however, the Assessor was close to losing an alien power because I
had successfully attacked him twice.

Round 2:

• The Assessor bought lots of flares and cards. He also took a moon
in home system so he had another home base. He also took a 3rd
outside base with some allies.

• The Machine took a moon which doubled the lucre he gained at the
start of his turn.

• The Phantom used a tractor beam moon to pull the lucre moon into his

• I was attacked twice and lost a planet (the first loss cleared the
planet for fumigation and the second loss let an alliance of all the
other players move in)

• Someone used Time Gash and I picked it up with my Vulch.

• I also used the finder against the Assessor. I said I'm not going
to be greedy and ask for the attack 40, I'll look for a Cosmic Zap.
He laughed and said I should have been greedy. Sure enough he had
the attack 40, also had about +10 in reinforcement cards.

• By the end of this round, the Phantom-Mirror had jumped out to 4
outside bases and looked poised to win the game.

Round 3:

• At the start of the Phantom’s turn, he pulled the moon that
immediately forces you to pass a power to the left. This was the
deciding point of the game because I passed the Filth to the
Assessor. EVERY other player who had an outside base was sharing
that base with the Assessor who was now the Assessor-Filth and
all these playershad to go HOME!

The Assessor and myself were now the only people with outside
bases. Furthermore, I was passed the Machine. New Power Combos
(Mirror-Dragon) (Phantom-Grief) (Vulch-Machine) (Filth-Assessor)

• In between turns someone Mobius Tubed and the Phantom made 10
Phantom tokens.

• At the start of my turn, I had 2 moons and 3 bases. I lost a
challenge at a planet, then took a moon which was secret and had no
power. I won a challenge and now had 4 bases – the Assessor allied
with me in this challenge and also had 4 bases. I took a second
undefended moon, which also had no power!

• As the Machine you cannot make more than 2 challenges against
undefended moon. So now it was time for combat, but my hand was
awful. I flipped the Mirror twice and lost 2 straight moon
challenges against the lucre moon because I guessed wrong as to
whether he would use the mirror power. I was out of attack cards.

• At this point I used Time Gash and got a new hand of 7 cards. And I
flipped the Phantom!!!!. I couldn’t take him in a challenge
straight up because he had 10 phantom tokens so attacking his
occupied moon was out (the other moon in his system had been tractor
beamed) – so I was forced to attack one of his planets.
Fortunately, one of his planets was not occupied. I wasn’t going to
get the victory alone if the Assessor opposed me, so I invited him
to ally with me. The Mirror allied with the Phantom to stop us from

• I played an attack 8 and the Phantom played an attack 10. We had 8
tokens on our side to their 4 – so the totals were 16 to 24. Bam!
The Assessor throws down all of his reinforcement cards for the
(grudgingly shared) win!

Cue the Dirty Filthy Money Victory dance – and continuing my Cosmic Encounter reign of domination.

PS - The Grief Machine got props for bringing ups Ahmed's win with the plant super flare. That was one cool way to win and was probably my favorite game of Cosmic ever.

Edited numerous times for poor grammar and a mistake or two.
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