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Subject: I am such a liar (to myself, and the Cyclops), but a winner! rss

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Mark Bordenet
United States
West Virginia
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Players: Arthur, Random_Person, Markadelic
Location: Random_Person's Home

The last time the same 3 of us played this wonderful game I won, and I wrote of how the Cyclops was my new 'favorite'. Honestly, my intentions were to see the Cyclops survive to the final 3, but. . .

I have a good opening hand with a 8 Unicorn, 10 Hydra, and 10 Titan. I bid first at '8' and the others both pass. I decide to bid on the Hydra and play the 10 on it, and as I regard my hand again for a second card to play I notice I do have a Zero card- for the Cyclops. The moment my eyes spot that card I slap it down on the table. Player's remorse rushes over me in a swell, but I brush it off with a flippant, "Well, I offer up the Cyclops as the first round sacrifice."

Arthur plays and bids on the Warlock followed by Random_Person playing and bidding on the Troll. I bid and play on the Titan next, while Arthur backs the Ranger in an attempt to get the cards cycling fast and furious and Random_Person places his habitual Secret Bid. The rest of the First Round is uneventful and soon the Cyclops dies. I experience about a nanosecond worth of sorrow for the Cyclops, but feel my hand is strong and look forward to the game continuing. I wish the Cyclops a better fate next time we play, but I refuse to make any promises!

All the players begin diversifying with their bids in the Second Round by bidding on things other players currently control. I also gained control of the Unicorn in the first round, but I have failed to draw anymore Unicorn or Hydra cards. I play a couple Titan cards, but fail to obtain any cards that play on anything I control. My draws from the deck continue to yield me Warlock cards, so I bid on the Warlock in Round 2 and decide to keep my final bid for Round 3 in hopes of seizing control of it away from Arthur. Random_Person has bid on my Hydra, and I sense he probably intends to do the same thing to my Hydra that I intend to do to Arthur's Warlock, but without cards the Hydra, like most anything else, is useless. The Dragon passes to end Round 2.

Round 3 begins with Random_Person taking away my Hydra, and he states he does it moreso to limit my power rather than to utilize it to his benefit. I am disinterested in his action because I play next and bid and play on the Warlock to gain control of it. I recognize that if I can have the Titan and Warlock survive I could win. The Warlock helps a little bit as I use its power twice in the Third Round in an attempt to get cards in my hand I can play that benefits things I have bids in, gaining a Referee card and the 10 Spectator Behemoth card. The others manage to kill off my Unicorn, but still without any Unicorn cards to play it is of no use to me and I welcome its sacrifice so I will not focus on attempting to save it later on.

At this point, the other players both have a bid on the Troll so that is my target, along with the Ranger with Arthur has a 4 point bid on. The others players both seem to not have high cards, if any, to play on their participants. I play again on the Warlock and get a high card for the Titan and a low card for the Ranger when I draw back up. Random_Person ends up allowing the Troll to die because he can do nothing else on his turn.

As the final round begins, I still have 13 points in play, and if the Ranger dies, I will win. Arthur has 11 points in play while Random_Person only has 5 visable points in play but still possesses a Secret Bid. I begin the round with a 10 on the Warlock, Arthur follows with a 6 on the Hydra, then Random_Person plays a 7 on the Hydra and then uses its power to play a 7 on the Titan, leaving it open for me to play lower than a 7 on the Ranger to make it meet its demise and thus securing my victory. I play a 2 on the Ranger and victory is mine! Arthur's only chance would have been to kill the Hydra, but his hand was full of high cards, half of which were Spectators. Random_Person's only chance was to kill off the Warlock, but he possessed no Warlock cards and no low Spectator cards.

So, victory was mine with 13 total points, having 5 points in the Warlock and 4 points in each the Hydra and Titan. Random_Person ended with 10 points, having 5 visable points in the Hydra and 5 points from his Secret Bid on the Titan. Arthur finished with 7 points, consisting of 4 points in the Warlock and 3 points in the Titan. We now learn that if the Titan would have died, I still would have won.

I went into the game fully intending to support the Cyclops, but abandoned that on the first play of the game. The only thing I can be certain of the next time we play this game is that Random_Person will place a Secret Bid. I wonder if it will be on the Cyclops?
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