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Subject: The Adventures of the Misfit Brigade, part 1 rss

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Scott Hall
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The log of the Misfit Brigade, legally registered adventuring company based in Tamalir, guild charter #...

And so begins the journeys of the Misfit Brigade, and what a sorry bunch of heroes this is. A lich with aspirations to godhood starts working in the southern forests, and this is the best we can manage? My father would weep could he see my companions.

First, there's "Lord" Hawthorn, but I've known whores more noble than he (and I'd guess he's known plenty of whores himself). The claim to nobility doesn't exactly jibe with the cow head tattoo on his ass; he says it's an ox, but I know cows. At least he can keep quiet and swing an axe with those freakishly long arms of his.

If that wasn't bad enough, we have a goblin, a freaking goblin serving as scout and archer. Kirga's its name, and it seems to have a nose for trouble. Not a nose for proper hygiene, but what can you do? He seems to be pretty apt at avoiding traps, and we've never run into an ambush when he's nearby.

Any adventuring party of worth needs a wizard, and so many out there, I was sure we'd get a decent one. Like Runemaster Thorn, a respected old man, or Andira Runehand or Battlemage Jase, either of which can handle themselves in a fight. Any number of mages, wizards and adepts, but who do we get stuck with? A witch. A real live honest-to-god witch. Runewitch Astarra. Creepy girl, but what can you do? Look crosseyed at her and she turns you into a toad or makes the cows give sour milk. And don't even think of burning her; she's got some god or demon watching out for her, and the last village that tried got wiped off the map.

And then there's me. Valadir, Esquire (I'm 3 credits away from knighthood, which will be completed once I have the chance to finish my internship with Shika, but, you know, OVERLORD on a rampage over here. So, my studies suffer). Often called Valadir the shield by my fellow squires, as they couldn't move me if I didn't wish, and they couldn't hurt me. I'm leader of this sorry group (a freakin' witch! I mean, come on.)

(the Sorcerer King's player is taking his first time as Overlord. He took Focused and Eldritch Lore as his starting powers)

We set out for the Starfall Forest, seeking glory and treasure. We passed a kindly alchemist on his way to Tamalir, and he offered us his discounted wares. Our initial gear left us with just 25 coins, enough for one more potion. Ah, what joyous spirits we had- totally broke, but weapons and potions aplenty. *sigh*

It took us three trips around the forest before we finally found the entrance; it seems Starfall had suffered an earthquake which knocked down the ranger station and information booth. The first room supported this theory, as the ground had fractured, parts of it rising and other parts falling. Pits and rubble piles inhibited movement. The center of the room, the highest point, was occupied by a skeleton claiming to be "King of the Mountain". Tough talk for a guy with no guts. Now, I'd played similar games with the other squires, but none of them was as big as the ogres standing around this room. It looked like one had been trapped by the earthquake, but the other was ready to fight. Surprisingly, Hawthorn didn't crumple after the first blow from the ogre; the big guy just stood his ground. The witch, on the other hand, showed proof of her devilish pact when she flew through the air... right into a pit. A deep elf assassin was also skulking around the room; she sprang from hiding and attacked Hawthorn in a rage. He attacked back but the cold had made his axe brittle; it shattered when he struck the elf, and I had to finish her off. Kirga proved he might have some use when he mounted the central area and slew the room leader. Good to know that goblins can at least kill things that are already dead. Being that high up at least kept him quiet, so I let him enjoy the high seat while I helped loot the rest of the room. Astarra and Hawthorn had each died in the room (which helped clear it in Astarra's case), but careful use of my shield kept me in good health, and Kirga was untouched (perhaps due to some pact with the monsters? I'll keep an eye on him)

Sorcerers, skeletons, and hell hounds all confronted us on the next floor, while a Naga sat between two runelocked doors. The initial fight was brief- Hawthorn and I dodged the attacks, then we retaliated in brutal fashion. The naga proved more difficult; we suffered another casualty as we marched down the hallway and a stray ceiling tile crushed Astarra. Then a band of ferrox attacked, killing me and Kirga. Hawthorn (who had replaced his axe with the Dragontooth Hammer) was able to keep free of the naga's tail and killed it with some powerful blows. The ferroxes weren't any abler at standing up to his magically enhanced might. My brief stay in the temple did at least give me a chance to stop in at the market; though sold out of magical weapons, I did get a good price on a boat, bought a ring of protection for myself, and the immolation rune for Astarra (she'd been using a hand-me down mage staff before).

Last level, the exit was controlled by two pressure plates at opposite ends of the dungeon. A skeleton named Legion was at work summoning more of his ilk. We had the good fortune of finding the Mana Weave rune and the Crystal Shield here, distributed to Astarra and myself. I proved my fortitude, at one time fending off a pair of beastmen, two skeletons, and Legion himself. Traps were my undoing- while Hawthorn held one pressure plate, I attempted to race to the other; a crushing block barred my way and injured me, and then the ground swallowed me up when I tried an alternate route. Kirga also made a run for the second plate, but a block likewise smashed him; he survived and retreated to Hawthorn's room. Upon my return, I was able to step right onto the plate, opening the exit, and clearing out the skeletal hordes. Astarra was killed again, clearing the dungeon save for Legion. I ended his miserable existence, and he knew well enough not to get back. We three ran out through the exit portal, moments before the Overlord could profit from out delay.

With week two, the Overlord called Lord Merrick into his service. Alric seems headed to Dawnsmoor, which is also our destination (basically a reststop en route to Olmric's hut... and knowing the orcs, reststop is probably an apt description of most of the town. But first, we need to go through Blackwing Swamp. Along the way, we ran afoul some bandits, led by a powerful ogre. Hawthorn and his mighty hammer were able to beat the beast down, but it stood right back up, and Hawthorn was torn apart. Neither my sword nor Astarra's magic could do much against the brute, so we fled deeper into the swamp. Kirga and Hawthorn rejoined us outside the dungeon...

And so begins my second RtL campaign (The Legend of the Prince of Demons and the Eternal Night being the first). I'm a player in this one, with Sir Valadir and Kirga both under my control. Runewitch Astarra is played by the same player as in the previous game (he's found something that works, and doesn't want to change it). Nanok's original player will be playing Hawthorn, although he wasn't able to make it today. Nanok's replacement player is filling the role of Overlord; he only started playing Descent during the previous campaign, but he's done okay so far (a few mistakes here and there, some we blocked and some we let slide- rage being played after a move, frex, was allowed with the clarification that it's to be played at activation).

Current conquest stands at 21 to 38, with us being credited for exploring outside Blackwing Swamp (we'll enter next session) and him having gotten two kills in the encounter (and that really burns me- last time, I took Lawlessness at the start and didn't have any encounters until silver campaign. This game, we're 2 for 2).

I'm reallying enjoying Unmovable on Valadir; the extra armor is great, and the guard would be awesome except I seem to have a hit rate with the guard attack of 1 in 4 (we all had some lousy rolling today). Advancement plans are grabbing Battle Cry in Dawnsmoor and Knight from Shika's Tree so I have three skills all keyed to Battle. I also know both my characters will be adding fatigue from Olmric, while I think the others might get health.

We're also hoping Dawnsmoor will have some magic weapons in the market; Hawthorn's doing great with the Dragontooth Hammer, but Valadir's sword and Astarra's immolation don't do much reliably against high armor monsters; let's not even mention Kirga's bow (I hit! for 2 damage, pierce 1, booyah!)

Expect to see more updates every other Saturday.
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