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Subject: The delusions of Victor Carp rss

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*Rule tweaks given at the bottom.

Journal Entry of Victor Carp
July 26, 2008

I am writing this entry from a cave deep in the canyons apparently known as The Immortal’s Heart Chasm. Though I am racked with thirst and hunger, I am more certain than ever that the Lamp of the Djinni is not mere myth. My wife lost faith. My friends mocked me, and it pained my heart to see the embarrassed looks on my children’s faces…However, I will persevere. It is not all in my imagination. I will locate this source of power. Imagine the good that could be accomplished! The ills cured! Imagine me, Victor Carp, shedding my pocket protector for wings of glory!

“Oh Victor,” they will say, “Oh Victor, will you come to our party?” and I will boom out mightily, “Maybe. Let me see.”

For days after leaving L.A. I had driven my car through the desert. Finally the poor thing conked out. I found myself penniless and stranded in a small town. Selling my car for parts netted me a few coins, but I was unsure as to what my next move should be. As ever, though, luck…or should I say “Sis” was with me. I was sitting at the truck stop. Hostess twinkies and beef jerky surrounded me like baskets of figs and apricots. Seemingly from nowhere a young woman materialized.

“Darlin' you look like nice man. What's your pleasure?”

I smiled reassuringly, as it was clear from the woman’s lack of clothing that she was but a poor serving girl. None the less, I found myself telling her of my journey, and as ever when I tell other’s of the Djinni’s lamp, I saw her eyes cloud and roll under the spell of my story. With growing excitement I explained that I would pay anything for information about this artifact. My new friend’s eyes sparkled to life.

“You be here tomorrow evening. Bring all your money, honey, and I’ll see what I can do.”

Never has a day passed more slowly! But the following night I found myself again sitting in the same booth. A burly man approached, who looked remarkably like the mechanic to whom I sold my car. Draped on his shoulder was my friend.

“My sister says you seek knowledge of some kind of lamp.”

Trying to conceal my eagerness, I replied to the affirmative.

“We have a, um, journal…Yeah, that’s it, a journal that you might like to see.”

With that he pulled from his shirt a tattered collection of papers. I could see that they were smeared with oil and across their top were printed the words, “Desert Auto Service.” What sent my heart racing, though, were the penciled sentences scrawled across each page. With shaking hands I reached out.

“Money first,” said the man’s angelic sister, and as they left the café my building excitement was echoed by their joyous laughter. Could this be the final piece of the puzzle? For what I had before me was a journal of one who had actually held the Lamp of the Djinni in his very hands! Not only had I stumbled upon this journal, but the poor souls had unknowingly provided me with a cardboard, fold-out map of the land I was now in. Immediately, I packed my few belongings and set out on foot into the wastes. “Eliam the Dervish,” I repeated over and over. “Eliam the Dervish.” Here is the priceless story I had purchased.

Story of Eliam the Dervish

I wuz born in Irram. That’s up in the corner of the bored. I had lots of adventures when I wuz young. Like first, I beat up the Torch Bearer Priest. Then I explored some dunjuns. There wuz one where the flore gave out under me, and then I beat up something called the “Living Flame.”

I thought I wuz the boss, so I went to this yellow place [Could this be code??] in the Shadow’s Gate Rift. It had knives in a chute! After that it had a corridor filled with spears that shot out, and almost killed me!! Woa! But I wuz able to beat up the Cat Cultists. That’s because I’m one lucky bastard.

I wandered through the Dunes of Wanderers and the Grey Wastes. Sometimes a sinkhole would open under me. I saw a lot of mirages and got real thirsty so that I almost died. It was so bad I could only travel at nite. Kind of like a Ninja! That’s when I drew the card heard about the Djinni lamp down in Trader’s Fort. My sis called me a lucky S.O.B. [Sis = goddess of the quest??]

I wuz pretty strong, so I thought, “I’ll jest go down the Blessed Valley to Trader’s Fort. Again, I got lucky ‘cuz I found the City of Dreams, and they gave me this Javelin of the Storm. Kind of funny because next the sand storm ate me up for a while, but I stumbled out of it, and decided to risk a purple. [More code…what could it mean??] It was an acid tube!! It like ate my flesh off so that I wuz almost dead, and waiting at the other end wuz a Dragon of Kellos! I thought for sure I wuz dead, but I grabbed my javelin and BOOM, no more dragon! Sis wuz so mad! [More Sis…who is she??] But it gets better because right after I found the City of Dreams, and jest like that -- no more hurt.

So, I make it to Trader’s Fort and get the lamp. [!!!!!!] I pretend, like, that the acid had turned me into this monster that no one wants to be around. And I’m so ashamed I only travel at night so no one can see my hideousness. Anyway, off I go for the Court of Wisdom. I’m pretty confident I’m going to win.

The first nite I meet an Undying Knight.

The second nite I meet the Hybrid Explorers. I roll double one’s three times in a row! [Is this some sort of prayer ritual??] Sis laffs [definitely a reference to a goddess figure] ‘cuz that’s it. I’m dead. So much for Eliam the Dervish.

1) Included "Traps and Terror" challenge expansion. Rules as listed in general discussion forum.
2) No knock-outs, just dead = end of game.
3) Need greater than number of hearts to die.
4) River areas clear all exhaustion.
5) +3 skill check from "adventure kit" allowed in combat, but may only have one kit at any given time.
6) Character only allowed to travel at night for last half of game...just for story.
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Andrew Swan
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