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Subject: Fifty Two: The Campaign rss

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Rich Hart
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Its time for a new Heroclix campaign and I’m currently reading volume#1 of DC’s weekly series “52”. In this spirit I decided that a campaign based loosely on this would be an interesting idea.

The basic rules are simple:
The heroes can take any character who is worth less than 100 points
The heroes can take any hero except for Nightwing, Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman or Robin (from my collection anyway!)
The villains have no such restrictions
The battle is played with the normal rules
Either side can “pull out” (much as in my civil war campaign)

The villains that get KO’d are in prison and can be “rescued” as a spoil of victory. The heroes that are KO’d are rolled for to see what their condition is, which can mean them missing a number of battles or even them being killed outright!

Battle#1 and an outdoor map is chosen (because it was the newest map in my collection).
The villains in this scenario are an interesting mixed bunch. Black Adam leads Mammoth and Shimmer, along with Cheetah, Bane, Man-Bat and Merlyn.
The Heroes attempting to stop them, in the absence of the “A” heroes like Superman and Batman, are lead by Hawkman and the team comprises Shadow Girl (AKA Umbra) Ragman, Booster Gold, Wildcat, Timberwolf,. Lightning Lad and Blue Devil.

The villains moved forwards with Harley Quinn taking cover in the shadows and Man-Bat flanking out to the right. Hawkman flew forwards to take on Man-Bat. A fussilade of arrows from Merlyn managed to penetrate Hawkman’s defences though and left him wounded.

Cheetah moved out from cover and engaged in hand to hand combat with Shadow Girl. This was a bit of a phoney war as Shadow Girl couldn’t land a punch on Cheetah and Cheetah couldn’t hurt Shadow Girl. In the end, neither had done any significant damage to the other

Booster Gold opened fire from the centre at Mammoth but was unable to halt him. Mammoth charged down Booster and drove him backwards with a barrage of punches. Wildcat moved around to aid Booster but even the pair of them couldn’t do any real damage to Mammoth, whose power was boosted by having his sister, Shimmer, in his LOS.

Meanwhile Bane moved it to fight Ragman. The two traded blows but Ragman couldn’t do enough damage to halt Bane Bane found Ragman a tougher opponent than he might have expected and was unable to catch hold of him. Timberwolf flew in to attack Harley Quinn (In the mis-match of the day) and quickly overwhelmed her (despite her dodging his first attack). Shimmer focused her attacks on Ragman too and Bane managed to get in a couple of hits and the pair had quickly overthrown Ragman.

Hawkman, despite his wounds, overpowered Man-Bat in a one sided contest and battered him down and out. Merlyn had focused his arrows on other targets, helping Mammoth to knock out Wildcat (and Mammoth had needed no help at all to send Booster Gold flying). Black Adam had charged Blue Devil, contemptuously shrugging off his weapons fire and knocking him out of the sky with a typically fierce barrage of blows.

With Mammoth running amok and Black Adam still unharmed, the heroes sensed this was not to be their day and the retreat order went out.

Its 1-0 to the villains in “52”
More to come when we continue the series
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