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Subject: Hello--work so far on my own variant. rss

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Robert Ware
United Kingdom
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When playing the game, and as I was short on cash I decided to work on an expanded variant of the game. Far from everything has been thought out yet but I thought I might post what I have done already, which is random events, although I have not decided on the impact this would have on the game. (I have also done some work on the order of battle for the new countries but it is not finished yet).

Roll 3 dice,

1--1--1 Assassination of Western leader
1--1--2 Assassination of Chinese leader
1--1--3/1--1--4 Popular revolt in Belarus
1--1--5/1--1--6 Chechnyan insurgency increases
2--1/2--2 Player can take two actions instead of one this turn
2--3--1/2--3--2 Eastern Ukraine rebels (+2 on the conflict resolution chart. Continued for 3 Ops.
2--3--4 US Special forces raid
2--3--5 UK special forces raid
2--3--6/2--4--1 EU special forces raid
2--4--2 Spetsnaz/ Red Guard raid. 1-3 Spetsnaz/4-5 Chinese/6 Middle East Alliance
2--4--3/2--4--4 Rods from God
2--4--5 Finland joins the war on the Allied side
2--4--6 Crimeans revolt in the Ukraine
2--5--1 Kurds in Turkey revolt
2--5--2/2--5--3 Russians launch cyber offensive. Allies may not do an action this operation.
2--5--4/2--5--5 Allies launch a cyber offensive. Russians, Chinese or Middle East states may not launch an offensive next term.
2--5--6/2--6--1 Chinese launch a cyber offensive
2--6--2 Middle East extremeists launch a cyber offensive
2--6--3/2--6--4 Phillipines enter the war
2--6--5 Singapore enters the war on the US side
2--6--6 Vietnam enters the war on the US side
3--1--1 Vietnam enters the war on the Chinese side
3--1--2/3--1--3 India enters the war on the US side
3--1--4 Sinkiang revolts
3--1--5 Tibet revolts
3--1--6 Venezuala enters the war
3--2--1 Cuba enters the war
3--2--2/3--2--3 Middle East war erupts.
3--2--4 Russia drops out of the war
3--2--5 Japan drops out of the war
3--2--6 Taiwan drops out of the war
3--3/3--4 Peace feeler
3--5--1 Australia drops out
3--5--2 Brazil enters the war on the US side
3--5--3 Argentina enters the war on the US side
3--5--4 Argentina declares war on the Allies
3--5--5 Colombia enters the war
3--5--6 Indonesia provides the Allies the use of its naval facilities
3--6--1 Malaysia provides the Allies with the use of its naval facilities
3--6--2 If Middle East war occuring, roll a die. Divide the result by two and round up. That is the number of states who join the MEA. MEA chooses them.
3--6--3 Mexico joins the war on the Allies side
3--6--4 Revolts against political leadership in Russia
3--6--5 Revolts against political leadership in China
3--6--6 revolts against political leadership in Venezuala
4--1--1 Revolts in Argentina
4--1--2 Revolts in Iran
4--1--3/4--1--4 Terrorist attack. (only in event of Middle East War). MEA chooses country to receive attack
4--1--5 Roll dice. (results only count if country already in war). That country releases a nuclear bomb against a target area. The opposing alliance can release any number of nuclear bombs in response against that country, in accordance with the following numbers. Israel--3, China--10, Russia--10, USA--20, India--5, Pakistan--5, Iran--2. follow both attacks with die rolls. 5-6 nuclear bomb blocked. 4-5-6=USA+ Canada.
1. Israel.
2. China
3. Russia.
4. USA.
5. India
6. Pakistan,
4--1--6 Sweden enters the war
4--2--1 Austria enters the war
4--2--2 Serbia joins on the Russian side.
4--2--3/4--2--4 European war breaks out on the Russian front,
4--2--5 Insurgents proclaim the second founding of Khalistan.
4--2--6 Bangladesh erupts in Islamist fury
4--3--1 Sri Lanka joins the Allies
4--3--2 South Africa joins the Allies
4--3--3 South Africa drops out of the war
4--3--4/4--3--5 all NATO states join Allied side immediately. (regardless of escalation
4--3--6 FARC launch an offensive
4--4--1 riots in Brazil
4--4--2 General Strike in China
4--4--3 General strike in the USA
4--4--4 Maoist insurgency in India
4--4--5 Kashmiri insurgency
4--4--6 Darfur revolts
4--5--1 Southern Sudan revolts
4--5--2 Revolts in Egypt due to lack of grain imports. (only counts if country at war)
4--5--3 Banking crash. Peace feeling +2 US, +1 all other countries
4--5--4 Insurgency erupts in previously conquered territory
4--5--5 Central Asian troubles
4--5--6 Problems in Baluchstan
4--6--1 riots in Pakistan
4--6--2 Chile enters the war on the US side
4--6--3 riots in Germany
4--6--4 Burma joins the Chinese side
4--6--5/4--6--6 Problems with oil. US side cannot do an action this turn
5--1--1 upsurge in patriotism for US side. Roll 1 six sided die. Use results to lift various peace tables. Fight the good fight!
5--1--2 Chinese nationalism. +3 to peace table but double effects of riots in China from now on.
5--1--3 Fantastic bravery performed on battlefield. Player can reroll one dice rolled this turn. (only for one dice).
5--1--4/5--1--5 Excellent generalship. Player can reroll any attack or defence by any force of any strength.
5--1--6 Televised atrocities by China
5--2--1/5--2--2 Televised atrocities by MEA
5--2--3 Televised atrocities by US side.
5--2--4 Assassination of Russian leader
5--2--5 Assassination of MEA leader
5--2--6 In the bag ! One counter in non-national territory eliminated. (players choice).
5--3--1 God save the Queen! British Peace table +1.
5--3--2 Incompetence. Opposing player chooses the active player's action this turn.
5--3--3 Player chooses to hit an opposing naval piece. (hit by old mine, faulty machiniery, etc.
5--3--4 Mongolia enters the fray. (Chinese side)
5--3--5 Ethiopia joins the war.
5--3--6 Holy Jihad! All MEA peace tables +1
5--4--1 Religious site hit by bombing/artilliery,etc. MEA peace table +2
5--4--2 Site of National significance damaged in fighting. Peace table +1. Decide randomly from whatever countries had combat in them in the previous operation
5--4--3 Lebanon falls into civil war. All markers on Lebanon are removed, and any forces can enter it without resistance (2 conflicting sides cancel each other out).
5--4--4 Riots in Saudi Arabia
5--4--5 Offensive on Balkan front. (only if Serbia has entered the war). Go to Balkan conflict resolution table.
5--4--6 Riots in Burma
5--5--1 Riots in India
5--5--2 Denmark blocks the Kattegat. (only if Russia is at war).
5--5--3 Turkey blocks the Bosphorus. (only if the Russia is at war).
5--5--4 General strike in France
5--5--5 MEA loot Christian + Jewish businesses.
5--5--6 The ghosts of Thatcher and Reagan provide fortuitous weather event. You can reroll any dice roll amounting to 3 6sided dice or less.
5--6--1 The ghosts of Kruschev and Mao provide fortuitous weather event. You can reroll any dice roll amounting to 3 6sided dice or less.
5--6--2 Riots in Serbia
5--6--3 riots in Syria
5--6--4 Riots in Libya
5--6--5 riots in North Korea
5--6--6 Player can add 2 to the peace table of any country he wants.
6 No event.

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