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Subject: A Yeti looks back at... ZOMBIE IN MY POCKET rss

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Joe Kundlak
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Braaaiinz!... Whack!
Solitaire game... Whack!
Interesting short experience... Whack!
Braaaaaaiinnnzzzzz!... Whack!

Why did I sit at this game...
I have searched for Solitaire Print-and-play games and one of the was ZIMP. I got around it for a while, but finally looked at the rules, nice cardset (new design by Kwanchai Moriya), printed it out in black&white and tried. It felt good, relly good! In 15 minutes I was done, but the experience was a nice and tight game (which I lost by the way zombie ). But I felt a warm and fuzzy feeling even though losing to the undead creatures, them...

How does a Yeti play this...
The Game starts at 9pm. You start on the indoor tile Foyer tile each game and your statistics are Attack 1 and Health 6 with no Equipment. The Foyer has one exit to which you draw and connect a subsequent Room. You move to that room, draw an Event card and resolve the portion that relates to the Time in the game (therefore now the 9pm). There may just be a "funny feeling" or "shiver down your spine"-thing, which does nothing, only creeps the atmosphere. Phew. Or there can be an "Item" written, which means that you can draw the next Event card and take the Item on it (disregard any Events on it and discard it normally). Or, for the Heaven's sake, it can contain "X Zombies", where the X means a number. In that case you have to fight them.

Fighting means you subtract your Attack score from the number of Zombies and though you defeat them, you lose the result number of Health points (thus with Attack 1 and 3 Zombies you defeat them, but lose 2 Health). The most Health you can loose at one time is 4, even if there were more Zombies or your Attack would be lower (thus with 6 Zombies and Attack 1 you only lose 4 and not 5). In the unfortunate event that you get to Health 0, you lose the game. Which can happen quite easily, you know... You also have the option to run from Zombies to an adjacent tile, but you lose -1 Health in the process.

Luckily there are ways to recover your Health. Either it can be an Event on the drawn card (+1 Health), you can also regain +1 Health in the Kitchen or in the Garden (if you end your move there and do not run from Zombies to that tile) or if you Cower on a tile (in this instance it means +3 Health).

This way you draw and move through tiles (sometimes you need to double-back when you hit a room with a single entrance), encounter Zombies or Items and in the first Phase you try to find the Evil Temple.

This is the first Waypoint and the sooner you find it the better are your chances to win the game by burrying the Zombie Totem in the Graveyard outside the House. You find the Zombie Totem by making the standard Event-card-draw when you enter the Evil Temple and then taking a second Event card, resolving it and if you still live after that, you found and took the Zombie Totem.

The next course of action is to get to/find the Dining Room with its exit-arrow, that points to the Patio outdoor tile. Then you follow through the outdoor tiles (as before through the indoor ones) until you come to the Graveyard. The process of burrying the Zombie Totem is the same as finding it in the Evil Temple - resolve the first Event card upon entering it and then the second. If you live after the second Event card is resolved, you have succesfuly buried the Zombie Totem and won! BAM! All Zombies burst to small particles and the world is saved!

Wait, you say, this is too easy... Well my friend, it is not!

Remember about the 9pm time at the start of the Game? Well, the time goes on! When you use the last Event card from the deck (remember to shuffle at the beginning, take 2 cards off and lay them aside and put the rest as the Event deck), the Clock advances an Hour to 10pm. You re-shuffle the deck again (with the two set-aside cards, take another 2 away and put the re-shuffled deck down for another use.

After you re-shuffle the deck the third time, 11pm strikes. This last time you have to get to the goal, or else you lose! Once you use up all Event cards the third time... Zombies come out and eat you at Midnight!!! So be vary, do not wander aimlessly and hurry to your objectives, man! The world depends on you!!!

Wrapping the cover-paper up...
This little game is neat! The artwork sure adds to the original style and as this can be packed to a pocket on your shirt or pants, you can play it quite anywhere!

I recommend it and stamp it a solid 7!

The zombie Yeti leans to one side and moves one foot. Than he leans more and tries to move the second. Piece by piece. Than back to the first foot. Than the second. Piece by piece. Than back to the...
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