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This continues the lead-up battles to the major engagement variant that I started in the threads of the main AA WAS section.

Game 3 -

We each randomly rolled of our remaining two fleets and both pulled up our carrier strike forces! I took a big gamble and brought only one carrier, hoping that my first strike is punishing enough that I can sit the airbased planes out in turn 2.

2x B5N2 Kates
1x D3A Val
2x D4 Judy
2x A6M2 Zekes
Tone cruiser
Type 13 destroyer


USS Enterprise
USS Yorktown
USS St. Lo
2x Dauntless
3x Avenger
USS Fletcher

Round 1: We both deployed in opposite corners and knew there would be no surface movements.

The Allies deploy a Hellcat, 2 Avengers and a Dauntless to the Akagi and Tone sector, while sending a Wildcat to intercept the Emily shadowing the Enterprise. The Avengers and Dauntless are driven off by the Zekes protecting the fleet as well as the antiair protection, while the Emily's tough skin prevents the Wildcat's success also.

However, the remaining US Naval pilots are able to sink the Type 13.

Two Kates, a Judy and a Val are sent to the Enterprise, and some are aborted but they cause enough damage to sink a normal ship, but she is a survivor and stays in the battle.

The Yorktown also sustains damage from the other attack aircrafts' strike missions.

Turns 2-3:

The Yorktown and St. Lo are lost to IJN strikes, but the Enterprise fights on with its fighters and the Fletcher doing a valiant job defending the flattop.

US pilots destroy the Tone in retaliation, but it's scout planes had already done more than enough in this conflict.

Turns 4-5:

The Akagi sustains two dive bomb explosions on its deck and loses an elevator, but its trained and determined crew due their duty with no loss in efficiency. Luckily she survives the next air strike from the Enterprise without additional damage.

Japanese pilots continue to bomb and torpedo the Enterprise, but she will not call it quits. However, in the follow-up mission she is finally crippled and collapses as she has little air cover remaining with the majority of the Naval aviators being diverted to land bases.

Turn 6:

The USN makes one last determined effort on the Akagi from their landbases, but it proves futile and isn't able to inflict any additional damage. IJN pilots proceed to sink the last of the US fleet, the Fletcher.

Game 4 -

This is my Operation Ten-Go fleet. To my knowledge the Yamato, Yahagi, and Kamikazes were all present; the other units I added myself.

Isokaze destroyer
Akitsuki destroyer
Yahagi Cruiser
Kamikaze x7


HMS Hood
HMS Warspite
HMS Jamaica
HMS Kent
HMS Javelin x3

Turn 1: Brits win initiative -- IJN stays put, and is able to get 5 volunteers for Kamikazes who are ready to die gloriously. Four are sent off, but unfortunately, they were never given flak/antiair evasion training so none of them scratch the battleships they were targeting.

Turn 2: UK gains the initiative again with their higher flotilla destroyer screen scouting.

Yamato and her ragtag fleet sails behind some islands as the British armada advances.

The rest of the Kamikaze pilots are drafted and good to go. This time the Adm Aruga demanded veteran pilots for this last ditch defense of the empire. Two of them smash themselves squarely into the hulls of the Warspite and Hood.

Turn 3: Now that the opponents' long weapon controls have been damaged, the Yamato comes out from hiding, and scores a spectacular hit that exposes Hood's fatal flaw and sinks it. The veteran A6 squadron flies out to intercept one of the Javelin screens, and with their deft flying skills they strafe the Javlin and cripple its systems. The Emily finishes the job with some well tossed bombs on her deck.

Turn 4: Jolted by the loss, the UK fleet attempts to retire from the field and heads away from the Japanese mainland. The Yamato follows in hot pursuit, and scores another critical hit that sinks the Warspite.

Turn 5: With nothing left to lose, the remaining English Captains charge towards the Yamato. Their tenacity helps them sink the Isokaze and Yahagi, but their loss is great also as the Yamato crushes the cruisers and the Isokaze's last torpedo destroys another Javelin.


My allied foe then surrenders, and we never get a chance to advance into the big battle as it would have been my ~650pt armada to his ~460pt combined fleets.

We are now discussing reducing the points for victory, and other ways to remedy the situation where one player gains so much advantage that the final battle is too one-sided.

So this is the end...for now!
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