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Subject: Ogre Battle #2: Friend or Foe? rss

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Mike Bourgeois
British Columbia
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This is a scenario/session report for Ogre.

In this battle you have two armoured divisions battling each other in the G.E.V. map around the long bridge area. (any water body will do and if you want to conceal the Ogre on the Ogre Battlefield under a stealth cloak it's up to you... mine is on the bottom with a snoop scope up watching the battle ensue.)

This is a mobile battle... no CP's, no infantry (too slow) and no howitzers. You have the option of using up to ten G.E.V.s and 5 heavy tank/missile tanks and 2 superheavy tanks in your battle group. This decision is up the individual players. The groups I used had 5 G.E.V. and 3 missile tanks with two heavy in support and the two superheavy batting cleanup on both sides.

This battle is different because this Ogre (a Mark V by the way) is damaged in it's AI circuitry and is currently on survival mode as it's repair subroutines trying to isolate the damage to the Friend or Foe identifier. The Ogre has been wandering the countryside for a few days randomly ignoring and destroying armoured divisions it encounters. It will ignore any Infantry because they move too slow and don't register on its thread indicator. Both sides of the conflict have been aware of this and have had their hackers trying to remotely access it's (the Ogres) databanks to take control of the FOF routine and set it against their enemies.

This battle results from hot heads and heavy hands causing a conflict when both sides lost contact with the Ogre and decided to come and find it to try an on-site operation.

The Ogre will for the first turn of battle ignore the fighting and choose one side of the water to exit from... players roll for entry and high roll wins. The Ogre then identifies the battle and begins to move in to review the situation. From the second turn on the hackers on each side roll for high roll to gain temporary control of Ogres attack subroutines. If one sides hackers consistently control the Ogre for 5 rounds they gain total control of the Ogre for the remainder of the battle. (The Ogre later leaves survival mode having fixed the FOF problem and causes havoc in the resupply depot that it is being examined in.) If the hackers tie a roll then the Ogre will attack both sides as conflicting orders cause it to range beserkly around the battlefield. (do this by moving the Ogre towards the greatest concentration and then blasting away at the groupings from closest to furthest out. The Ogre will not use a missile unless there is something worthwhile firing at on the field. That is for me... heavy tanks and super heavies.) One last thing for the fight... if someone attacks the Ogre then the next hackers roll for the opposing team will be at +1 to their roll or in the case of a tie the +1 side will win.

In this game for me the black chits won over the white chits. The Ogre was taken over in the 7th turn and began ramming and blasting the white chit side until in the 15th turn the game was over... it was bloody and only lasted so long because Kim decided to try to see if she encircle my lone remaining G.E.V. and then destroy it with a perfect roll. Apparently she was quite capable.

Friend or Foe? is written for your use here on BoardGameGeek and I would ask you not to use it in any publication without asking my okay first. This is my first scenario.
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