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Subject: The joy of bar-drinking competitions with under-age children! rss

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Suitable for a Sunday night?
So here we are with a group of seven, wondering what to do on a Sunday evening. Well what better thing to round off a Sunday evening than some Rum and Pirates?! I just hope nobody overhears the dialogue of the game, especially as my children develop strategies to get barrels of rum, head off to pubs for drinking competitions, and consider marriage (multiple times). Hey kids, it's just a game, remember, don't start getting ideas about trying any of this stuff in real life when you're 16! Certainly the theme is fantastic. Question: What could be more fun than drinking beer in Bang? Answer: drinking rum and having drinking competitions in Rum and Pirates!

Naming our pirates
Present are Mr. T and Mrs. T, Mr. Ender and Mrs. Ender, and three children, whom we'll designate Mr. B (age 11), Miss K (age 10), and Mr. N (age 8). Only three of us had played previously, so we decide to team up. Of course, everyone knows that no pirates have ridiculous names like Mr. T or Miss K. So we team up for a three player game, designating our vicious pirates with the following names:
Gold player - The Dread Pirate Roberts: Mr. T, Mr. B, Mr. N.
Silver player - Long John Silver: Mr. Ender, Mrs. Ender
Black player - The Flying Dutchman: Mrs. T, Miss. K.

Bring on the drinking contests!
Of course, any game that requires players to proclaim "Avast!" at the end of their turn can't be taken too seriously! But oh boy what fun can be had as players navigate dark alleys to fight guards, find treasure, puzzle together secret maps, get married, acquire gold, obtain barrels of rum, and the best part: have drinking contests. Yes, drinking contests, in pubs no less. Everyone agreed that this was the best part of the game!

Classic quotes from kid pirates
Let me share with you, some classic quotes from the junior members who played the game:
Quote from 10 year old Miss K, from mid-game, when "The Flying Dutchman" team had to choose between marriage or going to the pub: "I'd rather drink than get married!"
Quote from 11 year old Mr B, from mid-game, with an idea for future game development: "They should release an expansion with all pubs and all drinking contests!"
Quote from 8 year old Mr N, from mid game, when asked if his team "The Dread Pirate Roberts" wanted to join the drinking party at the Frer Jacques pub: "I'll drink with anybody!"
I'm glad none of my more serious business associates was present, because any illusion that we were a respectable family would quickly be dashed. We are a respectable family, of course, but my children just loved getting into the theme of this one! As The Flying Dutchman contemplated whether or not to take on some guards, 10 year old Miss K exclaimed, "Yes, let's go start a riot!"

It's all about the fun of dice rolling
Ah, there's lots of fun to be had! And we haven't even mentioned the wrangling for the best sleeping position on the pirate boat! More dice-rolling, more screaming, more mayhem, more victory points! Wrangling is fun. And marriage is fun. Although at one point 8 year old Mr. N observed: "At this point there are two ways to get married, or two ways not to get married. I don't want to get married." Not when a drinking contest is the other option! Of course it's not the alcohol that's the attraction, but the dice-rolling, and the tension as teams compete for the points available at the bars. Whenever a drinking contest was on, The Dread Pirate Roberts, Long John Silver, and The Flying Dutchman were only too happy to give up a gold to join in the fun. And then the dice-rolling and yelling soon started! Win or lose, it didn't really matter, it was all about the excitement and the tension! And when 11 year Mr. B began slurring the word "strategy" under the excitement of the moment, he exclaimed: "I'm too drunk to think straight!" Yes there's randomness, but there's enough decision making to make the game enjoyable. But the real tension is with the dice-rolling, for example the "roll-offs" to see who will get a -2 point bite by the scorpion. And who will forget the tension and excitement as The Dread Pirate Roberts (with 8 year old Mr. N. rolling) competed in a crucial drinking contest with The Flying Dutchman (with 10 year old Miss K. rolling), both trying to be the first to roll a 6!

Final scores
But make no mistake, it wasn't just the children who enjoyed this! At the end of the game, Mrs. T, part of the victorious Flying Dutchman team, exclaimed with delight: "I had 37 points from drinking!" So the final scores:
85 - The Flying Dutchman
75 - Long John Silver
69 - The Dread Pirate Roberts

An addition to the birthday wish list
But the scores, in the end, were irrelevant. It was all about the theme and the fun. After hearing the rules explained, and at the beginning of the game, 11 year old Mr. B exclaimed: "I haven't even really played this game yet, but I just know that I'm going to add this to my birthday wish list." And as soon as the game was over, the very first thing he did was go to the fridge door and do exactly that. That says it all really!

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JP LaChance
United States
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Expect a knock on the door from the authorities. Drinking games with minors OH the travesty. Wait a minute this sounds just like the local Catholic School fundraiser, never mind, Cancel the call to the authorities.

You make this sound like something i need to pick up, and soon before it goes out of print.

LOVE THE QUOTES - hope they remember them when that time comes

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