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Subject: Sea Peoples v. Later Carthaginians (2) rss

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Andreas Johansson
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I spent 200 GG and all I got was this lousy overtext!
I spent 200 GG and all I got was this lousy overtext!

The obligatory waterway was behind the Sea People, but neither side opted to preform a naval landing. The rest of the terrain was, from the Sea People PoV, a large wood on the left, a mid-size marsh on the right, and another marsh in the middle of the Carthaginian deployment zone. The Sea People deployment was simplicity itself, a great wall of psiloi-supported blade across the table with the general in a chariot in the centre. One blade was left to guard the camp. The Carthaginians put two warband on their right facing the wood, then spears with a psiloi and two cavalry (incl the general) behind, then a gap corresponding to the marsh, then elephant, auxilia and another psiloi, and finally the light horse on the far left.

Despite being the nominal attackers, the Sea People began very cautiously, not moving anything at all in the first two bounds, prefering to wait and see what the Carthaginians were up to. The later rushed the warband forward into the wood on their right while the auxilia and psiloi took up position in the marsh on the left. In the centre the spearwall and elephant wheeled and converged forming a unitary battleline across the centre with the cav general taking up the position between them. The other cav remained behind the spears as a reserve. The light horse, finally, went off to round the marsh and threaten the Sea People's flank.

Finally deigning to move on their third bound, the Sea People moved forward across the table, helped by a sequence of good pip rolls which allowed them to keep formation over the next few turns as their left wing entered the woods and had to continue by single element moves. In front of them the warband quickly redeployed from column to line, linking up with the spearmen. On the other flank a blade and a psiloi peeled off the Sea People line to face the auxilia and psiloi in the marsh, and the blade from the camp stormed out to ZOC the Carthaginian light horse that had unwisely gotten too close. A couple bounds later this blade initiated combat and got a flee result on the light horse, with the result both elements were too far away from everything else to contribute further to the battle.

At this point, the Carthaginian general and elephant rushed forward rather audaciously to attack the rightmost end of the Sea People line. The detached blade rushed back to block the elephant from turning the flank of the line, which succeeded in repulsing the Carthaginian attack, but left the Sea People psiloi to face the Carthaginian light foot alone. It was promptly attacked at 3-1 and eliminated. The auxilia then went behind the blade line and engaged a supporting psiloi which, with no possibility of recoil, was swiftly also eliminated.

Meanwhile, the blade wall stormed forward and hit the Carthagininian spear and warband, destroying one spear element on first impact and pressing back the rest. With the Carthaginians paralyzed by poor pips for a few rounds it looked like the Sea People would carry the day as the warband started to die (being overlapped by supported blade they mostly fought at 2-4), eventually a good pip roll allowed the elephant to attack one blade as the psiloi flanked it while the Carthaginian general engages another with the auxilia falling it in the flank. Fighting at 4QK-2 and 3QK-2, respectively, (the general had an overlap against him) the Carthaginians managed to roll just high enough to win both fights for a 4-3 result as the second warband went down in the same bound but the spear fighting the Sea People general only just escaping doubling despite double overlaps.

While ahistorical, we feel that Sea People v. L. Carthaginians is a good match, the armies being quite different but giving a pretty balanced game. This time Carthaginian finesse only just managed to defeat the raw strength of the Sea People wall of blade, making for a pleasantly tense game with the result in doubt to the last die roll.

Now of course what we should do is a get a Polybian Roman army, which is of a similar character to the Sea People, but also an actual historical enemy of the Carthaginians.
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