Sebastopol (Ballarat)
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Ghost Division 1940 – Once More into the Breach Dear Friends! What would YOU have chosen?

My previous foray into this Scenario was complete disaster:

I concluded a different strategy was required. I would need to maximize my own reinforcements while denying the enemy theirs…

May 12-19, 1940

This time, instead of blitzing through Dinant and Brussels into Lille, I took the southern route and ended sipping champagne in Paris. My “reinforcements” were 6 supplies.

May 12-19, 1940

Spending all my supplies on three refits I took Cambrai unscathed. I was rewarded with the 15th Pz arriving in Paris for the push westwards!

May 28 – June 4, 1940

My Schutzen foraged for supplies (didn’t move) in Paris and Cambrai as my armour probed the British in Arras, destroying the 4th and reducing the 7th before retreating. The 78th took Calais.

We received the 31st Pz in Lille and four supplies. Some Allied forces were spotted landing in Caen.

June 5 - 14, 1940

The Master Plan:
1. Hit Arras with a few troops to take out the refitted 7th RTR.
2. Hit La Harve, Exploit through to Caen, exploit into empty Cherbourg!

First the attack on Arras… Those wily British disrupted our supply lines! The battle was easily won, but the 25th Pz would have to exploit on its own (down to 2 supplies).

Attack on La Harve: The Allies attempted to Disrupt our supply again. We put our Battle Plans into Intel, which failed to stop the Disruption. But, we must have scared the British as their disruption was insignificant (dr=6 – no supplies lost).

The 78th Art was destroyed by Allied Artillery fire and the 25th Pz blitzed into Caen. With no surplus supplies to Press the attack, they would have to destroy the enemy (get two hits) on their first attack as all battle plans were needed on the exploit.

The Allies were prepared with an Overrun and an Air Raid.

The 25th Pz was destroyed by the Allied infantry!

The 5th DIM retreated to Cherbourg while the 7th Arm arrived in Caen and the 25th in Calais.

June 15, 1940

With the enemy rebuilding and out of supplies, I was unable to reach Caen. I re-took Calais and the 78th Art was reformed in Paris along with a number of supplies.

The Allies chose this moment to launch their first offensive.

The 1st Arm landed in Lille and attacked the 15th Pz in Calais. My force was reduced successfully defending the objective.

Two infantry regiments attacked Paris but were also repelled.

Displeased, the allies received no further reinforcements.

June 22nd, 1940 – 8 supplies

"Once More into the Breach!"

The refitted 15th Pz and 31st hit Caen (down to 4 supplies).
Those sneaky Allies again disrupted our supply lines and we lost half our remaining supplies. The 15th was reduced but we exploited as we blitzed through the 7th RTR.

Both Panzer regiments hit Cherbourg (no supplies remaining).

They faced the 5th DIM.

The Allied Battle Plans were: Artillery, Overrun and Ambush.

I now had the hardest decision of the game, and I think I chose incorrectly. Needing two hits, I didn’t want to gamble on a one day battle, so I chose: Press and Intel.

My thoughts were that if the Ambush or Artillery scores a hit or two, I’d need two days to win the battle. I hoped intel would take out the Br Artillery, which would pretty much guarantee victory.

My intel uncovered the enemy’s ambush instead. Not the best result, but way better than knocking out the Overrun.

Day one, the Br 5th and Artillery both missed as my elite and vet panzers destroyed the 5th.

Day two eliminated my 15th Pz and reduced the 31st, but Cherbourg fell!

Victory was MINE! (13 VPs)

What Would YOU have chosen?


This scenario again was a blast to play. It was one hour of great battles, choices that mattered and tension. Yes tension, the whole scenario was very tense.

I’m very impressed with this title.
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