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Bruce Sturrock
United Kingdom
West Yorkshire
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The expansion to Game Of Thrones has reinvigorated our interest in this game so much that we played again on Friday - second game in a week. This time Claire joined in...last weeks game got a little serious with us 4 boys battering against each other and spending up to 15 minutes on some of the more difficult decisions.

We played with all optional rules apart from The Westeros Card rule and The 3 Card Random Battle rule.

I was Barretheon, Mike - Tyrell, Jonny - Lannister, Mikey - Greyjoy, Claire - Stark. Claire missed out on her first move one time order and Mikey got his Greyjoy ships up north to begin a stranglehold that would slowly take its toll and demoralise her into a scattered band of Northmen without a home. This left an uneasy alliance between Greyjoy and Lannister that held for most of the game as a stalemate with myself as Baretheon unwilling to engage the Lion and his massive amount of funds - should have stopped him getting so much supply though. My aim was to hit Tyrell hard and fast and get to Sunspear before he did.

So after grabbing Kings Landing early I used my ships to get round the Southern cape and bloke Tyrell's path to the Eyrie - ready for possession next turn. I was struggling with supply - there's a lack of barrels where Barretheon starts out, but enjoying a high position on the the three power tracks. My stranglehold on Tyrell was getting over powering. Like last week, in the four player game, my aggression with Stark was close to paying off with an early finish to the game - nasty diplomatic comments were thrown across the table...something has to be done...whisperings of possible betrayals...and suddenly the Iron Throne was whipped from me and Tyrell had crowned himself king - obviously I was gonna pay for my merciless attrition. I ended up 3rd on the Iron Throne and bottom of the other tracks. Without stars Tyrells revenge was swift and Lannisters typical turncoat traits began to show as he offered support to Tyrell.

Claires resistance up north was failing. I was doing all I could to fight back - to not much avail...the endgame was fast approaching. Greyjoy had run out of options in the North with 6vp...Lannister finally played his one time special on me on turn 10...stopping me from supporting marching or raiding against him - all was lost. Even a return to Dragonstone for Stannis was thwarted as a vengeful Mace Tyrell sailed into the undefended isle to claim his 6th vp.

A skirmish between Greyjoy and Lannister came to nothing as these two great houses unable to settle their differences but with more supply than Tyrell and exactly the same power and wealth (17) decided to rule Westeros by committee.

1.= Lannister - Jonny - 6vp - 6 supply - 17 power
1.= Greyjoy - Mikey - 6vp - 6 supply - 17 power
3. Tyrell - Mike - 6vp - 4 supply
4. Barretheon - Bruce - 0vp - 3 supply
5. Stark - Claire - 0vp - 2 supply

Well I got through my cards twice for the second game in a row and came close to victory early...doesn't pay off though. It sets everyone against you for later in the game because they refuse to believe that you're not still in a position to win - even when the person sitting next to them now has twice as many cities as the person they thought was winning! Slyness and balance is rewarded...unfortunately I'm seen as untrustworthy (only when playing board games) and these feeling carry through our group to consecutive need trust in Westeros!

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