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Subject: Axis OB notes for Proud Monster/D&D rss

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Seth Owen
United States
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Infantry divisions: 165 regular, 6 light, 5 mountain, one air landing, two parachute, three static and 6 corps detachments. Most are 6-8-6/5-7-5 attack-defense-move/reduced. These are the anvil on which the panzers strike. Atatck as necessary to destroy Soveit units, take secondary objectives otherwise provide the base of manuever. Be wary of attacking large groups of untried Soviet divisions. Losses are to be expected, but be stingy. It's a long campaign and every step lost in 1941 will be missed in 1943. Try to use the second-rate units to quiet sectors. In 1943 there is a front-wide downgrade that reduces the divisions to 3-5-6/1-3-5 and pretty much marks the end of their offensive usefulness.
Cavalry divisions and brigade: Three CD, one CB. Too few to make any difference at all.
Security Divisions: 9 if taken, but it's recommended they stay on anti-partisan duty. They don't add much to the front-line strength.
Motorized Rifle Divisions/Panzergrenadier Divisions: 13 MID, 15 PGD. Mobile reserves for secondary fronts and supporting forces for the panzer spearheads to help hold ground. The 13 MID convert to PGD in 1942-43 while the two additional PGD are reinforcements in 1943-44. There are nowhere near enough of these units. Once they become PGD they can be used independently to spread the available mobile forces.
Panzer Divisions: 30 total (17 at start, reinforcing 2 (41) 4 (42) 1 (42) 1 (44) plus five converting from PGD in 42 (1) and 43 (4). The diamond tip of the spearhead. The efficiency the German player shows in managing thse assets every turn will make the difference between winning and losing. Only the third-rate 27th Panzer Division should be considered for use on any secondary efforts. Keep concentrated in 2-4 panzer groups of 2-9 PGD and PD. When forced on the strategic defensive, keep a few as fire brigades while gathering a counterattack force of a half-dozen or more.
Misc. brigades and regiments: There are 4 panzergrenadier brigades, 6 motorized infantry brigades and 7 assault gun brigades, 3 infantry regiments, 2 motorised infantry regiments, 2 panzergrenadier regiments and one panzer regiment. Use these as mobile reserves in secondary sectors and to supplement the panzergroups with a few more hexes of ground holders.
Mobile battalions: 46 assault gun, one heavy assualt gun, 15 heavy panzer, two panzer and one recon. Supprot the mobile forces with their various special abilities. A few can be used in sectors that otherwise have no mobile forces as a small mobile reserve.
Engineer Regiments: 7 for use in major offensives.
Artillery units: 3 FLAK corps, 1 ARKO, 18th Artillery Division (43) Use the FLAK to support the panzer spearheads until they leave in late 1941. The ARKO is used to take Leningrad or Sevastopol. That one artillery division can be used to support the theater counteratatck force.
Romanian Army: 21 ID, 6 CD, 1 MID, 1 PD, 4 MtnID, 2 Fort Bde, 3 MG Bdes. Provides the manpower to cover the huge front. Restricted to the southern mapsheet. Offenive and staying power is nil. Mix with gGerman units when possible.
Hungarian Army: 12ID, 2 PD, 1 AsltGun Bn, "Schnell Corps" The fast corps can be used on mobile ops until it takes a step loss, at which point it bedomes nearly useless. The rst of the army helps hold the front. Like the Romnians, their staying power is nil and the Gemrans should try to avoid holding to large a sector solely with Hungarians.
Italian Army: 4 ID, 1 CD, 2 MID, 3 IB, 1 CB. The initial Italian force has some use offensively with a 2-step MID, a CD, a strong ID and an IB. Sace the Cav Div because it converst to a 2-step MID and CB in 42.
Manstein's Gambit: If the 1941/42 campaign doesn't result in victory then Manstein's Gambit can be used for a final go-for-broke bid. This adds 2 PD, 1 Para Div, 1 Mtn Div, 1 PG Bde plus other units adding up to between 8-20 division equivilents.
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