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Subject: Solo Run with the Sorceror (Realmspeak) rss

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Peter Walsh
United States
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Hoc Spatium Mercede
This is another fine mess you've gotten us into.
I haven't played the Sorceror very often. Typically I enjoy using the Amazon, the Pilgrim or the Magician, but after having gotten stomped on several times with the Magician I thought I'd try something new.

Revised Missle Table
Hamblen's Kludge Adjustment
Watchful Natives

The last time I played the Sorceror was when I was just learning Magic Realm via the excellent Realmspeak program. I didn't use many options - no Watchful Natives for example. I wanted to try using the Sorceror without the possibility of serving up a pile of barbecued Rogues right off the bat.

Spells: Lighting Bolt, Fiery Blast, Transform
Purple Color Chits x4

Starting Location: Inn

Realmspeak placed the Inn at the extreme southern corner of a "t" shaped board. The Curst Valley was within a days march so I spent the first day hurrying northward. I needed Fame x2, Notoriety x2 and one great treasure. My plan was to check out the Deep Woods at the left of the crossbar of the "t". From there I'd go north to have a look at the Crag and the Mountain, which were conveniently close by. At Curst Valley the Sorceror tapped into the elemental forces of arcane power to become...a frog.

The Deep Woods revealed the Lost Castle, with the Pool, the Statue and a lot of Sound Chits. The Octopus turned up right away. With the Deep Woods full of dangerous creatures I decided to pass on the Pool and see what turned up in the two mountain tiles. Transforming back into a frog I "walked the woods" and reached the Crag quickly. There was nothing of interest, and I was afraid that my Sorceror was proving to be more Radagast than Saruman, but it was still early.

On the way to the Mountain I found the Small Campfire and some fickle friends - the Bashkars. I tried to trade with the jittery horsemen, but they kept riding off due to repeated monster rolls that sent them away from the clearing only to call them back again. Resting up I moved into the Mountain... find a promising trove guarded by monsters slow enough not to be too worrysome: Giants, Spiders and the T Dragon (guarding the Lair, of course.) The frog form proved extremely useful as I quickly "walked the woods" to reach the Lair. After two days I'd discovered the Lair and despatched two Giants and the T Dragon with lightning bolts. The Spiders proved to be somewhat pesky - I only killed one, before running out of color chits.

The Lair held some fantastic finds for the Sorceror including the Scroll of Alchemy. The Sorceror only rolls 1 die when reading runes, which is great for learning spells. Usually I don't read runes without a clear plan for what to do if a wither curse strikes. I started southward towad the Chapel, but paused to read runes in a safe clearing. I quickly learned Unleash Power (useful for opening the Vault, or Crypt of the Knight) and Dissolve Spell. I dissolved the transformation and recast it, this time the fearsome elemental energies produced...a Squirrel. Oh well.

At the Chapel I got rid of an Ashes curse that had come up while reading runes and learned two more spells: enchant artifact and phantasm. As usual I'd learned them too late to be able to do much, but at this point I had enough fame and notoriety from killing the creatures of the Mountain to put me into positive VPs. I finished the game by selling loot to my friends the Lancers and grabbed a last turn boost by finally convincing the Order to buy my Gloves of Strength. They'd turned their noses up at me no less than four times. Presumably it was difficult to convince the haughty knights that while I'd often assumed a form that suggested I was squirreling around, I actually had a treasure they wanted.

Final VP total 7
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