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Subject: Second Solo Drive on Metz rss

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now retired so time for more gaming!
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OK so its time to rev up that armour and move onto Metz, or should I say Thionville! As I mentioned at the end of my first session report I had decided to try and threaten the German lines in the north to free up space in the centre & south. So lets see what happens.....

(No optional rules used)

Turn 1.


US CCA of the 7th Armour moves north to confront the German infantry in the woods behind Briey. Meanwhile CCB 7th Armour moves to Arnaville near the Moselle in the south to pin the German infantry in fortified Driant. In the centre CCR 7th Armour moves with infantry support to threaten Gravelotte.

The Germans in the north are pushed back eastward deeper into the woods with US infanrty following up this success. In the centre the Germans are forced out of their fortified hex but retreat back into another. In the south a roll of 6 (bad) means the US units have to retreat back from their assault on Driant.


Some of the mechanised troops of 17th SS shift northwards recognising the threat to Thionville whilst the rest move to support the infantry who were pushed out of Gravelotte.

The Germans decide not to push their luck in combat and hold ready for the expected onslaught next turn.

1 VP to the germans as no US units are on the east bank of the Moselle. I decided (as the German commander) not to exit my panzergrenadier units of the south or east map edges for VP's as that would leave the crossing of the Moselle wide open for the American forces.

Turn 2.


In the south CCR links up with CCB with infantry support to again attack the fortified German infantry in Driant. No retreat is possible here for the Germans due to US zoc's. In the north the pressure on the German line is increased as more US units move to the frontline to attack the German infantry in the woods. A small gap has opened up in the US lines in the centre which the Germans may be able to exploit on their turn.

How tough are the German infantry in Driant? They hold out again. In the north it is a similar story as the German troops hold firm.


With German reinforcements arriving from the north and moving forward of Thionville the SS armour can move southwards back to the centre behind the frontline to see where they will be needed next. One of the panzergrenadier units moves to St Privatto be in reserve west of the Moselle.

Again the Germans keep their powder dry and do not attack.

2 VP's to the Germans, still no US troops have got their feet/tracks wet and crossed the Moselle.

Turn 3.


The last US unit not already in contact with the enemy moves up to plug the gap in the centre facing up to the SS mechanised troops who were threatening the US rear areas.

Finally the Germans are destroyed defending Driant now the US armour in the south can contemplate crossing the Moselle next turn. In the centre the newly arrived US infantry forces back the SS troops who had been threatening the gap in the advancing Americans. In the north the US pressure tells and the German infantry is forced out of the woods into clear terrain just in front of Thionville. US infantry follow up to keep the pressure on the Germans.


In the north the 106th tank brigade occupies Thionville behind the retreating German infantry. In the south SS troops move to prepared positions behind the Moselle to await the inevitable US attempt to cross the river.

Still no opportunities for localised counterattacks so the Germans stay put and await the events of the next day.

Now 3 VP's to the Germans

Turn 4.


CCR moves forward next to the Moselle to attempt a crossing next turn in front of Metz, whilst infantry move to support CCB in Driant who will be attacking the SS unit across the river.

In the far north US infantry force back the Germans in front of Thionville which can now be attacked next turn. Also in the north, CCA manages to push back the German infantry but they retreat within the woods and the German line is intact. It's awfully slow work and a breakthrough looks as far away as ever.
In the centre the German infantry are pushed back from the fortified hex Lorraine but they occupy another such hex. At least the retreat allowed some US armour to be free of zoc's allowing them to move next to Metz next turn.
In the south the American troops attack the SS across the Moselle and CCB surge ashore and occupy a fortified hex which they may well need if the Germans counterattack. (Having a river at your back is bad news in this game).


No movement as all bar the infantry in Metz are pinned by US zoc's and the troops in Metz are staying put.

No attacks either as they would achieve little (at the best!)

VP's stay at 3 to the Germans, no increase as the Americans are across the Moselle, doesn't look like the German VP total will increase for the rest of the game, we'll see.

Turn 5.


The US score their first VP due to the armour over the Moselle in St Blaise.

CCR cross the Moselle SE of Metz and will be able to attack the German infantry in the city.

In the north CCA continue to push back the German infantry in front of them, at least the Germans are now out in the open rather than in the forest. In the centre the SS troops are also pushed back out of the forest into the open with US infantry in pursuit. In the south US infantry are able to cross the Moselle from Arnaville with assistance from the US armour already over the river. The defending German infantry is forced to retreat off the board and is thus eliminated. CCR which is next to Metz elects not to attack as retreating is not an option due to enemy zoc's and the river at their back.


No German movement is possible due to US zoc's.

Shall we attack - not blooming likely

VP's German 3 US 1 but will change next turn

Turn 6. (Penultimate turn)


3 VP's for the units on the east bank of the Moselle

No movement due to zoc's

In the north the last German infantry unit in the forest east of Briey is eliminated which allows the US armour in the area to free itself of an enemy zoc. In the centre a German infantry unit is pushed back to the bank of the Moselle just north of Metz. In the south 17th SS loses a regiment when they cannot retreat across the Seille River. CCR again decides discretion is the better part of valour and refrains from attacking Metz. Next time though......


In the north brave (or foolhardy) German infantry advance into the forest to confront US 7th armour CCA and stop them moving to assist in any assault on Thionville.

No attacks (sigh)

VP's 3 apiece

Turn 7. (Last)


Cross river VP check shows 3 (Note - not sure if I,m playing this correctly. I am not counting cumulative VP's for US units over the Moselle rather scoring a total that can go up or down. Is this right/wrong)

In the north a US infantry unit moves in the forest to support CCA in its forthcoming attack.

US infantry assault the Germans in Thionville with no effect. Also in the north German infantry are forced out of the forest to the Moselle with US infantry following up. In the centre the remaining 17th SS regiment is eliminated when it is forced back across (into!) the Moselle. In the south the panzergrenadiers in St Privat are destroyed when they are unable to retreat. Its now time for a huge decision, should the US armour attack the german troops in Metz, a victory here will win the game for the US forces: however should they be forced to retreat the game will go to the Germans. No attack will produce a drawn game.
To make it interesting I decide to attack..............a 4 is rolled meaning the US CCR armour must retreat, which it is unable to do giving 5 VP's to the Germans!


No movement or combat

End of Game

VP's US 3 Germans 8

therefore as the difference in VP's is 5 or more the Germans win a marginal victory.
Note: If the US had taken Metz on the last turn it would have been a US decisive victory, if they had failed to take the city but not have been forced to retreat the game would have ended in a draw!

So a pretty tight finish with many possibilities for how the game could have ended. This session went to the wire with the Germans holding onto (just) their key VP locations. My US strategy of pushing hard for Thionville worked to the extent that the Germans needed to shift troops to the north which helped the US push in the south towards Metz.

I again had fun playing the game, with it taking about 2.5 hours including writing this session report after every turn. Apologies for no pictures of the map after each turn, my camera (and my photographic skills!) are not really up to the job. Perhaps next time I will be brave and try and take a few pics blush
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