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Lorenzo Mele
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Finally we had 6 players ready to play AgoT plus the expansion: we randomly took the houses. I came out with Martell, having as neighbours Gene (Baratheon) and Espo (Tyrrel). There were also Giorgione (Stark), Toff (Greyjoy) and Enrico (Lannister).
We used the new house cards, the ports, forifications and siege engines.
Enrico and Gene were the most experienced, the other players had experience with the basic set, but were quite new to the expansion. That’s the reason we not used the special orders.
The game started with a bang, for Greyjoy landed and attacked hard Lannister, winning a battle, taking Riverrun and destroying one element, then going to take Golden sound.
Stark expanded on the west coast, advancing towards Baratheon.
Tyrrell took Oldtown and the Reach, I did take the small two cities lying near my starting areas. Baratheon went for King’s landing arriving there with a big force.
On turn 2 Stark helped Lannister to keep at bay Greyjoy, while in the south myself, Baratheon and Tyrrell joustled for positions.
At the end of turn 2 Bar and Stark had 4 cities, myself, Tyrrell and Greyjoy 3, Lannister 2.
The game soon was quite tense, for from turn three we had 3 mustering in a row.
All armies and fleet grew in size and there were many fights.
In the north Stark was able to expel Greyjoy from Ironman sea keeping pressure on land as well.
Lannister had some benefit from that, slowly taking more ground from the black enemy. Baratheon tried a surprise win raiding Stark, but was stopped cold by an attack of mine in the south that took Storm End.
Tyrrell was quiet and limited to build up his forces.
On turn 4 the leaders were me and Baratheon with 4 cities. Lannister quietly keep expanding, and on turn 6 was able to reach 5 cities sending a strong knight force first in Seagard, then in Moat Cailin.
As sometime happens, the reds were able to spread suspects and dissensus among the houses. Lannister was succesful to persuade Baratheon to attack me in the south, were there was an impressive build up on the sea. He did that using a character that denied support from my fleet in Blackwater bay exposing then Storm End to the yellow offensive. The consequences was a counterattack of mine to retake that city. Baratheon was thus engaged and not able to use any military resource in the center, where Harrenhall, in red’s hands, was quite vulnerable.
Tyrrell was plotting a surprise coup to take 2-3 cities in a turn, thanks to his fleet that finally took the Sunset sea.
Greyjoy and Stark were weak and exhausted from their wars and even combined han no resources to stopo the red tide. On turn 7 Lannister struck and was able to conquer the white capital.
A nice game, very well played by Enrico that started in a losing position and slowly builded up his army and his kingdom. I liked a lot the new cards, a welcome add to further balance the houses.
Martell is quite fun to play, and have a very strong defensive position if the navy is handed properly.

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