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“Brothers, oh brothers, my days here are done, the Dornishman’s taken my life, But what does it matter, for all men must die, and I’ve tasted the Dornishman’s wife!”
"Oak and iron guard me well, or else I'm dead and doomed to hell." - Andal proverb.
This is a quick list of what I have for Cthulhu CCG:

Arkham Edition - over 2000 commons, over 800 uncommons, 62 rares, 9 promos, one sealed premium starter & 4 opened premium starters.

Eldritch Edition - over 500 commons, over 300 uncommons, 9 rares, 6 promos,

Spawn of Madness AP - 2 sealed & 4 opened Spawn of Madness AP's.

This is a quick list of what I have for AGoT CCG:

Almost a play set of commons and uncommons for Winter Edition.

Westeros Edition: 2x R105 Counterplot

A Flight of Dragons: 1x R64 Drogon

Promo: P20 Maester Caelotte

Here are Board/Card Games that I'm willing to trade:

Anima: the Shadow of Omega
BattleLore: Earth Elemental
BattleLore: Hill Giant
Diplomacy (Hasbro Edition w/ Metal Components)
GIPF Project Set 1
GIPF Project Set 2
GIPF Project Set 3
War of the Ring
Wizard's Gambit

What I'm looking for:

Regarding Netrunner, I just want one of the starter decks that include two 60 card decks

Regarding AGoT CCG, I'm only looking for the following:

Winter Edition:

War Mammoth U149
Mance Rayder R138
Jaqen H'ghar R135

A Song of Twilight:

Ser Jacelyn Bywater R16

Regarding Vortex/Maelstrom, I'm looking for all of the Rare flats which are flats #55 through #92

Regarding The Spoils, I'm mainly looking for a play set of uncommons and commons from 1st Edition Part 2, but here's a comprehensive want list:

1st Edition

4x Ambiguity Inhibitor R
2x Arcana Department U
2x Arcana Experiment R
1x Arcanist's Almanac U
3x Ashes of Zenobia R
3x Ecto-Distillation R
1x Ectypal Stave R
3x Gargantuan Garbler R
2x Land Shark R
3x Lugubrian Octopod R
3x Nearby Serpent R
2x Remember U
2x Ritual of the Shattering Teeth R
1x Skimping Ecto-Manipulator C
3x Voidal Nullification Chamber R
1x Voidal Perversion C
4x Voidal Poisoning R
1x Voidal Replication U

1x Armored Keep R
4x Beatrix Winterbottom R
3x Cash Out R
3x Downsizing R
3x Free Trade Agreement R
4x Ghostly Auditor R
2x Gold Summit R
3x Index of Natural Forces R
1x Mau Consultant C
3x Recapitulating Apparition R
2x Resurrection Emporium R
2x Samuel Gristwalter R
2x Selective Gluttony R
2x The Ministry of Other Smaller Ministries U

3x A Series of Tubes R
3x Gigamajig R
1x Hypnotic Plafond U
1x Invent R
3x Jo Ciendeilio R
3x Lugubrious Node R
1x Luteoderm Goliath R
3x Makeshift Contrivance R
4x Micromajig Avalanche R
3x One-Legged Hopping Pogo-Bear R
2x Research Investment R
2x Rudimentary Lathe U
1x Tri-Pole Magnet U

1x Bipolar Sarcophyle C
3x Carnival King U
3x Emergency Obfuscation R
1x Grand Theft All R
2x Hangdog Alley U
3x Heist Planner R
4x Incriminating Photograph R
3x Jackmove R
3x Master Scavenger R
2x Pluck R
1x Recondite Hunter C
4x Sarcophyle Matriculation U
3x The Billionaire R
3x Thief Doyen R
1x Tremor Engine U
2x Vander Malagut R
2x Yoink! U

1x Arena Quarter-Finalist C
3x Bask Bomb U
2x Berserker Corps R
2x Bladefist Doomwing R
2x Dragon Catheter R
3x Dragon Tank R
3x Dragon's Quarters R
3x Humiliating Torture Apparatus R
3x Menacing Mauler R
2x Reveille Tower R
3x Rudo Mangod R
3x Shriever Attack U
3x Siege Machine R

1st Edition, Part 2

Anything and Everything: Primarily a play set of commons/uncommons

Seed: Children of the Lingamorph

4x Arcane Research R
4x Cryptic Athenaeum R
4x Day of the Tentacle U
4x Defiler of Innocence R
4x Domain of Depravity R
4x Forbidden Knowledge R
4x High-Priest of Thabbash R
4x Inhibit R
4x Intellectual Reliquary R
4x Mirthless Altar U
4x Neurosis R
4x Obscene Communion R
4x Obscure U
4x Reality Shift R
4x Sin Against Nature U
4x Thabbashite Haruspex U
4x Thabbashite Wizard C
4x Wand of Possession R
4x Wrinkly Rabbit R

4x Architectural Restitution R
4x Auspicious Tax U
4x Balthassar Gristwalter R
4x Caboodling Gladhander R
4x Department of Rejections R
4x Exploitation R
4x Foolhardy Desperado R
4x Karmic Cake C
4x Marduun Baitings and Loan R
4x Montgomery Blatherscythe R
4x Mutineer's Hiatus R
4x Pilgrimage Auditor U
4x Portly Tradesmau R
4x Property Condemner U
4x Purifying Priest U
4x The Currency Bazaar R
4x Theocratic Senate of Marduun R
4x Treasure Brokerage U
4x Walk the Plank R

4x Adjunct Artisan R
4x Aristocratic Artificer R
4x Arrogance R
4x Assistant Mud Whisperer U
4x Brilliant Insight U
4x Claywork Compendium U
4x Hall of Conventions R
4x Jocular Stupefaction U
4x Mountainous Golem R
4x Mysterious Invasion R
4x Oddment Collector R
4x P3pp3r 0f 1n54n17y R
4x Preponderant Craftsman R
4x Protractive Golem U
4x Runic Battery R
4x Time Portal R
4x Workshop R

4x Booty Licker R
4x Cashier's Window R
4x Cloaked Weaponmaster U
4x Dazzling Trapezist U
4x Flailing Knife U
4x Gambling Den R
4x Headhunting R
4x Heist Training Grounds R
4x Hustler's Comeuppance R
4x Lucky Charm R
4x Luxurious Gaming Establishment U
4x Muddle Bugs R
4x Narrow Passage R
4x Palm Glom R
4x Pant Swipe R
4x Surprise! R
4x Titillating Contortionist U
4x Treachery R

4x Adriel, Defender of Marduun R
4x Aweless Charger U
4x Balking Foecrusher U
4x Boilstorm R
4x Chain Reaction R
4x Dragon Archer R
4x Drill Garrison R
4x Elzibeth, Military Sorceress R
4x Gideon, the Ultimate Warrior R
4x Mass Confusion U
4x Mighty Ballista R
4x Noble Sacrifice R
4x Phalludrix, the Impotenator R
4x Spitting Sarume U
4x Trebuchet Officer R
4x Vigilant Raider C
4x Violence R
4x Watchtower R
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