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Si non potes reperire Berolini in tabula, ludens essetis non WIF.
Hey, get your stinking cursor off my face! I got nukes, you know.
Here is the game report for our new trans-Pacific game being played via Vassal - May/June 1942. Previous turns at end below ====. There has been an unusual amount of fighting in Scandinavia in 1939-41, hence the name for the game!

The players: Stewart - Allies
myself - Axis. This will not be a neutral report!

Rules: We're using most of the normal options (partisans, etc), SIF, PIF, new MIF, divs/guns, terrs, Cruisers in Flames, 2d10 combat, "Stalin's War" Soviet production (+.25 in '42 OR when Germans declare war; '42 city mods become '43, '43 city mods deleted), Izzy's EZ oil rules. We are also trying Devin's victory point system, and Italian and Japanese surrender. We are using LOC Vichy. We are also using the errata from the Annual as well some of the optionals including Offensive Points rules, randomized naval losses, revised Chinese attack weakness, lending limits, and face-down aircraft rebasing. No ITPOTE, no DSB, no warlords, no Convoys in flames.


May Day is usually a cause for celebration in the Socialist Paradise known as the USSR, but the Soviets entered May still in dire straits. Zhukov and Yeremenko launched a desperate attack in the western Caucasus that pushed Runstedt's leading elements back to Batum, but things got worse. In mid-May, heavy German attacks succeeded in capturing the mountain passes northwest of Georgia's capital Tiflis. Von Beck pushed adjacent to Tiflis, while Mannstein (with logistical support from Guderian) entered the valley west of Baku. Zhukov slowly retreated towards Tiflis. But on June 18 Turkish forces came across the frontier; they attacked from the south while Von Beck attacked from the north, and on June 28, Zhukov's forces in Tiflis surrendered.

The battle for the Caucusus is not quite over, however - Mannstein's attack on Baku at about the same time failed to carry the city. And several Soviet corps remain stranded west of Tiflis, hopelessly out of supply.

In May the Italians finally made the phony war with the Commonwealth a reality - they declared war. A large Italian surface fleet jumped the Royal Navy in the Western Med, getting close enough for a gunnery battle. The Ark Royal was sunk, as was the cruiser Norfolk; only light damage for Italy. Territorials occupied British Somaliland, and Mussolini threw a party.

With the weather improved, German forces with Luftwaffe support made short work of the deluded Yugoslavs, taking Belgrade then Zagreb without much difficulty.

Churchill, hearing word of a possible Turkish entry, decided to declare war on Vichy France; British forces occupied Damascus on June 14.

Hostilities in Norway resumed, but Gort's attack against Kristiansand resulted in heavy casualties but left the port in German hands.

Japan cleared out some Communist cavalry and partisans in northern China, but fearing a possible American surprise attack, were otherwise cautious and watchful in the Pacific.

Roosevelt again tried to convince the Senate to declare war on ANYBODY, without success. But he did authorize the Army and Navy to reinforce the Philippines, and colluding with Churchill, the US began to quietly set up advanced logistic elements in Northern Ireland...

BP lost: CW 44 (of which Yugoslavs 21) + 9 opoints; Germany 16 + 17 opoints; USSR 34 + 6 opoints; China 2, Italy 1

Note: Stewart and I are starting a new game - but I might keep solo'ing this game a little longer. I'll post the results!

============ =
SEP/OCT '39: Germany takes out Poland, Denmark. CW forces land in N Denmark, isolated by German subs. US occupies Iceland/Greenland. Japan whacks a Chinese cavalry corps.

NOV/DEC '39: Germany destroys British forces in Denmark, conquers Hungary. Japanese commit Rape of Chang Chow. US authorizes Chinese aircraft.

JAN/FEB '40: Rumania joins Axis after Soviets claim Bessarabia; Axis attacks Bulgaria. Japan bloodied in attack; atrocities in Chang Sha. Terrible weather in Europe. US interns French carrier. CW builds up in Egypt.

MAR/APR '40: Italy declares war on France. Germany routs Belgium. Bloody stalemate in south China. More CW units to Egypt.

MAY/JUNE '40: French pushed out of Belgium, lines begin to break. Italians conquer Tunisia. US resources to China. Japanese attacks in China get nowhere.

JUL/AUG '40: German onslaught continues. France collapses, sues for peace. Free France set up in Madagascar; most French possessions are Vichy except Asia, Pacific, Americas map territories. German assault on Sofia fails. Germany invades Norway (turn ends too soon). Japan gains territory east of Chungking. US gives CW destroyers.

SEP/OCT '40: CW reinforces into Norway, Norwegians fend off German assault. Sofia still holds out. Bomber Command hits Germany. Japanese assault in central China goes nowhere. US bans strategic materials to Japan.

NOV/DEC '40: Germans capture Oslo, but British reinforce Norwegian ports. Bulgarians repel another German/Rumanian assault. Japanese push forward in Chinese mountains. US announced Lend Lease for China.

JAN/FEB '41: Gort goes to Norway. Germans streaming into Poland from France. US authorizes resources to USSR. ZERO losses on either side - lots of bad weather.

MAR/APR '41: Minor Japanese advances in China in heavy fighting. Germans FINALLY take Sofia, conquer Bulgaria. Soviets begin to pull out of Poland, reduce troops along Manchurian border. USA freezes Japanese assets.

MAY/JUNE '41: Germany declares war on USSR, takes Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Minsk, Vilnius, Riga (Odessa, Vitebsk hold out). US authorized lend lease to USSR, fleet to Pearl. Stalemate in Norway. No Japanese progress in China.

JUL/AUG '41: Germans bust through the lines, roll into Moscow, capture Rostov, Stavropol, approach Stalingrad and the Caucasus. Japan attacks USSR, takes Vladivostok, Khabarovsk. Germany and Italy declare war on Greece; Axis attack on CW-reinforced Athens fails. CW and Italy STILL not at war. US sends Lexington, Yorktown, battleships to Pearl Harbor.

SEP/OCT '41: Soviets abandon Stalingrad. Germans approach Caucasus; no combat on Russian Front in wet weather. Axis attack on Athens fails, again. British bombers sink Scharnhorst in portl. Japan pulls back from forward positions in China, align Siam. US first gear up.

NOV/DEC '41: Germany declares war on Netherlands. Japan declares war on Commonwealth, invades Ceylon, Netherlands East Indies, Malaya, Hong Kong. Another Italian attack on Athens fails. Yugoslavia joins Allies after CW reinforces Greece. Germans capture Smolensk pocket, approach western approaches of the Urals. Soviets put a line up in the Caucasus. Japan captured Blag-city. USA
announces lend lease to USSR, impose oil embargo on Japan.

JAN/FEB '42: Poor weather. Japanese land on coast of Australia between Melbourne and Canberra. Imperial Japanese Navy sinks 2 CW carriers in Arabian Sea. All quiet on Russian Front. US second gear-up.

MAR/APR '42: US fails 3 declaration of war attempts. Japan quits Australia. IJN sink Italy conquers Greece, finally. Rain in Russia.
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