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Subject: Experimenting with Fudging Runebound rss

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Ava Jarvis
United States
Bainbridge Island
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Tonight I was working out Runebound conversions to Fudge, in the hopes that this would get over the d20 extreme results. You'd have a better idea whether you would success at combat (or fail miserably).

In case you are wondering what Fudge is, see and . Basically, instead of rolling a d20 and adding your stats, each stat is a descriptive level. You roll Fudge dice (2 sides are +, 2 sides are -, 2 sides are nothing/blank) to see if you go up or down a level. A rolled + and a - cancel each other out, while a blank is effectively pre-canceled out.

The more dice you roll, the less predictable the outcome. I experimented with both f4 and f2; f4 was better by far, because you didn't have to give up on fights where your opponent was just a hair better than you.

When converting, the first thing to notice is that the characters are on a different scale than the adventures or tests. This is okay for d20, but not so for Fudge. So after some tests, I came up with the following conversions for stat numbers:

Characters or Allies:
Superb: 6
Great: 5
Good: 4
Medicore: 3
Poor: 2
Terrible: 1

Monsters and Tests:
Superb: 16-20
Great: 14-15
Good: 11-13
Medicore: 8-10
Poor: 5-7
Terrible: 1-4

So in order for a character with 3/1 for their mind stat to inflict one wound on a medicore monster, they need to roll such that their resulting level is mediocre or better. Defense is similar.

This automatically increases the difficulty of many encounters, and emphasizes abilities more, since when you're facing up against an 11/1 creature with a stat of 5/1, it's probably not going to turn out in your favor.

Some characters:

One-Fist: 3/1 3/1 1/1 (Medicore, Medicore, Terrible)
Battlemage Jaes: 2/1 3/1 4/1 (Poor, Medicore, Good)
Mordrog: 1/1 5/2 1/1 (Terrible, Great, Terrible)
Sir Valadir: 1/1 5/2 3/1 (Terrible, Great, Mediocre)

Some allies:
Acolyte of Flame: 0/1 0/1 1/1 (Abysmal, Abysmal, Terrible)
Rune Seeker: 1/1 0/1 2/1 (Terrible, Abysmal, Poor)
Cardinal Koth: 2/1 2/1 6/2 (Poor, Poor, Superb)

Some monsters:
Ghoul Search Party:
-- test mind to spot ghouls (Good or better)
-- 11/0 12/1 9/0 (Good, Good, Mediocre)
Berserker Ent:
-- test body [climb] (Good or better)
-- 7/0 12/2 11/0 (Poor, Good, Good)
Lady Cathori:
-- test spirit [diplomacy] (Good or better)
-- 12/1 9/0 13/1 (Good, Mediocre, Good)
Lorantis the Savage:
-- 11/0 15/4 10/0 (Good, Great, Mediocre)
"Tinker" Dragon:
-- test mind [tinker] (Great or better)
-- 13/1 12/0 13/2 (Good, Good, Good)
-- 18/2 16/3 18/4 (Superb, Superb, Superb)

Some items now are far too good (like the lightning mace, which gives +4, which would be stupidly much now). Fortunately such items are far and few between, and can probably be twiddled such that they make you Good or Great in a particular area. (Thus if you're already Good it doesn't do you any good, ha ha, to take the item). Or possibly they could just level you up, though I like the former idea better.

This also affects the experience system, obviously. Though now things are hard enough that you'd probably want to level up some attributes you'd usually not. (Lacking a good mind attribute can hurt later on in a way that it didn't really before.)

Needs playtesting.

It's an interesting idea, but I think I might just stick with d20 for Herobound, due to the KISS principle. The last thing I need while working on a modification is another modification on top.
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Rich Moore
United States
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Re:Experimenting with Fudging Runebound
BilboAtBagEnd (#84889),
Interesting idea, makes no sense to me!
I'd better stick with the d20

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