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Played first scenario, I was the Invader, Greg and Steve the Marines. They drew some nice Marine cards: Officer, Medic, Special Ops, Tough, Front Guard and Marksman.

I as the Invader started out with some good spawning cards, just enough to bring something out every turn. But the Marines proved pretty tough early on and had no problems overall in beating back the Invaders. Just the Medical Officer fell, in Area 1, due to allowing a few Zombis get too close, as well as a pesky Imp. But he recovered and they moved on.

They soon found the Red Key. It is here they ran into the first real problem. The Medical Officer was wounded pretty bad, and the Front Guard was knocked about as well. So they hesitated in the Area 2, trying to heal up.

The Invader had spawned a Mancubus, that very slowly made its' way up the Area 1 corridor. The Marines thought the obstacles in Area 2 would keep them safe. Well. they did, but not long enough. The Mancubus finally smashed it's way past the first obstruction, and the Marines had to get think about moving out. They opened the door to Area 3, and to their horror, it was filled with more invaders. What to do?

They battled away and got rid of most of the creatures, but the Mancubus in Area 2 was beating away at the second obstacle there. Then the Invader spawned a Hell Knight around a corner in Area 3. The pressure was on, and soon they found themselves trapped in Area 3 as the mancubus finally cleared the last obstruction in Area 2. While they killed the Hell Knight, the accumulation of wounds proved too much.
Respawning, they headed down the corridor and discovered Area 4. The Blue Key was broken, and Trites descended. They cleared most of them up, but not before a few scuttles thru the duct work to escape to harrass them later.

Back down the corridor, they opened into Area 6. They are able to gather from a dying scientsts that there is something to be concerned about to the northwest... This are proved to be their total undoing, as trapped with again grievous from a newly spowned Mancubus, and several Imps and Zombies, they feared opening another door while there was so much already there at their backs.
The Medical Officer fell again.

A few turns spent wiping out nearly every Invader, except for a few pesky Trites, the Marines went through the door into Area 6. there the Demon was able to take a few bites out of the Medical Officer, and another Imp showed up from Area 5, while a Mancubus spawned up to cause a brief moment of panic. The Area 6 was looking like it was going to be another death trap, so after thinning the hordes, they pushed open the door to Area 7...

Oh-Oh...ammo low, wounded...

The Medical Officer backs away while the Front Guard tries to take out the Mancubus. The door closes right in front of him! Dang!! Now what? What's that noise from Area 5??

More Invaders are coming, the door to area 7 opens, the Mancubus plods forth, things are looking grim..RUN!

Back down Area 5, no the other way in Area 6...

Both Marines slowly find themsleves running our of ammo, unable to fight the Invaders off...

The Invaders had succeeded, despite the heroic efforts of two brave and darn tough Marines.

Fun Fun Fun is all I can say.

Kevin 9, Greg, 8.5, Steve 8.5
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