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Subject: A Touch of Dunwich rss

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William Gaskill
United States
New Jersey
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The following are preliminary rules to convert the Arkham
Horror supplement The Dunwich Horror(DH) into a A Touch
of Evil( AToE) Supplement:

1.AToE game sequence & mechanics are used but
the playing Board is the Dunwich Horror Board.

2.The 5 Dunwich ally cards are used as as allies
but their abilities are converted to AToE (see below)

3.The AToE Location Cards are NOT used ,instead use
the Dunwich Horror Location Cards with there results
converted to AToE (see below)

Dunwich Horror Map conversion to AToE:

1.The arrows are road locations

2.The Rectangle areas are Named areas they correspond to
AToE Locations as follows:

-Village Commons=Town Hall
-Blasted Heath=Fields
-Back Woods=Crossroads
-Sentinel Hill=Marsh

(when you stop on these areas treat exactly as the
AToE Game Board)

3.Special Locations replace the AToE Corner Areas &
use the DH Location Cards as follows:

-Darke's Carnival=pay1 Inv.& make a Cunning Check
if successful get 3 Inv.tokens

-Dunwich Village=pay 4 Inv.tokens & make a Cunning
Check if successful get 1 Unique item fail pick 1 common item
(see below for unique/common items)

-Harney Jones' Shack=spend 1 Inv.token remove all wounds
OR gain +1 Spirit point.Note per DH Card Text this location
can be closed-if so No Inv.or Encounters may be undertaken
but Inv.can travel through.If stopped on roll d6= 1-2
draw Mystery Card,3-6 No Enc.

-Devils Hopyard=spend 1 Honor & gain 3 Inv.tokens
(must have extra Honor Token or NA)

Note#1 on the above Special Locations first roll d6 on 3+ you
encounter nothing ,on a roll of 1or 2 you encounter the card text
for that location.

Note# 2 on all other Dunwich Locations you encounter the
Card Text

DH and AToE Skill equivalents:

Focus=increases any skill by +1
Luck=reroll or force any minion to reroll 1 die
Sanity=effects Spirit

DH to AToE Skill Checks equivalents:

Speed-roll 1 d6 to get speed to check against then roll d6
for Hero if = or over 1st die roll Hero successful.
Note use modifiers as per Card Text

Luck-use Cunning Check

Sanity-use Spirit Check

Lore=use Spirit Check

(use any modifiers the card Text may call for,results
are as card text)

Other Conversions:

-When a Gate,Dunwich Horror or Doom Track called for
advance the Shadow track that many spaces.

-When Monster appears its a 1 round attack by the Villain,
Inv. gets 1 Inv token per hit made on villain

-Fight means roll on Minion Chart & reroll any Event.

-$ or clues =Inv. Tokens.Regardless of # stated
3 is the Maximum you can gain or loose.

-Make text 18th/19th Century Friendly
(cars become Horses)

-Any modifiers on checks given in the Card Text are handled as follows:

negative (-) Modifiers reduce the # of die the
Investigator/Hero rolls ,however if reduced to Zero die or less
1 die is still rolled but needs a 6 for success.

Positive (+) Modifiers allow Investigator/Hero to reroll # of
die per modifier.

-Party Invitation Event:Roll d6

1-2=Harney Jones Shack
3-4=Gardners Place
5-6=Whateley Farm
(Card does not remain in play)

-Any card text that directs Location not on the
KP Board instead Roll on Random Location Table.


Blessed=reroll any 1 die
Cursed=opponent may reroll their lowest die
Note these cancel each other out as per AH rules.

-Autopsy Event-play at Dunwich Village

-Ignore any card text not covered above,conduct any
Checks card requires-Succeed get d3 Inv. Tokens
Fail apply results per the DH Card Text.

Common Itemsselect as per AToE)

Padded Jacket
Healing Herbs

Or roll d12 to get this item.
1 item only is available unless otherwise noted.
If item not available reroll.

1.Saber- 2 available (from Manor Deck)
2.Pitchfork-2 available(from Windmill Deck)
3.Wooden Stakes(from Windmill Deck)
4.Lantern(from Windmill Deck)
5.Dagger(from Windmill Deck)
6.Axe(from Old Abandon Keep Deck)
7.Musket-2 available(from Abandoned Keep Deck)
8.Healing Herbs(from Old Woods Deck)
9.Pistol(from Windmill DecK)
10.Book of Town History
11.Cross (from Manor Deck)
12.Woodsman's Overcoat (from Old Woods Deck)

Unique ItemsSelect as per AToE)

Silver Shot
Book of Lore
Book of Town History
Charmed Relic
Runic Amulet
Tools of Science

Or Roll d4 to get Deck & then die called for to get item
1 item only is available once taken reroll

#1 Manor Deck -d3

1-2.Family Bible
3-4.Book of Medicine
5-6.Holy Water

#2 Windmill Deck-d3

1-2.Lucy's Diary
3-4.Gunpowder Keg
5-6.Hunting Rifle

#3 Abandoned Keep-d6

1.Old Carving
4.Rogue's Rapier
5.Book of the Occult

#4 Old Woods-d4

2.Booke of Witchcraft

Random Location/Lair Table

Roll d6:

Even= roll d4 to get Location

1.Village Commons
2.Blasted Heath
3.Backwoods Country
4.Sentinel Hill

Odd=Roll d10 (reroll 10)

1.Dunwich Village
2.Gardners' Place
3.Bishop's Brook Bridge
4.Cold Spring Glenn
5.Devil's Hopyard
6.Wizard's Hill
7.Whateley Farm
8. Darke's Carnival
9.Harley Jone's Shack

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Lucas London
United States
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looks amazing...I've always wanted to try a board-game crossover and I never really had an opportunity to try
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