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Subject: Guadalcanal Campaign rss

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Sean Chick (Formerly Paul O'Sullivan)
United States
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Fag an bealac! Riam nar druid ar sbarin lann! Cuimhnigidh ar Luimnech agus feall na Sassonach! Erin go Bragh! Remember Limerick! Remember Ireland and Fontenoy!
Well, I'm afraid it'll have to wait. Whatever it was, I'm sure it was better than my plan to get out of this by pretending to be mad. I mean, who would have noticed another madman round here?
A few days ago I played on VASSAL the Guadalcanal branching campaign from WOTC. I abstracted the land battles since I don't have any experience with the A&A land warfare game.

Savo Island
The Japanese fleet, under Vice Admiral Mikawa, struck out fast, sinking a destroyer, but the Americans fired back with great fury. Heavy cruiser Chokai was destroyed by the Quincy, while the light cruiser Tenryu was crippled. However the Japanese long lance was king, and both cruisers Quincy and Astoria were sent to the bottom before the rest of the fleet could even arrive. The Japanese then made for the transports, sinking three destroyers and crippling the cruiser Canberra but at the cost of all three of their remaining cruisers. The first encounter with Japan is a costly Allied victory.

The results on the sea provided for a great American land victory. The Japanese under Vice Admiral Mikawa must now come to save the Japanese on Guadalcanal or suffer the consequences of defeat.

Savo Island!

Return to Iron Bottom Sound
Mikawa used the light carriers Zuiho and Ryujo to cover the battleship Haruna and two destroyers. The Americans under Vice Admiral Fletcher were not idle, and the vaunted carrier Enterprise initiated attacks on the enemy carriers while Savo Island veteran Chicago and three destroyers were dispatched to stop the Japanese. The war in the air did not go well for the Americans, as Mikawa decided to concentrate his meager airpower on attacking the American surface force. Flecther, realizing this, hurried over another destroyer while moving his air attacks from the carriers to the Haruna. Fletcher was too late, and his attacks on Haruna came up short. The results were terrible, for at the cost of one destroyer the Japanese destroyed the Chicago, hero of Savo Island, in a single volley. The three destroyers were also lost.

Fletcher's failure has cost him his job and may very well spell doom for the marines. On land the Japanese managed to take Henderson Field, but are tossed back in furious fighting. The battle for the island continues.

Mikawa's Revenge!

The Battle of Guadalcanal
November saw the Japanese send a surface fleet to seize control of the the waters around Guadalcanal and support a major land offensive. Into the melee dove two fleets of surface vessels, each ready to decide the fate of Guadalcanal. The initial rounds were terrible, as both sides lost four destroyers in the ensuing gunnery duels that were followed by waves of torpedoes. The twin battleships Washington and South Dakota took on the Kirishima and the cruisers Atago, Takao, Nagara, and Sendai. The Atago and Nagara are each blown up from a grand salvo unleashed by Washington, but South Dakota is lost to torpedoes from Sendai. Finally it is only Washington versus Kirishima and the two remaining cruisers. All will be decided now...

The Takao is lost and Kirishima is crippled but the torpedoes of the Sendai again find their mark and claim victory. Japan has won the battle and for my money the campaign.

Final Fight!

These sessions were fun although in each the side with the most ships won (Savo Island was the most fun). What didn't really work was the branching campaign, which seemed to go nowhere. Don't know if it was a typo, but after winning the last naval battle the scenario told me to return to the first land scenario. I decided to call it quits and give the Japanese the win. I'd like to play a good branching or dynamic campaign using this simple, but enjoyable miniatures system.
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