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Mission 1 - Look Who's Coming to Dinner
Mission 2 - Red Devils Mission 2 - Payback

Mission Briefing

Primary Objective: Protect Daimyo HQ Vehicle
Secondary Objective 1: Two or more Kurita Defenders must survive
Secondary Objective 2: ALL of the Kurita Defenders must survive

Order of Battle - Red Devils

Given the need to cover the withdrawal of the Kurita Daimyo HQ vehicle carrying a high-ranking leader, the majority of the unit took part in the operation.

Battalion Command
Thunderbolt-10SE (Heavy Mech)(Veteran, Battalion Commander)

Mech Company
Command Lance
Ryoken (Medium Clan Mech)(Elite, Mech Company Commander)
Huron Warrior (Medium Mech)(Veteran)
Bushwacker (Medium Mech)(Regular)
Lineholder (Medium Mech)(Regular)

Recon Lance
Spider (Light Mech)(Regular)
Javelin (Missile Version) (Light Mech)(Regular)
Wasp (Light Mech)(Regular)

Given that this was a priority retrieval operation, the main mech force was supplemented with all the other fast assets of the unit.

Armored Cavalry Company
Condor Hovertank (Regular, Cavalry Company Commander)
Saladin Hovertank (Regular)
J. Edgar Hovertank (Regular)
Regulator Hovertank (Veteran)

Security Detachment
Galleon Light Tank (Green)

Close Air Support Lance
Hawk Moth Gunship (Regular)
Hawk Moth Gunship (Regular)

Two teams of battle armor accompanied the Mechs into battle

Squad of Elemental Battle Armor (4) (Veteran)
Squad of Fa Shin Battle Armor (4) (Veteran)

In addition, a team of Infantry and their Transport supported the battle

Platoon of SRM Infantry (Regular)
Maxim Heavy Hover Transport (Regular)

Order of Battle - House Kurita
All Units Veteran.

Daimyo HQ Vehicle
Pegasus Scout Hovertank
Sprint Scout VTOL (laser variant)
Saracen Hovertank (MRM variant)
Maxim Heavy Hover Transport
Squad of Kage Battle Armor

Order of Battle - Word of Blake
All Units Veteran. All Mechs Mounted the Improved C3 system.


Gabriel Light Hover Tank [5 tons] * 6
Karnov VTOL Transport * 6

Battle Armor
Purifier Adaptive *3
Inner Sphere *3

After Action Report

The Kurita forces had a two-turn head start over the Word of Blake forces and speed toward the rescue party. Meanwhile the Red Devils continued to speed toward them, the Air and Armored Cavalry speeding ahead of the Mechs to provide cover fire.

The Word of Blake Karnov VTOLs, Gabriel Hovertanks, and Ostscout speed ahead of the other units, trying to bring the convoy under fire. The Kurita guard force made a mistake (one that would have a major consequence) as the Pegasus turned and attempted to engage the Ostscout. At point blank range the Pegasus hit the Ostscout with only one weapon, while ALL the Word of Blake Mechs used their Improved C3 system to simultaneously hit the Pegasus. The Pegasus died in the crossfire.

The Kurita convoy continued to flee toward the relative safety of the relief force. However, the Karnovs flew past on both flanks, deploying their cargo of battle armored troopers. Simultaneously, the Gabriel tanks speed into the convoy. Equipped with a single medium laser each, they failed to destroy their target, the HQ Vehicle, but did succeed in slowing it down. This would prove to be disastrous.

The Kurita convoy commander panicked and speed the Daimyo HQ toward the rescue force. (I moved it first by mistake!) This allowed the Gabriels to swarm the HQ. The Word of Blake Battle Armored deployed to the nearby woods, cutting off any escape. Meanwhile the Red Devils Fa Shin Battle Armor deployed from their rough ride on the J. Edgar Hover (their special magnetic clamps let them ride any Mech or vehicle) and the SRM troops deployed from the Maxim Hover Transport. The SRM troops feared they would be cut down by the enemy battle armor, but they quickly took cover in the woods and prepared to take down as many of the enemy as they could.

The Word of Blake forces successfully immobilized the Daimyo! At the same time the defenders took out two of the attacking Gabriel Hovetanks. The Hawk Moths and the Regulator attempted to bring the enemy mechs under fire, but the long range prevented any successful hits.

Within sight of their objective, the Red Devil's mech speed to the rescue. The Word of Blake battle armor teams prevented them from using the woods as cover, so the light mechs engaged the battle armor, as the heavy and medium mechs pushed through toward the Daimyo. The Word of Blake mechs continued to move up. The Regulator attempted to engage the enemy mechs, but again missed. However, the Word of Blake battle armor in the nearby woods succeeded in destroying the lift fan for the tank, and the crew abandoned the immobilized vehicle.

The Word of Blake mechs continued to use their Improved C3 system to coordinate fire on the Red Devils. To try and disrupt this network, the Red Devils opened fire on the Ostscout. The light mech was heavily armored, but still took damage. It ducked into a nearby building, seeking cover from the heavy fire it was taking.

Realizing that his units’ survival stood on how fast the Word of Blake's Improved C3 network could be disrupted, the Red Devil's commander made a desperate move. Activating the MASC system on his mech, he ran his Thunderbolt directly into the heart of the Word of Blake formation, and activated the ECM system.

This seemed to disrupt the Word of Blake mechs accuracy, but all of them concentrated on the Thunderbolt. The heavy mech rocked under the barrage, but stood standing. The Red Devils return fire was extremely accurate. The Champion fell, it's head blown off by multiple hits from the Red Devils.

Meanwhile, the Word of Blake battle armor was fighting with the Red Devils light mechs, battle armor, Galleon, and the SRM troops. Multiple small lasers hit the Galleon, destroying its tracks. The crew abandoned the tank as they sought safety. However, the SRM troops surprised the Word of Blake troopers, with a barrage of Inferno Missiles. While the plan had been to use them against the enemy mechs, the SRM troops used them to save themselves from the battle armor. Armored trooper after trooper died as the inferno rounds found their mark and destroyed their armor.

In the center the Red Devils Heavy and Medium mechs continued their push against the Word of Blake mechs. The Word of Blake mechs continued to concentrate fire on the Commander's Thunderbolt, seeking to destroy the ECM suite that was frustrating their fire control systems. They succeeded in hitting the mech hard enough to knock it down, but it wasn't out of the fight yet.

The Red Devils return fire destroyed the head of the Flashman, taking that mech out of the battle. On the flank, the Word of Blake Armored Infantry and Gabriel tanks continued the dance of death around the immobilized Daimyo and the defending forces. More of the Word of Blake battle armored troopers died, while the Red Devils SRM troops miraculously hadn't taken a single casualty yet.

In the rear, the Word of Blake's Crab finally succeeded in hitting one of the harassing Hawk Moth Gunships. One laser slammed into the helicopter’s side, while the second hit the rotors. The rotor was severely damaged, but the pilot succeeded in diving the crippled machine behind a nearby building out of the line of fire from the Word of Blake mechs.

Realizing that his objective might slip from his hand, the Word of Blake commander ordered a maximum effort to destroy the Daimyo. While his mechs continued to concentrate on the Red Devils, the rest of the force attacked the HQ vehicle. Its armor was quickly destroyed and the vehicle was left a burning wreck.

Meanwhile, the Thunderbolt continued to be hammered from multiple sides. But the Red Devils were not idle. Two of their mechs had closed to point blank range, the Lineholder on the Bombardier and the Bushwacker on the Lancelot. At point blank range, they attacked the Word of Blake mechs. Both Red Devil mechs succeeded with powerful kicks, which hit weakened leg armor on the Word of Blake mechs. Both mechs fell as their leg was smashed.

But the Red Devils did not get away unscathed. The Crab, previously guarding the Word of Blake rear from the Hawk Moths and the J. Edgar Hoover harassment attacks, fired on the Lineholder. Supported by the Improved C3, since the Thunderbolt had been forced back from the Bombardier, the Crabs lasers sliced into the Lineholder's armor and penetrated into the mechs interior. There, they succeeded in triggering an ammunition explosion, which destroyed the medium mech in its entirety. Fortunately, the pilot was thrown clear of the explosion when his ejection seat was activated.

With their objective achieved, and the Red Devils rallying for another push, the Word of Black force began to fall back. The Red Devils pursued just long enough to ensure that the battlefield was secured and then formed a perimeter. The battle was over.


The Red Devils had failed their primary mission, to rescue the Daimyo HQ vehicle and its occupant, but had at least rescued part of the convoy, securing a partial victory. The fate of the VIP who had been in the HQ vehicle remained unknown.

Even though the Lineholder was destroyed, the wounded pilot was recovered. The Huron Warrior while crippled, was repairable from the salvage. The crippled Hawk Moth, immobilized Galleon and immobilized Regulator were all recovered. One Elemental battle armor and its trooper had been killed in the savage close combat with the Word of Black troopers, but the rest had survived with various dents and bruises.

Due to the salvage clause in their contract, the Red Devils were able to claim and recover all of the crippled Word of Blake equipment abandoned on the field. The Bombardier and Lancelot were stripped for much needed parts, while the captured Flashman and Champion were repaired. In addition a pair of the Improved C3 systems were recovered. One was installed in the Ryoken along with a Guardian ECM suite, so that the unit would be ready for their next meeting with the Word of Blake.

The Red Devils quickly packed up and moved on to their next assignment, another quick raid.
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