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The Settlers of Catan Variant - Building Railroads

This is a WORK IN PROGRESS. Please give us any feedback.

This should work with most scenarios. Whatever VPs are need to win, add +3 if using this variant.

You can now build railroads. A railroad track costs 2 ore + 1 wood.

A track is built on top of a road you have already built and is represented by putting down a second road piece parallel to the first. If you are out of road pieces, you can not build any more railroad track.

A railroad must be built starting from one of your cities - NOT a settlement only - one track at a time, connecting track to track. A player can not, for instance, just suddenly build a track out of nowhere inbetween two of his roads. He can keep building as long as the tracks continue to connect, he has the resources, and he has already built roads beforehand. He can connect to his or anyone else's settlement or city, but he cannot continue on building past a settlement.


1) Each city OR SETTLEMENT that you have a railroad connected to another of your cities (even if other player's cities are also inbetween on the track) gives you +1 resources for the tiles around your city or settlement. Furthermore, every DIFFERENT competitor's (another player's) railroad track that connects into one of your settlements or cities, gives that settlement or city +1 resources. If there are two tracks connecting in from the same other player, still only +1 resources. Potentially then, you could get up to +5 resources from a city or +4 from a settlement by having a connecting track of your own from one of your cities, plus two other player's tracks connecting.

2) Whenever a player connects two of his cities (not a city and a settlement) with an unbroken railroad (no other player's settlements or cities), he collects +1 VP. Take a victory chit and place it along the railroad. If he has connected a city to a settlement, he must upgrade the settlement before claiming the victory point. Furthermore, if he has connecting railroads which is more than four long, he could potentially place future settlements (normal settlement space rules apply) in between his railroads, upgrade to cities, and claim further VPs, moving and adding chits accordingly.

3) Each railroad track counts as 2 instead of 1 for longest road.

4) Unlike two connecting roads, two connecting railroads CANNOT BE BROKEN by another player dumping a settlement there. Building a settlement in between another player's two tracks is not permitted. However, a settlement CAN be built between another player's track and road.

Special Rule: Negotiation rights through other players' settlements and cities.

In a change from the standard game, a player may build a road through or beyond another player's settlement or city but he must pay negotiation rights to do so. The cost for this is the cost of the road again through a settlement and TWICE the cost again through a city. He must pay the negotiation rights to the player who owns it. In other words, he pays 1 brick + 1 wood to the bank, and also 1 brick + 1 wood to the player with a settlement or 2 brick + 2 wood to the player with a city. A player cannot refuse negotiation rights.

More importantly, a player may also buy negotiation rights to put a railroad through another player's city BUT NOT ANOTHER PLAYER'S SETTLEMENT. The deal is this: 2 ore + 1 wood to the player who owns the city, and 2 ore + 1 wood to the bank. A player cannot negotiate through a settlement only as no track can be built from a settlement. It may also be strategic for the player with the settlement not to upgrade to a city to stop your track. Remember, however, that just connecting track TO another player's city OR SETTLEMENT (never mind going through) gives that player +1 resources for his surrounding tiles.
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