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Subject: Love the Art Work, Like the Game! My first game of Temple. rss

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tim Tim TIm TIM TIMMY!!
Costa Rica
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I have wanted to play this one for a long time now but just could never get it to the table, no matter how many times I lugged it to my friends for game night. Well yesterday I got in a bunch of games during a rain storm :

I had some time with just Matt to play Temple for the first time. The game comes from John Clowdus at

He has put out a string of fun little games over the last year - Politico being my favorite till I can get the Reprint of Dirge: Carnage in Crimson from him. So I was excited to finally try this one.

You have a small silk screen heavy cloth matt that is sectioned off into square tiles and they have 4 colors of spaces with 1 to 3 masks on them. There is 4 cursed spots and 1 blank starting zone in the middle also. You start with your cube ( guy ) in the center of the board and get 2 cards each. The cards have beautiful pictures of Mayan masks on them in 4 colors. They are very easy on the eyes, so I like the game even more right from the start. You run around getting up to 5 cards and use them to make donations around the board. When you collect ( over a few or many turns ) 5 offerings to one color you get the totem of that color ( just a card ) and who ever can control 3 of the 4 totems till the start of his turn wins. There are cursed tokens you can move around to stop the other guy and all the mask rooms have special powers you can use.

It seems pretty simple at first, but then I could see there is a lot more strategy involved then I thought would be possible. I can not wait to try it with 3 or 4 people to see how it plays.

So I get the first totem and figure I got this one won already. Matt then gets the 2nd one, and then the 3rd, I get the fourth the next turn and still think I got this one won. The cursed cards add a lot to this game as you can move them around to mess with the other guy or to mess with where you think he is going. Once we figured out that the curses where worth playing we started throwing them around. Sometimes you get a bunch of cards you don't need and there are a couple of ways to get rid of them, it is up to you to figure out the best for your position on the board. A key is not to let yourself get boxed in and always make some contribution. If you have cards you need sometimes this can change where you want to go or you may have to give up some of your cards. I like the mechanic that if you are going to get over 5 cards this time you discard so you don't end up with 6 or more cards ( you will have to draw 1- 3 cards every turn ).

I read the rules wrong and thought I was being very sneaky with one of the special powers, I thought to make Matt lose his red cards that had already been placed on the alter. He instead got rid of his yellow cards and I realized I read the rules wrong and was about to be beaten at this one. Matt stepped up to bat and became the 1st ever Temple Costa Rican Champ ( John only made 100 of these and I am sure I am the only person with the game in Costa Rica ). He took one of the Totems I had control of and was a happy camper.

We both enjoyed it and both said we would play again. I think it will extend the game length having more people, but maybe not by that much. I know this one will be hitting the table again - sooner then later.

Game On'
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