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Seating arrangement as per my perspective
p1: purple - me
p2: red - played this map before, and also knows the rules intimately
p3: yellow - Probably played this map before, but is none of the less quite familiar with Power Grid
p4: green - Don’t think he played this map before, but is also none of the less quite familiar with Power Grid
p5: blue - Tends to not do too good at these types of games. Especially at that time of night. Played his share of the game

Throughout this session report, use these photos as references

Only thing that needed explaining was that you can buy EITHER from the north OR the south in any given turn. By that token, for example, it may be good to horde as much uranium as you can if you know you’re going to buy the other 3 resources for cheap in the North Korea market next turn. Power plants still come out normally like in the base game, that is to say, as they’re shuffled in a 2x4 layout, with highs getting discarded per usual and top row (better plants) being off limits for stage #1 and stage #2. We weren’t sure about any special circumstances with the expansion deck, so we just stuck with the standard deck of plants

game highlights
stage 1 for 1 hour 8 minutes
--green started off in the pink region and placed 4 cities right off the bat with no connection costs whatsoever!
--Red would start off just above that, still in the purple region, but move up into the pink region
--I was just southeast of where green started
--yellow in the coastal part of brown region
--Blue started off in the northern green region

--Many plants that came up had to go back to the deck because they were the highest value, including but not limited to #40, #46, and #50
--things were overall as anticipated for me. The following situations of note occurred...
--Green was the first one to get “blocked in” (keeping in mind one can always pay extra connection costs to bust out) at 4 houses, same number he started off with
--I got “blocked in”, followed by yellow shortly after
--red expanded more up north, getting all but the northern most city in the pink region
--blue went somewhat south

stage 2 for 2 hours 5 minutes
--With the 2nd slot open in each city, all of us could expand again.

--Even without the explanation below, I could tell from the mood of the game and tone of everyone overall that things would change for the different......

--When the #30 came out, there was a FURIOUS bid for it. I couldn’t understand why it was in that much revere. Granted it powered 6 houses, but requires 3 trash? That WAS a good plant in that the capacity was high and helpful, but trash was becoming very scarce. It ended up getting sold to p4 $54. P2 clued me in shortly after......

At the time, the power plant market was something like this......
#33 #34 #35 #46
#22 #19 #18 #17

Since he knows the deck pretty well, he knew there would be no good plants coming out anytime soon (as I imagine was loosely defined as 5 or greater capacity) let alone many of them in a row. In short, the #30 was the only last power plant left that powered a high number of houses on its own. We couldn’t count on the other plants to be available because someone would have to buy out the crappier plants available to be able to make room for the good ones. But even that wouldn’t be enough as #18, and 3 other plants haven’t made their way through the market yet. They were pretty sure at this rate, there wouldn’t be a stage 3

Resources on the market were indeed short towards the end of the game...

--The feeling of “doom and gloom” turned out to be right. At that time, I upped my capacity from being able to power 7 houses to 10 houses. P5 bought something to power up to 11 houses. It was too little too late for the both of us. P2 through p4 grabbed the high/er capacity plants available to power up to 13 houses. In the end, all three of them made a stab at 13 houses and powered all 13 of them. I had the chance to play kingmaker by building a bunch of houses to keep the other players from getting cheaper building spots, but the game was gonna end anyways. There was no way to improve my situation, so I left myself at 11 houses (10 of them would be powered).

At this point, this was what was left of the market

--For fun, we checked out what would’ve came out on the power plant deck. The next card was stage 3

stage 3 N/A
We never got to here

post game
me: 10
p2: 13 + $100+
p3: 13 + $70+
p4: 13 + $30+
p5: 11

Any lessons to be learned? The only one I can think up of is to try to get the high capacity plants if something like this happens again. It was surmised that the high plants came out waay too quickly at the beginning and up to the middle that they got burned back into deck, causing this “lopsided dealing” of having the highs too early and the lows too late. You also really shouldn’t rely on others who have higher capacity then you do to buy out plants on the market and keep fresh plants coming in.
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