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Subject: 2P Epic Munchkin Variant rss

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Clement Tey
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I usually play with my partner only, and we came up with this variant which we use everytime. Basically, I've added in some of the Epic rules, and reduced the luck factor of the game without changing the main idea. I will be writing this document in the style of the original rules. I assume that all of you reading this should be familiar with the rules of Munchkin Impossible. As such, I will not be including them unless I feel that it drives home an important point.

This is a variant that has been playtested with 2 players. You can try with more and tell me how that goes.


Divide the cards into the Door deck and the Treasure deck. Remove the following cards from the decks.


1. Jet Backpack
2. Smokescreen Shoes
3. Loaded Die! (2)
4. Maltese Duck


1. The Mole
2. Escape and Evasion Training


You can burn those cards or throw them away as I won't be using them. Alternatively, you could just set them aside in case you don't like my variant (as if anyone wouldn't like it). Shuffle both decks seperately, and deal two from each deck to each player as in the regular game.


Keep seperate face-up discard piles for each deck. This is to facilitate Subversion, and also for ease when packing up. Subversion is a Chinese ability that allows you to put the top card of the door discard pile into your hand at the beginning of your turn if it is a Level 1 or 2 monster. While we are on the subject of abilities, change the Smooth Operator ability of the playboy to read "Smooth Operator: When you are hit by a Trap, you may discard two crads from your hand to escape". If a deck runs out, there is to be NO reshuffling of discards. If it was the treasure deck, play continues except that no one can draw any treasures. All you get for defeating a monster is a level. If it is the door deck, the game ends. (See: STARTING AND FINISHING THE GAME).

Also, a new experience pile is to be created for each player. Whenever a level up card is played or a monster is defeated, add it to this pile. Whenever you lose a level, discard a card from this pile. Note: If you have a monster card that gives 2 levels, that counts as 2 levels. Hence, do not discard it when you lose a level. But if you do not have any other cards to discard from your level pile, you will have to discard that card, and no change is given. That means you lose an extra level.


Everyone starts as a Level 0 character. There is to be no laying of cards during this phase. You can do that when the game actually starts.


The first player to reach level 20 wins. Alternatively, if the door deck runs out of cards, the Highlander wins ("There can be only one!") This means that all characters will have to fight each other simultaneously. You may use one-shot items during the final battle if you have them in play. Cards in your hand cannot be used. You may not team up with another player.


(1) Open a door: As per the rules.

(2) Look for Trouble: As per the rules.

(3) Loot the Room: Eliminate the sentence about running away. If you try to run away, you will be caught and shot and sent to the Russian front.

(4) Charity: As per the rules.


If you kill the monster, add the monster card to your level pile, and draw your treasures as per the rules.
If you cannot defeat the monster, you have two choices. Ask for help or face the Bad Stuff. Again, there is to be no running away. If you try to run away, you will be caught and shot and sent to the Russian front. If you choose to face the bad stuff and the monster remains undefeated, return it to the bottom of the door deck. "He who runs away..."


Follow the rules.


There is to be no more of this running away nonsense, you hear me? No more! (But in case you really must know, if you try to run away, you will be caught and shot and sent to the Russian front. I told you I was gonna write this in the same lame style of the original rules.)


Now for the interesting part. Once a character hits level 10, he/she is considered EPIC. What this means is that when opening a door, two cards from the door deck are drawn face up. Traps are resolved first, followed by Class/Loyalty/Training cards. Monsters are resolved last. If one of the cards is a monster enhancer, play it on the monster immediately. If both of the cards are monster cards, add their levels and bonuses together and fight them together. If you do win, however, you may only choose to add one of the cards to your level pile. The other is discarded. Also, you only get the number of treasures indicated on the bigger monster's card. If you lose, however, return the both of them to the bottom of the door deck. The rest of the phases follow the normal rules.

Should your character's level fall below 10 at any time, EPIC status is lost, and only 1 card is drawn when opening doors.
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